Scrub the cellulite away at home – coffee, against, recipes, sea salt

Cellulite is a violation of the outflow and lymph circulation, and also accumulation of fatty layer in the form of bumps, dents in the subcutaneous layer.

Irregularities are formed as a consequence of stagnation, disturbance of microcirculation, edema and obstructions fat cells due to insufficient blood supply and lack of nutrients. Changing the structure of the subcutaneous fat layer occurs gradually, which leads to weakening of muscle tone.

For those who are already familiar with the manifestations of cellulite, as well as those who only thinks about prevention, there are different methods of dealing with this disease.

For the treatment are:

  • cellulite cream;
  • aromatic oils;
  • baths;
  • massages.

In combination with diet and exercise they give the desired result.

Few people know that to eliminate stagnation in the subcutaneous fat layer also helps to scrub away cellulite, which you can prepare with your own hands at home.

Mechanism of action

The impact of scrub on the skin based on the action of small particles, which are included in its composition. Micronutrients contained in the product, in the absorption into the skin also influence the resorption of fatty plaques and eliminate orange peel.

Procedure with the use of a scrub for the body performs the following tasks:

  1. Under the influence of anti-cellulite scrub cleanses skin pores. They are cleaned from grease, which prevents «breathing» of the skin. Skin epidermis, getting rid of the fat tubes, begins to breathe freely and saturate the deeper layers of the skin with oxygen from the external environment;
  2. In the blood vessels located in the skin and dissolve the fat lumps in the form of agglomerated fatty plaques disappear. Together with them the body gets rid of poisonous toxins, the faster they leave the body through the kidneys;
  3. Scrub perfectly removes the upper Horny layer of the skin, the dead cells are scraped off, washed with water. Begins to increase the regeneration of new skin cells, they upgrade;
  4. Small particles have a tonic effect, increase the elasticity, the use of peeling gives tone to the muscular fibre;
  5. Nutrient based body scrub acts as a moisturizer, and vitamins to actively nourish the epidermis.
  6. Increases metabolism in the skin layer, this process involves the fat cells, they begin to collapse;
  7. Through the use of scrub cellulite rubbing it into the skin is performed a light massage of the body;
  8. Active components that are part of the scrubs are beneficial to the skin, increasing blood circulation, helping to remove toxins from the subcutaneous fat layer;
  9. Additionally, the tool is prepared in the home, gets rid of dirt, dust accumulated in the skin epidermis and trapped it from the external environment.

After the procedure, with the use of fine particles included in the composition, the leveling of the upper layers of the skin. The skin becomes soft, smooth, becoming slightly pinkish color, which indicates its gradual convalescence.


It is inappropriate to apply the scrub for cellulite at home temporarily or limit its use under the following conditions of the body:

  • the increased sensitivity of the skin;
  • in case of allergic reactions to the components of the composition;
  • existing open lesions of the skin: wounds, scratches, cracks, burns;
  • the presence of red inflamed acne or other inflammations on the skin;
  • various skin diseases (eczema, dermatitis, rashes of different nature);
  • fungal infections certain skin areas;
  • just received tan in the Solarium or in the sun;
  • expressed venous vascular mesh and the nodes on the legs or other body areas;
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To eliminate peeling during pregnancy, since a woman’s body at this time become very sensitive and vulnerable. So as not to cause unpredictable result, during childbearing it is better to take care of oneself and to abandon this procedure.

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Basic rules of

To the use of peeling against cellulite did not bring undesirable consequences and complications, you must follow some rules of use:

  1. When the product contains components that have never been used for the procedure, it is necessary to produce a sensitivity test. For this small amount of substance applied to the inner surface of the forearm, wait about half an hour. If you do not have red spots, itching, swelling, remedy one can use;
  2. At the existing intolerance to any foods or medicines, when the organism has issued an allergic reaction, a sensitivity test is carried out during the day;

  3. Before applying the skin should be well to steam, so better absorb nutrients from the media. Before using the peel, you need to get a warm bath and soak in it for 10-15 minutes. So the body is not cooled down, pour the hot water periodically;
  4. Apply the product only on problem areas that are most susceptible to the disease: the stomach, thighs, buttocks. It is not necessary to use anti-cellulite scrub for delicate areas of the body, and especially apply it on the face. Peeling cheeks, chin, nose is more delicate, and particles included in it, smaller. To face is better to use a nonabrasive scrubs or acid-based;
  5. Apply massaging gently, in a circular motion. It is advisable good RUB the skin to the disturbed circulation is restored. Massaging areas with cellulite and you need at least 5 minutes for each zone;
  6. If the skin is very dry, it is not subjected to exfoliation more than once a week;
  7. After the procedure, the scrub is washed off with warm water is useful to rinse the skin with warm mineral water.

