Round implants — before and after photos, prices


Generation of implants

Now for operations use implants of the third generation that are much more secure in comparison with their predecessors, do not require routine replacement.


It can be:

  • the water (saline, actually);
  • silicone gel;
  • the combination of water and silicone gel (chamber implants);
  • biocompatible gel.

Salt still hold a market share due to the existing and supported in the media representation of the dangers of silicone to the body.

In fact, such implants deliver the greatest number of inconveniences to its customers as the water seeps through the shell of the prosthesis, the prosthesis loses volume and gradually «deflates».

And due to the fact that saline is easily poured into the implant, they can gurgle so that it may be audible to nearby people.

If we talk about silicone gel, then the gel is cohesive, i.e. non-flowing. It sticks to the shell and even when the damage does not leave the cavity of the implant. In the video below just shows one such implant, which is cut with scissors in order to check the stated properties of the gel.

Further security is provided through a special three-layer shell that blocks the leakage of gel outside. Multi-chamber implants represent two spheres, one inside the other. In the first, outer chamber, there is a layer of silicone. Located inside the cavity, which is filled with saline.

Such implants are better than saline because the risk of splashing liquid or bubbling a lot less. They are better than silicone because the solution is injected into the implant during surgery. This means that the size of each breast can be individually controlled in order to obtain a symmetrical bust in the end.

Biocompatible or bioimplant is implants, which are filled with a gel-based natural polymer is carboxymethylcellulose. The polymer when injected into the tissue of reserverequirement dissolves completely.

The only drawback is the gradual infiltration and resorption of the gel, causing them to lose volume and begin to require replacement.


The profile of the implant is determined by the ratio of its thickness to the length of the base. High profile means that the implant is more convex. Low profile usually means that it will be more flat. The presence of several thicknesses of implants allows you to choose the best option from a consideration of the structure of the thorax of the patient to obtain in each case the most natural Breasts.

Video: Silicone implant in the incision

Round breast implants after installation

There is a widespread belief that the round implants are only suitable to young girls, and those who are older, it is better to put anatomical implants. In fact, all women are very different. And physical parameters such as shoulder width, chest size, height, weight, are very different. Similarly, different expectations of women regarding the final result of breast augmentation.

Someone at the first breast size of 250 ml is more than enough, and someone on the third its own size 320 ml is not enough. Because someone will need an anatomical implant, but someone is fine round.

When choosing, consider the following. When the location of the round implant to the rib cage vertically, it changes its shape as the gel in the cavity is shifted more to the lower pole, i.e., its shape approaching the teardrop. And here still add pressure on the upper pole of the prosthesis of the pectoralis major muscle, under which it partly is. This further brings the final shape to the teardrop-shaped implant.

Because if you are standing on rasputia and can’t decide which is better, round or anatomical to choose, it is better to choose the size and shape of breast that you want to leave your surgeon.

What is better to choose

The most popular on the market of breast implants are products of such companies as Mentor, Eurosilicone, Boston. If you compare the prices, the products manufactured under the brand name Boston refers to the highest price category. This is due to the large number of innovations that the manufacturer uses in the manufacture of its products.

In particular, implants Boston have:

  • the special cover which prevents displacement and rotation of implants;
  • a special form of silicone gel – vysokochastotnyi gel, which after curing maintains its elasticity, but it always takes the original shape after deformation;
  • a huge range of implants, which allows you to choose a prosthesis is individually for any woman with any queries.

According to statistics, a Mentor has the lowest risk of capsular contracture. Eurosilicon well established in Europe and the world as consistently effective and safe. If you are planning to buy implants from other companies, first of all read the information about the manufacturer, factory, certificates of product quality. And in any case, do not be fooled by phrases like «This is a commercial secret» in response to your questions.

Commercial secret origin of the products becomes when the seller is not beneficial to disclose some information about the product. Well-known European and American manufacturers are proud of the fact that they have not only head offices but also the production itself is located on terrirorii Europe or the States. You will be happy to call the country and the city, which houses production.

Video: Implants Mentor

How to decide on the operation

12 simple rules that will allow you to get the best result mammoplasty and minimum problems in the future.

  • Rule one: the chest is constantly changing.

This means that you need to take into account possible changes in the shape and size of the breast in the future under the influence of changes in body weight, pregnancy and breastfeeding, care, age, and other reasons. And don’t expect that plastic surgery will preserve the desired breast shape for decades.

This will avoid disappointments in the future from what may develop drooping of the operated breast, implants shifting, and flattening of the breast, contribupayment and other changes.

Also take into account the possible changes of breast shape in the future allows you to choose the volume and configuration of the implants, which will allow the chest to look natural not only in young but also in adulthood.

  • The second rule: the choice of surgeon and clinic should be approached seriously.

For anybody not a secret that in most clinics the surgery for breast augmentation put on stream, and run one after the other almost without interruption. For myself it is better to choose a clinic and surgeon that still left time to perform all the necessary manipulations in full even when this will require more time.

A simple example is capsular contracture. One of the factors why it develops, is the disparity of the size of the pocket formed for the implant and the implant itself. In a small pocket stalkivaetsya a large prosthesis, which ultimately promotes normal healing and the beauty of the chest, leads to the development of connective tissue, cutting sutures, tissue necrosis.

The second simple example is the offset of the implant. Is when pocket is very large for a particular implant. In order for the pocket corresponded to him, the surgeon should have a set of siterow – special prosthesis, which is inserted into the pocket during its formation in order to control its conformity to the implant. And several sizes to choose slightly more and slightly less than those that need to be installed to be able during operation to select the optimal size, instead of having to cram the wrong size prosthesis in the formed pocket.

