Sex after mammoplasty — when you can do


Mammoplasty is a surgery of the breast. Despite the fact that this surgery is not very complex, after him, should follow particular medical advice.

In this article the question of when can have sex after mammoplasty and what rules should be followed.

Peculiarities of rehabilitation

The rehabilitation course lasts on average two to three months after mammoplasty. If the patient does not cause any complications in the condition, then on the fifth day of her surgery, and she goes home.

A very important condition for the correct rehabilitation is wearing tight compression underwear.

It is necessary to capture the «new» breast and give it the correct shape. In this woman underwear should be the first month.

This tight bandage will give maximum comfort to the patient and gets rid of sharp pain in the muscles, which can occur when walking fast or too sharp movements of the hands.

To the scar as soon as possible was delayed, the woman should be extremely careful not to put his hands up.

With proper care for the seam a month later after a mammoplasty it needs to acquire a pinkish color. Six months later, and it should not be noticeable.

During the rehabilitation period a woman should once a month to visit a doctor and to pass inspection. It is necessary to control General health and to control wound and implants.

A doctor’s recommendation

To rehabilitation as early as possible successfully completed, the patient should follow these medical recommendations:

  • regularly wear linen compressor;
  • fully constrain physical activity in the next two months after the operation (to abandon lifting weights, cleaning the house, exercising, running, swimming, etc);
  • showers can be no earlier than the fifth day after surgery (because of risk of infection in a fresh wound). It is also advisable not to wet the seam before will be removed of medical yarns;
  • six months to abandon the Solarium and the beach. In the future, it is recommended to avoid contact with the chest of ultraviolet rays;
  • apply the recommended cream and ointments that will help to heal the joints;
  • very carefully monitor their diet, especially in the first months after surgery. The body needs to fully recover, so the diet should be rich in vitamins (vegetables, fruits) and proteins (eggs, meat, liver);
  • in order to remove the swelling with the breast, you should do a light massage;
  • in the first days after mammoplasty is very important not to sleep on my stomach and side. You have to try at all to move less and stay in a state of rest;
  • in the first week after surgery you can’t bend down (this can trigger the occurrence of hematoma);
  • get behind the wheel of a car is recommended no sooner than five days after anesthesia because after surgery the body her body severely weakened by the drugs, and the reaction of women may be inhibited.

When can I have sex after mammoplasty

Sex after mammoplasty can be no earlier than two months after the operation.

This rule is very important to observe, since its violation may also entail serious health risks to women.

Justified it by the fact that intimacy always involves a big load on the body and hormonal women, which is highly undesirable after any operation.

In addition, after a two-month rehabilitation course «new» breast will be able to buy more view, as in the first weeks after mammoplasty it is too painful, edematous and swollen.

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The main risks

The main risks of having sex before the specified date, can be divided into three separate groups:

  • risks associated with exercise;
  • complications and risks associated with possible injury of the breast;
  • risks associated with change of a hormonal background of woman during sex.

Consider each group in more detail.

Associated with exercise

Most often, when early exercise, the patient exposes themselves and their health to such risks:

  • the displacement of the implants to the side or up. This condition will be accompanied by severe pain and discomfort. One or two implants will be deformed, and the chest will be unevenly located, curve, flat, etc.
  • the displacement of the breast there is a large risk that the procedure should be repeated as a purely aesthetic look at the breast will be ugly;
  • excessive exercise is very harmful to fresh wounds, especially if they haven’t been taken off the joints. Under intense stress and sharp movements, women may leave exposed seams. This can lead to the ingress of infection and a sharp deterioration in the condition of the patient;
  • when you break the welds, the woman will feel severe pain and burning.

One of the biggest risks is formation of hematoma and severe swelling.

Such phenomena are not uncommon after mammoplasty, so it is not recommended to encourage additional physical activity.

The reason is that the newly formed hematoma may not always be able to dissolve and disappear. Sometimes they just freeze and harden.

In the end, on the breast of a woman has an ugly scar or hematoma, which will require additional surgery for removal or adjustment.

In turn, the woman will have to go through another surgery.

Associated with possible injury

During intercourse there is the risk that the chest will be accidentally exposed to injury.

This, in turn, is dangerous for the following reasons:

  • on the breast that is still not fully healed, may cause bruises, bruising, etc. In the first place, it will be very ugly, and secondly, it is dangerous because bleeding can cause inflammation, and in women the temperature rises. Such condition would require immediate hospitalization and medical treatment;
  • with a strong compression of the breast a woman will experience severe pain;
  • in case of accidental injury, breast implants can shift, and the mammary glands will become an undesirable form;
  • when trauma to the chest in a fresh wound can get infected. In the best case this will lead to a temperature increase in the worst – to blood poisoning. If you stabilize the woman’s condition will fail with antibiotics, it is likely that implants will need to extract so our body could recover.


Even under the condition that the risk of trauma during intimacy can be eliminated, sexual excitement can still lead to complications in the condition of women.

Is justified by the fact that upon excitation in the female hormonal background there are strong physiological changes in blood flow to the breast.

In turn, this may lead to increased swelling, and the presence of blood in the lymph near the implants.

In addition, the most dangerous is the risk of hematoma, which need to be removed.

Useful tips

In order to minimize the potential risks associated with rehabilitation, remember these tips:

  • the first intimacy after mammoplasty have to be very careful. The woman should be in the compressor linen;
  • for quick recovery of the body after the surgery is recommended to give up bad habits (Smoking, alcohol);
  • in order not to contribute to the swelling of the breast, in the first days after mammoplasty should eat no more than two liters of fluid;
  • be careful about your health. And if you have pain just to talk to the doctor about this. He can prescribe effective painkillers;
  • it is important to use a special cream for quick healing of wounds. Also quite effective are the special silicone patches, which only for few days able to tighten the seam that in the future it wasn’t so noticeable.

Contraindications to breast implants

Before you decide on the correction, it is important to know in what cases it is impossible to carry out:

  • the age of eighteen, when the body is still not fully formed;
  • pregnancy and lactation (it is recommended that breast implants not earlier than eight months after the end of breastfeeding);
  • the presence of chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • diseases of the nervous system in which the person is not in control of himself and could do yourself harm;
  • any serious chronic disease (diabetes, hepatitis, HIV infection, jaundice);
  • violation of blood coagulability;
  • kidney disease;
  • a weakened immune system.

What to do when the complications

If unwanted symptoms, or General deterioration in condition, it is recommended to immediately consult a doctor, as negative symptoms can lead to serious complications in health.

The most dangerous are the symptoms:

  • swelling in the chest;
  • a fever that lasts more than two days;
  • severe pain in the chest;
  • joints;
  • change the shape of the breast, which was immediately after the surgery;
  • deformation of the Breasts (where one breast is higher or smoother other);
  • severe swelling of the mammary glands;
  • bruising and bruising on his chest.

In compliance with all medical recommendations mammoplasty can bring the desired result, which will be visible after six months after surgery.

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