Scrub for oily skin at home

Oily skin on the face gives their owners a lot of worry and hassle. Enlarged visible pores, greasy Shine, the tendency to inflammation is not all the troubles this type of skin. To correct these deficiencies will help scrub.

How does

Cells in the skin are regularly updated – the old die and they are replaced by new ones. But the dead epidermis, remaining on the surface, contaminate it, making the appearance of tired, dull and unkempt. Daily washing and the use of tonics and lotions for cleansing is not enough.

She periodically needs a deep cleaning, which can provide at home only scrub. This is a special two-component cosmetic product, which contains the filler (oil, cream or gel) with fine abrasives.

Such abrasives are:

  • finely crushed grape seeds, apricot, or peach;
  • sea salt;
  • nuts;
  • sugar;
  • the coconut chip;
  • wholemeal flour;
  • artificial grains.

Abrasive substances can easily penetrate into deep layers of the skin. By acting gently on it, they are:

  • do not damage her skin,
  • easily scraped dead skin,old epidermis,
  • from the pores and remove dirt,
  • stimulate metabolic process,and nutrition
  • provide long-lasting hydration,
  • improve skin color,
  • give it back its elasticity and smoothness,
  • align the texture.

Brushing improves blood circulation in the cells by providing a greater inflow of oxygen. All these influences of the skin are the key to long-term preservation of its beauty and health.


Beauticians strongly recommend to periodically clean the skin with scrubs. Their influence on her as gives a great result.

But there are some limitations when using these funds are contraindicated. The presence in their composition of abrasive particles may greatly injure the epidermis and worsen existing problems.

Should not use a scrub if:

  1. The skin is thin and sensitive (you should choose recipes that have a gentle cleansing action).
  2. Rosacea (surrounding capillaries).
  3. Inflammation and acne (only after their healing possible purification).
  4. Skin diseases: dermatitis, acne, rosacea, warts, vitiligo.
  5. Allergic to the components present in the medium.
  6. The emergence of itching and irritation after the first cleaning procedure.
  7. Of vascular pathology.

The recipe should be taken responsibly.

It is not necessary to use the scrub, if it consists of «questionable» ingredients or those which are allergic. Not worth the risk, better to choose another option.

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Rules for the use of

The result of the activity of the sebaceous glands of the skin is oily luster. A layer of exuded fat at the same time protects it and serves as a breeding ground for bacteria and closes the pores, impairs the skin to breathe.

Ruthlessly and often get rid of excess fat is impossible. Can cause inflammation and enhance his education.

To avoid this, you should know a few rules of use of scrubs for oily skin:

  1. The purification is carried out 1 time a week. If there is a need more often, it is necessary to select ingredients that have a gentle effect on the skin.
  2. The procedure is recommended for the evening before bedtime. During the night the epidermis is fully restored, the cells will become saturated with oxygen and in the morning the face will have a healthy fresh look.
  3. To avoid accidental damage of the epidermis, pre-moistened herbal broth or water.
  4. Before cleaning, you must clean the face makeup.
  5. Not to affect those areas where there are inflamed or minor wounds, damage.
  6. Applied in a thin layer.
  7. Spread over the surface with light pressure, massaging gently from the middle to the edges of the forehead, the middle of the chin towards the ears, from the corners of the mouth to the temporal region.
  8. Not to RUB the product on the skin around the lips and eyes.
  9. RUB cooked for 2-3 min.
  10. If you were using the cream, after rubbing it can be left on the face for 5-7 min. This will be enough time to saturate all layers of the epidermis nutrients.
  11. To use the same kind of funds not more than 10 procedures. To avoid habituation of the skin to it, then you should to change it to another.
  12. The replacement shall be subject to prescription, the use of which appeared on the skin does not pass long the redness, but during the procedure, the burning and itching.
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If you follow all the nuances of using a homemade scrub, the effect of his actions will be no worse than a professional salon cleaning.

Recipes of scrub for oily skin at home

Among the countless number of recipes you must choose the component which will not cause skin damage, does not cause allergies and their effect would be anti-inflammatory, purifying, soothing, drying effect.

