Salt scrub — for hair, for body, face and scalp, reviews, photos before and after

The peculiarity of the salt is active in the fight against cellulite and aging skin. Salt, in combination with some ingredients helps in getting rid of crow’s feet, deep wrinkles, freckles and age spots.

The results that can be achieved

Undeniable advantages of the salt peeling are the results that can come through several procedures:

  • improves the structure of skin, body and scalp;
  • the skin is «polished» and becomes fresh and velvety;
  • the skin is cleaned of dead skin layer of dead cells;
  • are dried pimples, acne;
  • regular use ensures the gradual disappearance of «goose skin»;
  • smoothed out scars from acne and acne;
  • the skin «hardens» and thus rejuvenated;
  • detoxification and the skin is capable to «breath».

The essence of the procedure

The main purpose of the salt peeling for the face – exfoliate stratum corneum cells of the skin, but the composition of the mixture used during the procedure is large enough.

So, the composition includes additional components:

  • special oil;
  • aromatic additives;
  • sea salt;
  • honey (added not always, but often).

The procedure is performed in the following way:

  • the patient’s face is thoroughly washed with warm water;
  • skin steams to the action of salt was not too annoying;
  • the prepared mixture is applied on the face, from the forehead to the chin, that is where the skin is rougher. Last processed delicate skin around the eyes;
  • the composition lasts a while on the skin, salt rubbed with circular motions with your fingers and then washed off with warm water;
  • give yourself the skin dry;
  • the treatment ends with a moisturizing face cream.

For maximum effect requires multiple treatments every ten days. In the presence of oily skin, you can hold the peel more often – that is, one to two times a week.


Salt scrub is used not only as skin rejuvenation, it also has a good effect on the hair. It is perfectly fine scrub particles the scalp, purifies from germs, improves blood circulation of follicles, thereby improving their nutrition.

In the end, this leads to rapid hair growth and the acquisition of healthy Shine. Moreover, salt scrub helps to normalize the sebaceous glands, which is great for people who suffer from excessively oily hair type.

Despite all the advantages of treatments, salt scrub for the scalp are not suitable for all. The increased hair loss in the beginning of the course of treatments it is normal (drop thin and dead hair).

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However, if the loss is not reduced after the third or fourth procedure, then it is safe to say that the peel is not your way.

During the peeling the hair used sea salt enriched with minerals and iodine. Most often, salt is a medium-sized grind. This is necessary in order not to injure the delicate skin of the head. For oily scalp, the procedure should be performed two times per month, in normal – once a month. If the skin is very sensitive, be sure to inform the specialist, it adds softening ingredients in the composition.

The procedure of marine scrub hair as follows:

  • hair are thoroughly washed at least two times;
  • pre-cooked mixture is gently rubbed into the hair roots and massage in circular movements. The entire procedure lasts approximately ten to fifteen minutes;
  • in the end, the hair is washed with decoction of herbs.

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Hot salt body peeling is carried out as follows:

  • taken a shower, because the peeling is carried out exclusively on clean body;
  • prepared mixture is applied on the body in the following order: first the legs, stomach, then thighs and buttocks. Please note that the substance is applied with massage gloves or, in the extreme case, with a brush with natural bristles;
  • the mixture is applied active massaging and rotational movements. It is also important to pay attention to elbows, knees and feet, as they wear more than the rest of the body. The skin on the chest and abdomen requires a more delicate movements;
  • evenly distributed the scrub is left on the body for five minutes;
  • he then washed off with warm water, then wipe dry;
  • due to the fact that any peeling dry skin, it is advisable to apply a moisturizer all over the body;
  • the cream needs to soak in for ten to fifteen minutes, after which you can dress.

This peeling gives the following results:

  • improves blood circulation;
  • toxins and wastes, which gives the overall health effect;
  • adjusted figure, the reduced layer of subcutaneous fat;
  • reduced the level of cellulite;
  • skin is enriched with oxygen, begins to «breathe», looks younger and fresh;
  • metabolism;
  • is relaxing effect.
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Salt body peeling is also good in combination with other cosmetic procedures, as it serves as a kind of catalyst and enhances their effect.


Indications for the conducting salt peeling are the following factors:

  • loose skin;
  • oily skin;
  • the presence of comedones and scars on the face;
  • biological aging of the skin;
  • wrinkles;
  • post-acne;
  • hyperpigmentation;
  • cellulite.


Contraindications to the procedure are the following factors:

  • dry skin;
  • inflammation of the skin;
  • overly sensitive skin;
  • tumors;
  • increased temperature, fever;
  • the herpes active;
  • pregnancy and lactation.

Video: Salt body scrub with your hands

Popular salt scrubs

Most popular types:

  1. The salt from seaweed kelp. This is great for getting rid of cellulite, helps in cleansing.
  2. Salt with oil (olive for dry skin and sesame for oily). Moisturizes and cleanses the skin, makes the skin with any problems.
  3. Scrub from the Russian manufacturer SPA by LARA. The composition includes a wide variety of extracts and clay. Cost around 120 rubles.
  4. Mineral salt of the Dead sea. Require supplementation in the form of massage oil. On average, the price is in the region of 300 rubles.
  5. Scrub from the German manufacturer Biodroga. This tool is included in the class of professional products for skin care. In addition to the basics like sea salt scrub includes macadamia oil, almond oil, juice, avocado, mint, rosemary, lavender and juniper. The tool is very high quality, often used in expensive beauty salons. The price reaches 2000 rubles.


The average price is about 1500 rubles. It varies depending on the salon and level of skill of specialists. Most cosmetic salons ready to give a good discount when purchasing a course of treatments.

Traditional peels body    
Oil — herbal body scrub 30 minutes 1500 rubles
Volcanic body peeling 30 minutes 1500 rubles
Imperial milk bath+Salt body peeling 30 minutes 1500 rubles
Imperial milk bath+Salt scrub 30 minutes 1500 rubles
Algae+peeling cream 30 minutes 1500 rubles
Salt scrub+oil relaxation/balance/energy 30 minutes 1500 rubles
Classic peeling 30 minutes 1500 rubles
Floral peeling «Champagne and Roses» 30 minutes 1500 rubles
Mango peeling 30 minutes 1500 rubles

Frequently asked questions

What kind of salt is best to use: plain or sea?

Sure, most will benefit from sea salt. She has a number of exclusive benefits. However, in its absence, fit and simple salt. As long as it was finely ground.

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Why the procedure is not suitable in coarse salt?

The skin on the face, in the head and in some parts of the body such as chest and abdomen, is very gentle, and coarse sea salt could harm it.

Where better to spend in the salon or at home? There is a sense to overpay?

Everyone knows the saying «miser pays twice.» It is applied here. Of course, a salt scrub will not be a big threat to the health of the patient, in contrast to the complex chemical peels, however, first, it is extremely inconvenient to do it yourself (put the scrub on buttocks, thighs and other hard to reach areas of the body), and secondly, the results of the work of professionals is always brighter. Moreover, the salt scrub is quite affordable procedure, so it is recommended in the salon.

As often it is necessary to carry out the procedure?

Most often it is held once every seven to ten days. If you have oily skin, then you can resort to this procedure can be done more often, but if you have dry skin, then this procedure is contraindicated for you.

If you want to do in the presence of small wounds, scars?

Yes, but these places must be protected from hit on them a scrub.

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