Following all recommendations, you can turn an ordinary anti cellulite salon session. As long as the components of the scrub came the type, had a pleasant smell, and the procedure is called relaxation sensation.

Recipes for scrubs of cellulite at home

The skin was beautiful, smooth, healthy, do not have to visit the salons and throw a bunch of money. Quite a bit of imagination to make ordinary products bring a cosmetic effect.

Means on the basis of ground coffee

Coffee scrub cellulite at home to cook is not difficult. Coffee should be taken only sugar, you can use the remaining in the Cup after drank it.

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Coffee grounds mix with any shower gel and you can already use it, but in order to remedy acquired nutritional properties, you can add:

  • a few drops of essential oil;
  • sour cream or natural yogurt;
  • a teaspoon of cognac;
  • med.

You can prepare a coffee scrub without soap or gel, using as the basis of coconut, olive, cocoa butter or other vegetable oils, is acting on the fat trough.

Warming on the basis of ginger

This tool gives visible result in a short time. For its preparation you will need:

  • grated on a fine grater fresh ginger root;
  • 2 tablespoons rice or oat flour;
  • one tablespoon of olive oil;
  • warm water for desired consistency.

All the ingredients mix well, apply to clean, steamed skin, gently massage and leave for few minutes for deep heating. After that again RUB the skin with the tool. Recommended for use on the hips, thighs. After the procedure, rinse with a cold shower.


Means sea salt and tone the skin well, improve its elasticity, elasticity. Contained in the skin, the minerals will nourish, creating conditions for the fluid retention in the cells.

Recipes salt peelings:

Oil – half a Cup of sea salt mixed with any anti-cellulite oil. As a basis we can take linseed, sesame, castor and other oils. For really problem areas are suitable for more solid varieties.

Milk – two tablespoons of salt mixed with yoghurt, kefir or sour cream. Sea salt regular table can easily be replaced.

Peeling cinnamon – sea salt mix with one tablespoon of cinnamon powder, add the olive oil and milk until the desired consistency.

All salt resources should be used immediately after preparation, the salt could not dissolve in the liquid components.

How to choose a suitable composition

To prepare a remedy for cellulite is without preservatives and chemical compounds in the home is not too difficult. Scrub, prepared with his own hands, will bring pleasure, favor, will make the skin silky, smooth and smooth like a baby’s.

For this you need to choose the right components, most importantly, that they are all natural origin and natural.

Funds are divided according to skin type:

  • oily skin allows you to use large abrasives for this type of useful tool based on clay;
  • for dry, sensitive skin should be softer and contain more fine particles, as in should include moisturizing and nutrient based oils;
  • for normal and combination skin suit large and small abrasive particles.

To prepare the remedy you need, considering the skin type to have the procedure brought the maximum benefit.

Adverse reactions

About the side effects do more talking than they actually are present, the harm caused to store-bought scrubs. Anti-cellulite products, prepared with his own hands, cannot contain toxic substances and carcinogens, and cause a deadly condition.

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In very rare cases, too delicate, sensitive skin can be damaged. Caused redness to combat cellulite is more beneficial than dangerous.

A real threat can create allergic reactions because:

  • some components may penetrate the skin without visible damage;
  • warm and moist environment increases the permeability;
  • in different time periods different permeability, for example, increases during pregnancy and some diseases.

People prone to allergies to apply the funds you need with caution and only after the test sensitivity.

If not set, in which component there was redness, burning, itching, it is better to completely abandon the tool of your choice.

Advice beauticians

Experts from the field of health and beauty there are several major mistakes that are committed in the fight against cellulite:

  1. Incorrect definition of the type of skin – dry skin lack lipids. It is thin transparent. It is easily confused with dehydrated skin which is just enough to moisten.
  2. Very frequent use leads to dryness of the epidermis, to apply a remedy for cellulite is no more than two times a week.
  3. Don’t keep the product on the skin for more than 5 minutes if you want to better apply it again and again grind. So the benefits will be greater.
  4. If the signs of rosacea (dilated and fragile vessels) is not to use too cold or too hot water.
  5. Not grossly affect the skin, the procedure is performed gently and smoothly without strong pressures and movements.
  6. Components should be freely available, to be always at hand, in order not to delay the procedure in the absence of any substance.

What to do after the procedure

The effectiveness of the fight against cellulite will be much higher if you apply all anti-cellulite program in the complex.

After the end of the session applied to the surface of the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, cellulite cream.

We can do self-massage with the use of anti-cellulite oil or use massage cupping. Wraps against cellulite can be carried out not only in the cabin, but use it at home. Combine well all cosmetics with gymnastic exercises, swimming, motor loads.

The main thing is regularity, as well as the desire to get rid of unpleasant bumps. Then the anti-cellulite sessions will benefit, as well as to create a good energy boost.

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