Seamless hair transplant methods, rates, causes, photos

How does it work?

So arranged by nature that the sensitivity to the male sex hormone all the follicles are divided into two groups: sensitive and insensitive. Sensitive follicles are located in the temporal areas and crown. It is precisely those structures that are damaged in androgenetic alopecia the DHT.

Insensitive the follicles located on the face, the body, the occipital region of the scalp. These follicles are not affected by hormonal influences. And if they are transplanted to a region of partial or complete baldness, they will take root and provide a sustainable growth of healthy hair.

In such experiments the follicles transplanted in those areas of the body where hair does not grow ever, it is the hands and feet. And even there grow hair very well.

For hair transplant use only the genetically resistant to hormonal influences, the follicle, no matter what is the cause of hair loss. Take the hair from the nape of the neck or body. This so-called donor area.

Hair transplanted to areas of baldness in AGA in men and women, the beard and mustache, eyebrows and eyelashes. This receptor area.

Transplantation techniques

Patchwork, or it is also called the Strip method involves an incision in the occipital region. Remote patch of skin with hair is then cut into grafts (skin with hair follicles for transplantation), and the skin wound sutured.

Seamless hair transplant techniques involve receipt of donor material for transplantation without skin incisions. The follicles from the skin are removed by micropanel, which has the form of a hollow tube.

Why is seamless better?

  • There is no scar on the nape.

In order to obtain follicles for transplantation, there is no need to cut a piece of skin in the occipital region. Accordingly, there is the risk that initially a small scar can then be stretched so that it will become visible under the short hair.

  • Less scarring in the area which carry the hair follicles.

The severity of scarring is affected by:

  • the appearance of the area where transplanted hair;
  • the density of the hair;
  • tactile sensation, when the skin in the area of the transplant may be different to the touch due to small scars.

What techniques are used to reduce scarring?

The use for transplantation of follicular units

Follicular group is a single skin structure, which consists of 1-5 hair follicles, located in close proximity to each other. Each of the groups is surrounded by the follicular area of the skin, devoid of hair.

Patchwork method involves cutting grafts without regard to the location of the follicular units. Because each graft contains hair follicles, and skin, which can take up to 50% of the area of the graft.

The allocation of grafts micropanel allows you to get only the hair follicles, a group located and devoid of excess skin. It allows you to:

  • to do the grafts are smaller in diameter (about 0.8-1 mm);
  • positioning the donor material is much denser in recipienti zone;
  • to increase the survival rate of the transplanted follicles.

The use of large grafts, which are located at a great distance from each other, leads to what is desired the most natural head of hair, a person gets to the recipient area hair that grows bundles. This so-called «effect of the puppet head.»

The line shape of the graft and prepared for a hole in the skin the recipient area

If the skin is cut with a scalpel into separate pieces for transplantation with a scalpel, and the grafts can be of any shape except round. And the holes where the grafts are transplanted, usually rounded. The gaps, which are formed by the non-shape of the graft and the holes are overgrown by connective tissue, i.e. scar will be much more pronounced.

The minimum possible size of the grafts

Perfect is the transplantation of grafts in the pin punctures the skin. In case of puncture:

  • there is no damage to collagen fibers, because the graft is fixed securely in its new place and do not fall;
  • better is the saturation of transplanted tissues with oxygen, because the percentage of rooted follicles increases;
  • smaller wounds heal faster and without noticeable scars;
  • punctures can be positioned higher than the slits.

Large grafts can be squeezed tissues, which worsens the conditions of engraftment. Transplant follicles in the skin incisions can then lead to the development of small dimples, the emergence of foci of reduced or increased skin pigmentation.

Method of hair transplantation FUE

It just has an alphabetic abbreviation that represents a seamless method of hair transplantation. There is another variation of this method, which is denoted as HFE. The fundamental difference between the methods in the technical part regarding the sampling and transplant of donor material no.

The only difference between the methods is that HFE involves only manual extraction (extraction) of the follicles of the skin.

Technically is a hair transplant method FUE

  • The donor material.

Extracted follicular groups of the skin of the occipital region or of the skin manually or using robotic equipment. If the follicles are removed by hand, you get ready to transplant grafts that can be transferred to recipient area.

Skin areas that are picked up by means of the apparatus, often required additional preparation, which consists in cutting grafts by hand using stereomicroscopes. In addition, the car will take much larger areas on the site which subsequently appear at first pinkish, then pale scars.

  • Preparation of donor material.

Prepared follicular groups are placed in fresh blood plasma of the patient. This improves their subsequent survival.

  • Transplantation of donor material.

Currently used several methods of preparing holes in the skin follicles for transplantation. It can be, punctures, and cuts, and spot removal of the skin dermatome.

Video: hair transplantation

Currently, the most progressive and gives the best results, is the way of punctures of the skin. In the prepared holes of the skin with tweezers or special implanters placed the prepared grafts that have nothing but the skin itself is not fixed.

