Septoplasty rehabilitation after, nose, period, nasal septum

A deviated septum is the cause of many health problems.

Defects of the nose, is not only a lack of the person’s appearance, but also the pathology which:

  • the lack of oxygen;
  • the ingestion of infections that enter through the nasal passage.

To correct the nasal septum, a treatment by surgery (septoplasty).

Elimination of defects of the nasal cavity is a major operation that requires a rehabilitation period.

In most cases, rehabilitation after septoplasty is easy, but in order to avoid complications you need to follow the instructions of specialists. And when the deviation is to seek the assistance of your doctor.

That includes

Septoplasty is nothing but a nose surgery is focused on correcting malposition of the septum. Is the operation phase of the fracture. All actions of the surgeon performs under General anesthesia, so the process of rehabilitation begins after the patient departs from the anesthesia.

The main stage falls on the first two weeks. Full recovery takes three months.

Rehabilitation includes several periods:

  • postoperative;
  • recovery;
  • final.

In the postoperative period the patient is in the hospital under the supervision of medical personnel. Recovery continues at home. And in the final period the majority of patients are already almost full life.

What to do with the occurrence of complications

Despite the fact that septoplasty does not involve major changes in the functionality of an organism, there are certain risks of complications. Such cases occur rarely, but to exclude such a possibility impossible.

To complications in the rehabilitation period include:

  • constant bleeding;
  • numbness in the upper (front) teeth and the tip of the nose;
  • the spread of infection;
  • the formation of holes in the nasal septum;
  • the lack of a positive result on health and beauty.

On the occurrence of complications can influence certain factors, which are associated with the characteristics of the body or way of life of the patient.

Risk factors:

  • poor blood clotting;
  • severe cardiac pathology;
  • the presence of many scars after previous operations.
  • group of drugs;
  • cocaine use and Smoking.

To detect complications, as a rule, is possible only through one or two weeks after septoplasty. In case of violations, it is primarily necessary to turn to specialists to find out the cause of deviations.

In the future doctors possible take measures to eliminate complications. Tighten with a visit to the physician and to execute any action should not be alone. This can lead to more problems.

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Rehabilitation periods after septoplasty

Undergoing rehabilitation after septoplasty is quite easy and fast. For the first time after the surgery, the patient is having trouble breathing, because breathing is necessary only through the mouth. But after a few days after removal of the tampons the functions of the nose, begin to recover.

To rehabilitation periods, as already mentioned, include aftercare and recovery. Each of them has its own characteristics.

But the most important thing for rehabilitation is regular doctor visits and complying with all his instructions. Specialist can time to notice complications and prevent their development in the beginning.

The whole rehabilitation period runs for three months. The last two and a half months of the final period when the patient needs to adhere to recommendations.

At the end of this time, the nose takes the form completely and heals completely. However, to begin to lead a normal life (with the exception of addictions) in two weeks.

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After the operation the patient is left in a medical facility for two days. Being in the hospital, you need to ensure that in case of any deviations in state operated human experts could provide the necessary assistance.

Due to the fact that breathing on his own after septoplasty the patient in the nasal cavity are inserted:

  • tube (air intake);
  • tampons to soak up the released liquids;
  • patch, fixing bone and cartilage.

In the first two days after a septoplasty was very thirsty. This is due to the fact that breathing occurs through the mouth. For several hours after anesthesia, can not drink, only a wetting of the lips or mouth rinse.

The recommendations in the postoperative period include:

  1. To eliminate the thirst should drink as much water as possible. The consumption of carbonated beverages is not recommended.
  2. There are no special instructions about bed rest not. But long walks during the first days is not desirable.
  3. Nutrition after septoplasty can remain familiar. Delete is only spicy and hot food.

In some cases, you may be assigned to intramuscular (intravenous) antibiotics. With a strong painful sensation and bad sleep prescribe painkillers and sleeping pills. All medications must be prescribed by a doctor.

There is a group of drugs that could cause complications, so self-medication is prohibited.


As soon as postoperative monitoring of operated person outpatient. A visit to the doctor should be held regularly. In the first week of admission should be carried out two times. Subsequently, the patient visits the specialist once a week.

During the recovery period, you must:

  • to remove blood clots and the resulting crust;
  • to handle the nasal cavity to prevent infection.

During the first seven days the nasal cavity washed with saline. For this purpose use special preparations containing sea salt (Humer, Aqua Maris or other types of pain).

To facilitate the removal of crusts in the nose buried saline, which improves the expectoration of mucus and softens tissue.

The saline also acts as a disinfectant. Nasal lavage solutions with a salt and treatment with saline should be performed three times a day.

Remove the crust with your fingers is impossible. After the saline solution will soften the formed crust must be removed with a cotton swab moistened with oil or greased with vaseline.

On reception at the attending physician carried out additional cleaning nasal cavities to remove the threads that are imposed during operation.

Do not use vasoconstrictor drops. Even if nose breathing is impossible, these tools are not will have a positive effect and will only cause complication. Respiratory function will be recovered within a few days.

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How to restore breathing

After performing a septoplasty on the nose is overlaid with a retentive bandage, which retains in proper position moving the cartilage tissue. It is necessary to exclude deformation and dislocation of cartilage.