It would seem more logical. But such an operation can take up to one and a half hours of time, and most plastic surgeons want to reduce this time to 40 minutes. Well, if this is a concern for the health of the patient, to reduce the time of anesthesia. Bad, if the operations put on stream to bring the maximum profit clinic.

  • The third rule: the patient should know. Forewarned is forearmed.

The required amount of information about augmentation mammoplasty, characteristics of anesthesia, type of implant, the flow of the postoperative period allow women more conscious approach to the problem of choosing the required volume, the future shape of their Breasts.

In the postoperative period, the informed patient can navigate faster, if something goes wrong, you know what day the swelling goes down, you know, to break the doctor’s recommendation is the best way to hurt yourself.

Some surgeons for consultations shall refrain from discussing such details as the influence of swelling on the breast, when will the long-awaited «SKAT» instead of the convexity of the upper pole, which spoils the whole picture, what is the impact of the reduction of the pectoralis major muscle on the shape of the implant, which may be complications of surgery and when should I begin to worry. As a result, those patients who do not have the information, are helpless in some situations and begin to look for answers on forums and people far from the topic, which only adds fuel to the fire of doubts and fears.

  • The fourth rule: the greater the volume of the implant, the worse the long-term results.

Each implant has its own weight. This weight is added to the own weight of the breast. Ultimately, the process of breast ptosis only accelerated.

Also, a large implant may begin to palpable or contributes if not enough soft tissue to close it.

  • Rule the fifth: the location of the implant are best left to the surgeon.

Depending on the shape and size of their chests, the body structure of the patient and its motor activity, the surgeon can choose the optimal variant of its placement in order to ensure the best result.

  • Rule six: the shape and size of implants the patient chooses a physician.

This is due to the different cost of different manufacturers and with different characteristics, such as degree of elasticity/stiffness. One, it will be important that the soft implant did not differ from the softness of natural breast tissue, and second, it will be important to implant an immaculately kept uniform. In the second case, you will have to choose a more rigid implant.

  • Rule the seventh: the shape of the breast changes under the influence of the volume of the implant, but not always exactly the same shape.

In order to receive the Breasts of a certain shape, required in the selection of implants to take into account many characteristics such as the thickness of the glandular tissue, the amount of subcutaneous fat, the height and width of the breast, anatomy of the thorax and much more.

Therefore, the advice the client best defined not so much with specific implant, but with what kind of Breasts she wants. And already, the surgeon will select the implant under the result that the desired woman.

  • Rule eight: the choice of incision is a better approach with knowledge of the matter.

Sections can perform:

  1. Under the breast: for most convenient operation and safe in terms of possible risk of damage to glandular tissue.
  2. Around the nipple: there is a risk of damage to the ducts and glandular tissue, it is difficult to form the pocket for the prosthesis, scars remain along the contour of the areola;
  3. From armpits: there is a risk contribupayment, as damaged when forming the pocket lower point of fixation of the chest muscles, it is difficult to form the pocket, there is no 100% guarantee that the seam in the armpit will not be noticeable.
  • Rule the ninth: in the first days after surgery the Breasts may look awful, but that’s no reason to get upset.

During the first weeks after surgery the Breasts may due to swelling become almost twice the expected size. Plus there is the period when the implant is above its intended placement. In this situation no need to panic. You just need to give your body time to recover. Surgeons have even invented a metaphorical description of this process, which is called the «Melting island»: the ice around the island will melt, the island will remain.

  • Rule ten: complications can be every.

It is better to act consciously, instead of to hope at random, or to shift the responsibility to the surgeon.

This means that we should not hide from the physician the presence of diseases or conditions that can lead to complications of anaesthesia or surgery, to be operated with the sickness or symptoms of the disease, which occurs in an acute form, or is an exacerbation of a chronic process.

What this means in practice:

  1. It is not necessary to go for surgery, if you feel that you have a cold or have recently had an infectious disease such as influenza, herpes lips, any infection of the skin, eyes, oral mucosa or urogenital system;
  2. It is not necessary to go in for surgery in those moments of life when you have something very troubling: a serious problem at work or in the family, divorce;
  3. You should tell your doctor about all of your chronic or acute diseases of the internal organs, it is better to undergo treatment and to stabilize the state of health, than to risk to immediately go in for surgery;
  4. Inform the doctor about their bad habits, such as Smoking or drinking alcohol, taking medications, homeopathic or hormonal drugs, cases of Allergy and intolerance to any substance or drugs;
  5. Do breast ultrasound, even when you’re not worried.
  • Rule the eleventh: the results of the operation change over time.

Weight changes, pregnancy, sports and many other reasons will always affect the skin and soft tissues of the mammary glands, because eventually you may need a second operation aimed at breast lift or combined lift and replacement of implants. It is common practice for plastic surgeons and for part of their patients.

  • Rule twelve: make the decision about surgery should be independently.

Do not go for surgery right after someone made a comment about the imperfection of your body, particularly the chest. Hasty decisions are no good. Similarly, you should not go for an operation immediately after you see the result of breast augmentation from a colleague or friend. Well, what other people’s results are encouraging, but it should be its own result.

Before you decide, you need to pay attention to the structure of your chest, the position of the shoulders, the presence of zapodeni or Vice versa vbuhanii in the chest, there is asymmetry of the chest. And also on the skin (scars, stretch marks, capillary network), the symmetry of the nipples, the size and symmetry of the areolas.

First, it sometimes happens that some moments, the patient begins to notice after the operation, and they can be resolved without problems. But secondly, then you can decide on the size, shape and other parameters of the breast based on the characteristics of their own body, and not the beautiful photos of other women from the Internet.


In Russia the cost of implants varies from 20 to 45 thousand rubles apiece.

The before and after photos

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