Sergey Zverev before surgery photo before and after

Sergei had a long way to its success. After school he entered a trade school where he studied from three professions: fashion designer, master makeup and hair.

Due to their exceptional abilities, Zverev has achieved great success as a stylist of women’s and men’s haircuts. He won many competitions, including abroad. And the time of its formation in a difficult for our country period post-perestroika, when he had to overcome thousands of difficulties in life, in profession, in relationships with other countries.

However, the wider public Sergey Zverev became known not so much by its main professional activity, but because of outrageous behavior (Sergey is not devoid of humor) and appearance.

Few people now believe that this handsome a blonde, on high platforms and dressed in the latest fashion, once was a modest young man from a small Siberian town of Kultuk near Irkutsk. There he spent the first years of his life, together with her mother, father and elder brother. The family lived near the forest, and they often went for berries. Childhood Sergei is associated with forest and berries.

That forced Zverev to do surgery?

Now it is difficult to imagine, but once the beast looked quite manly. He had black hair and a straight nose. The fact that the present image is the result of plastic surgeries. According to the official version, it all started with the nose. The actor was in a car accident in which quite seriously affected his appearance, particularly his nose. He had to reshape his nose.

Sergey Zverev before surgery — dark brown with a straight nose after the surgery his nose is slightly snub. The first operation was made in 1995, but this was only the beginning. After the correction of the nose stylist, artist and singer also decided to adjust the lips.

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In some point of the lips was even too big, had to have surgery to remove excess gel. Then was made «cheiloplasty», to achieve a «Hollywood smile». But that’s not all.

This was followed by correction of the cheeks and chin with the use of modern implants. As a result, Sergey Zverev after plastic surgery — it’s almost like a completely different person.

Changed the shape of the face, cheekbones, lips, nose, smile, hair is even longer (Sergei paint them white), and brown eyes is sometimes close light lenses.

Plastic surgery is the key to success?

Sergey Zverev before plastic surgery is a humble young man, whose appearance is typical for a native of Siberia and, by and large, does not distinguish him among thousands of other men, while women who knew him at the time, saying that he was a very charming man.

Today it is an accomplished stylist, artist (Sergey already starred in several films) and even singer (his first song he dedicated to Alla Pugacheva).

It is an integral part of the Russian elite and well received in the homes of many famous people of the present. Can we say that he is to accomplish, thanks to the successfully changed appearance? Probably still no.

To take the position he was helped by his talent, ability to work, the will (which he claims he inherited from his mother), sociability, sense of humor. But a new look to some extent contributed to the popularity in the sphere of Russian show business, who needed the flamboyant personality.

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On the other hand, the biography of Sergey Zverev before surgery as if it describes the life of another person a little bit more mundane and predictable. Perhaps the path it was expecting a huge success as a stylist, but not so much fame in the field of show business. He managed to reshape his appearance, in accordance with their ideas of beauty. Someone likes his new look, some don’t. There are those who keeps a photo of Sergey Zverev before operations (see) and I love it so. But many love it the way Sergei Zverev became after plastic surgery.

Video: Sergey Zverev before plastic and after

In any case, can not but arouse admiration for the efficiency of this man, and that he does not forget his roots. He often remembers the departed father and brother, was in constant communication with his mother. It’s possible that he’s a good father to his adopted son and a good husband. This is a man who skillfully uses the possibilities of the modern world, as well as the talents given him the sweat of nature.

What choice did You?

Well, you have the opportunity to make up their minds about this man. Look at the photo of Sergey Zverev before the operation as it looks today, and make their own conclusions. Including on the possibilities of modern plastic surgery, which every day becomes more and more.

Photo before surgery

Photo after surgery