The plaster cast is removed after one or two weeks, depending on the innate capacity of tissues to recover.

Nasal breathing is difficult not so much because of the reconstruction of the nasal septum, but because of the existing edema. The swelling subsides after five (seven) days. It was during this period begins to recover breath.

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Start to breathe through the nose before is not recommended. If you start earlier, then the person may experience a severe form of psychotic depression, which occurs because of difficulty breathing.

Full breathing is restored just three weeks later, but only if the septoplasty was uneventful. By this time, removed the swabs and bandage, and the swelling completely subside. A person can safely breathe, but compliance with recommendations is under way.

Possible complications

Special rules on how you must begin to breathe through the nose — no. But if after two weeks after surgery, the function of the nose is not restored, it may develop complications.

Violations of the respiratory capacity through the nasal cavity occurs in the presence of defects:

  • the nose is weak;
  • the bony arch is narrowed;
  • the cartilage is deformed;
  • a deviated septum not fully eliminated.

To eliminate such defects is possible only by repeated surgery. The difficulty lies in the fact that the second septoplasty can be performed only in a month. For months before the second operation the patient should be seen by a doctor.

What to do with the loss of smell

One of the types of complications encountered during the rehabilitation period after septoplasty, is the loss of smell. If the sense of smell is absent in the first two weeks while there is swelling, then it is quite natural. In that case, when the sense of smell does not appear even after three weeks, you should immediately go to the experts. Such pathology may be a serious violation.

There are two forms of loss of smell:

  • partial;
  • full.

In partial form, the sense of smell gradually returned. But the full form can be dangerous because the sense of smell will not recover ever.

To determine the possibility of restoring sensitivity to odors, you need to diagnose. The cause may be damage to the mucosa or the surgeon’s mistake. Also pathology can be an individual reaction to surgery.

In any case, in the absence of smell should contact your doctor. The sooner you begin to resolve the problem, the more likely the person to restore natural functions of the nose.

In any case can not resort to the use of folk remedies.

After septoplasty, the nasal cavity is very sensitive and the impact on it will only aggravate the situation, adding to the existing problem other complications.

Psychological help

In rare cases, patients in rehabilitation period after surgery need psychological help.

This may be due to:

  • strong painful sensations;
  • the presence of complications;
  • or dissatisfaction with the outcome of septoplasty.

In a medical facility, where such transactions are required to be a psychologist who helps people cope with stress.

Surgery, of course, affects the emotional state of a person. All experiences prior to the septoplasty often give emotional output in the postoperative period.

The right approach of the psychologist will help the person to recover quickly and to cope with all the fears and worries.

A positive attitude to the rehabilitation period is very important for full recovery.

And after septoplasty psychological assistance is of particular importance, since due to breathing issues, many patients become depressed and violate the instructions of the doctor, which is dangerous for their health.

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The recommendations of experts

In order to avoid any complications in the rehabilitation period, you must follow the advice of experts. Violation of rules may lead to development of pathologies and the need for re-operation.

After the operation you must perform the following recommendations.

  1. To do cold compresses to moisten the bandage and wash only with cool water. These procedures will help to avoid the appearance of bruises and reduce swelling.
  2. You only need to sleep with your head elevated. To do this, use a high pillow. Otherwise there may be severe edema, or begin bleeding.
  3. During the first day eat only liquid food. You can’t eat hot food.
  4. It is necessary to constantly monitor the temperature. Normal body temperature does not rise above 38 degrees. Excess of this indicator testifies to the inflammatory process.
  5. You should observe for discharge, because normal is only a small amount of blood, mixing with other fluids. Nosebleeds are a deviation.

After discharge from the hospital, the doctor gives instructions regarding the care. The nasal cavity will need:

  • to treat Spiro with the content of sea salt or water;
  • constantly required to moisturize the mucous membranes;
  • treated with saline;
  • lubricating oils or vaseline;
  • remove crust.

Within fourteen days, it is impossible to prevent drying of the mucosa. This can lead to the development of infections and the formation of strong growths. If you have any problems should seek the advice of a doctor.

That is strictly forbidden

During rehabilitation should adhere to all prohibitions, which include recommendations. First of all, for two weeks it is necessary to abandon any physical activity, including sports. Get to work or training is possible only with the permission of the doctor.

Also prohibited:

  • wash in hot water or taking a bath (there is a risk of extensive swelling);
  • is the sun a long time (better to use a sunscreen);
  • to take drugs that can thin the blood;
  • to vysmarkivatsya or sneeze with my mouth closed during the month (increased pressure in the nose);
  • to wear glasses for four weeks (the likelihood of deformation of the nasal bones and cartilage).

All these bans increase the risk of developing complications (hematoma, swelling, bleeding, etc). Don’t forget about provoking factors (Smoking and cocaine use).

Septoplasty is a nose surgery to restore the correct position of the partition, which in the case of defects causing breathing problems. Surgery does not involve special risks.

The most common problem during rehabilitation in violation of the recommendations. When following the instructions the recovery period will be much faster, but the man himself will feel much better.