For skin cleaning, you can try one of the following recipes of scrubs with:

  1. Oatmeal: grind 100 g of the cereal, then mix them with 50 g flour (preferably rice) and dilute yogurt (1 tbsp.), mix well.
  2. Strawberries: the flesh of the berries (50 g) mix with honey (20 ml) and the same amount of almond oil.
  3. Lemon: to 50 ml fresh juice, add rice flour (120 g) and the mashed pulp of papaya (70 g).
  4. Sugar (use cane): pour 100 g of olive oil (60 ml), mix well.
  5. Avocado: the flesh (10 g) mixed with crushed oatmeal (20 g), add 10 ml of honey.
  6. Honey: 30 ml product mixed with wheat bran (30 g) and 30 ml of freshly prepared lemon juice.
  7. Dry yeast: 1 tsp yeast mixed with 20 g of oat flakes and 15 ml of juice of lemon.
  8. Coffee grounds: 1 tbsp of grounds mixed with 1 tbsp of yogurt.
  9. Almonds: 2 tbsp walnut dipped in boiling water and leave it for 5 minutes Then the water is drained, and skipped the almonds through a meat grinder. The resulting mass is added 1 tsp of lemon juice (if the mass is dry, you can add a little water).
  10. Flour made from corn: mix 1 egg white, 2 tsp of flour. After applying and rubbing, scrub is not necessary to rinse before drying.
  11. Kiwi fruit: the pulp of the berries is ground, it is then added 5-7 drops of olive oil.
  12. Salt: pour 0,5 glass of milk, mix well. Face first apply the lather from the children’s (household) soap and then begin rubbing the skin cooked in salt content.
  13. Soda: the ratio of additional components to the soda must match 1:1. To the soda, you can add: sour milk products (sour cream, yogurt, kefir), cosmetic clay, salt or lemon juice.
  14. Cucumber: grate a vegetable, add 2-3 drops of essential oil.
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Scrub for oily skin at home made from ordinary and affordable products, are considered safe, significantly save money and efficiency is not worse than the store.

How to wash

After cleansing, scrub should be washed off. Removal of the particles you can use a special sponge for the face or a soft Terry towel (if no washcloths).

Washed off means gradually, flowing circular movements that also stimulate circulation. Then the face is rinsed contrast showers: by alternating cool and warm (but not hot) water.

Such rinsing is «charging» for pores and the skin helping to keep it in good shape.

The last step is to promatyvaya face with a soft cloth or towel and applying a hydrating mask and then a moisturizing cream. This method of cleansing, while respecting the rules of use of the scrub will keep the skin healthy, beautiful and toned.

Tips beautician

To the cleansing of facial skin will give you maximum effect and did not lead to unpleasant effects, it is important before use, each new recipe to test for allergies.

A small portion of the finished tool should be applied on the wrist, RUB and leave for 20 minutes If during the day after washing the skin will appear red spots, rashes and itching from using this scrub, it is better to refuse.

Beauticians also suggest to consider the procedure a few nuances:

  1. Before cleaning, you should steam the skin. This can be done by holding the face over a steam bath or applying a few times to it a towel soaked in hot water. The procedure will allow you to better open up the pores, more effective abrasive components to clean them, and nutrients to penetrate all layers of the epidermis.
  2. To prepare the scrub «in reserve,» he said. To avoid reducing the effectiveness of the impact and damage of its components, each time you should cook only one serving.
  3. Can not RUB the skin after washing the scrub towel. The remaining water is removed by applying to the face towels.
  4. In the summer it is not recommended to add essential oils. Under the influence of the sun they cause the appearance of pigmentation.
  5. To abuse the use of scrub is not recommended because of the thinning of the surface layer of the epidermis and the onset of premature aging.
  6. After cleaning it is necessary to apply the usual moisturizer. If its application is to ignore, in the bare epidermis strenuously will start to develop fat.
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Scrub for oily skin, cooked their own homes – an effective tool for simultaneous cleansing, treatment and nourishment of the epidermis. Its recipe should always be individualized and appropriate to the age and season. The only way to get rid of greasy luster of the skin, a nasty rash and get her flawless look.

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