Features of the formation of the anterior hairline

  • The higher the location of the recreated hairline compared to natural.

Anyone who’s watched a sufficient number of photos of hair transplant could be noted that the hairline rarely lowered to the previous level. Usually this is unnaturally high. Why? But because it is not always possible to create a clear and straight line of growth from the first. Sometimes it is necessary to adjust. And if a surgeon «space» will remain, the patient will have to wear for life exclusively haircuts with bangs.

In addition, it is rarely possible to replicating the density of hair that was in a patient in adolescence. Higher line growth can reduce the receptor area and fewer transplanted follicles to create a higher density of hair growth.

  • The technique to get the most natural result.

A rough guideline to recreate the hairline is the line located 6-8 cm above the eyebrows. Trained surgeons who are interested in a great aesthetic result of their work, you can choose the location of the lines of growth, taking into account the shape and facial features of the patient.

And also make use of special techniques create a smooth transition from the smooth skin of the forehead to the scalp, which mimics natural hair growth in this area. The first area is filled with hair at the rate of 10-15 follicles per 1 cm2, in the second zone the amount of hair growing to 25-35 per cm2, and the third may be from 40 to 60 per cm2.

In the area of the hairline are used only odnopolchane follicular groups, not to spoil the appearance of the tufts of hair that give mnogobrojne follicular enterprises.

The number of hairs per 1 cm2, which gives the best result Density hairline, which will provide the best visual effect, is about 60 follicles per 1 cm2. It’s so rare that a practicing transplant will be able to achieve such density over 1 time. In order to obtain a density, must often undergo repeated hair transplant procedures.

In addition to density is important to the uniformity of the gaps between the hair, as the skin in the intervals reflects light. A doctor who is able to meet this requirement, you may get the best result less number of transplanted hair.

The direction of growth of transplanted hair

Hair restoration involves not only the transplant of a certain number of grafts, how much improvement in appearance of the scalp. But the visual result from many factors, one of which is the direction of the hair growth, which sets the transplant.

In different parts of the head of hair can grow at different angles. Depending on the stiffness of the hair and facial features of the client, some doctors are able to pick the angle so that the result is maximally harmonious. Usually hair follicles are transplanted to growing out their hair to the skin were located at an angle of 30-60o. If you make an angle of more than 60o, the patient may look «scared», and if you make less than 30°, it is possible to «prinesennoy» Bang. Changing the direction and angles of hair growth in different parts of the client’s desire to recreate the tufts, which he had in his youth.

When and as the transplanted hairs from the body?

The hair that grows on the body, usually can not be used as the only source of donor material. The thickness, hardness, content of pigment, the maximum length of the hair differs considerably from the same indicators of hair on the head. Cause such hair is used only in cases when follicles in the skin of the occipital region is not enough to take a sufficient number of grafts for transplantation.

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Follicles from the body are usually placed along the hairline, alternating with hair follicles taken from the scalp, to get the effect close to natural. And also at the crown to create a sufficient density of the hair and maximum coverage of the scalp.

Why transplanted long hair?

Technically, the transplant of hair follicles is simpler than transplantation of follicles of hair. And the effect of such a transplant is temporary, so after the stress during transplantation and engraftment follicles in time cease to function normally.

The hair of these follicles fall out within a short time after surgery and begin to grow again only after 2-3 months.

But, nevertheless, this kind of transplant is in demand among the clients as:

  • allows you to leave others in the dark about the fact that hair transplantation was performed;
  • receiving a confirmation of natural look of the transplanted hair during operation;
  • the number of hair follicles that need to be transplanted for obtaining a perfect result, is more precisely defined;
  • the patient can participate in the process of hair transplantation.

Video: long hair Transplant

Hair transplant in stages

Male pattern baldness is a process extended in time. There are those who to the last was ready to fight for each hair. And there are those who prefers to solve the problem in a radical way, namely to do a hair transplant in the very early stages of hair thinning.

Among doctors-transplantologists there is no consensus at the expense of the hair transplants in several stages. Some say that it is comfortable for the patient as it allows him to avoid a period of unrest and insecurity about the poor appearance of their hair, pay a relatively small amount for each small volume of the transplant instead of long to save the money for a transplant from a huge number of grafts.

Others point to the fact that not all the clinics of hair transplants provide a careful collection of material from the donor area. And extensive scarring in the occipital region can do a re-transplantation is impossible, as the transplant is simply nothing.

Price for transplantation in Moscow

How much is a hair transplant depends largely on the method of transplant, the amount of hair to be transplanted, the skill of the doctor and the reputation of the clinic.

Transplantation method The cost of transplanting a single graft
patchwork method 50-70 rubles
transplantation of long hair 100 rubles
hair transplant FUE 80 rubles
transplantation of body hair 100 rubles
fill hair area of scars 100 rubles

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