Shampoo for dry scalp moisturizing, dandruff, seborrhea

For girls beautiful and neat hair is the pride but a dry scalp can significantly affect their appearance and their condition from the inside. Because of the scalp starts beauty hair. Come on today let’s deal with this problem and methods of solving it.

How does

  • The effect of this means is that which ingredients are not allowed to lose moisture.
  • They help to reduce scaling as a result of eliminating and itching that is inherent in issuenow the scalp.

  • The main thing – in these tools, there are different extracts that successfully cope with bacteria.
  • There are some tools that in addition to all the above, also help the hair to grow strongly, and give them freshness.
  • Regular use of such shampoos will help perfect improve physiological balance and prevent the development of irritation.
  • Such means for washing the head significantly reduce the oiliness of the scalp.

Selection rules

You should pay special attention to the choice of remedies to correct the dryness of the scalp. After all, if you pick up a tool is not by itself – it can only make the problem worse.

  • If you have a problem of dry scalp then you should find something labeled «For sensitive scalp»
  • You select the tool must be designed on the basis of decoctions of various herbs, oils and substances that retain moisture in the hair
  • The selected tool should not have extra chemical elements, fragrances and dyes (this is once again irritating the already affected scalp)
  • Scalp brings discomfort in a time when it is dry and itchy, therefore it will be very good if the tool can be used on a daily basis, that is, choose the means marked «suitable for everyday use»
  • The medium should not have a high PH level
  • Tools for deep cleaning not worth buying
  • You are very lucky if you manage to find a shampoo neutral or whitish tint
  • Of course, any shampoo for dry scalp must not have extra flavors. The smell can be neutral, but rather without him.

Browse popular brands

  1. Smart shampoo No. 3. Though not expensive, but very effective. Imbues the hair and scalp; dryness; successfully cope with the cross-section ends and makes hair thicker from the inside. Contains a sufficient number of extracts of medicinal plants. Easy to foam and easy to rinse.
  1. The «kloran». It consists of such herbal components as: the roots of Chinese peony, nasturtium extract. Also has components that help in combating fungus, and all sorts of healthy vitamins for the hair. Helps to stop the sore plight of the scalp suppresses the symptoms of seborrhea. Plus actively helps the hair growth.
  1. «Èmolium». Very successfully moisturizes the skin and hair, surprisingly soft (so much so that applies to children from three months), fragrances and dyes in its composition does not have. You can use every day.
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Proved successful in combating very dry scalp, dandruff, dermatitis, successfully copes with dry seborrhea.

There is only one drawback – the tool is not very good foam, i.e. will need to apply it twice.

  1. Dove Hair Therapy «Nourishing care». Though has sulfates, but their impact neutralized a high concentration of oils that penetrate deep into the hair and does not weigh down.

After its application the hair becomes manageable and moisturized and feeling greasy on the hair is not created. Quite commonly, imbue the dermis, respectively, and heals her. Plus, sparingly used, it is possible to apply and not using the conditioner hair easier to comb.

  1. NATURA SIBERIKA «Protection and nutrition». Not is composed of silicones, parabenov. Has extracts of cedar and milk radiograms pink – they saturate the hair and not damaging help in the care of the scalp. The composition is pleasing and natural ingredients such as: burdock, coconut, sea buckthorn oil; chamomile extract, Siberian barberry, medicinal milanka, kurimsky tea.

The tools are very light aroma. Foam is not very abundant, but you should know that it’s an organic cosmetics and it just need to get used to.

  1. Herbal Essences «Kiss the rain». This tool will also help in combating this problem. It contains extracts of coconut and Orchid. Works great and amplifies the effect if you apply with a balm and a mask of the same line. This shampoo may not develop irritation even on the most dry and sensitive scalp.

Suitable shampoo for dry scalp and dandruff

If you have this problem, then you probably suffer from and dandruff.

In this case, you can help the above shampoos and tools such as:

  • «Regulating» shampoo for dry scalp and dandruff Vichy Dercos. Its active component is Chesil, which significantly increases the adhesion of the epidermis to the hair shaft. Thermal spring water and salicylic acid is also help Cohesil in the fight against this problem.
  • Shampoo Clear Vita ABE Phytotechnology. The tool consists of a wonderful, one of a kind, set of vitamins and minerals, which is called NUTRIUM.
  • Kerium La Roche Posay. It’s a pretty mild shampoo. The effect of this means is seen immediately after the first wash their heads. And regular use will gradually lead to the full restoration of physiological balance. Plus, it is able to prevent irritation.
  • L’oreal Sensi Balance Professional. Very good softens and nourishes. The tool also helps to fight the signs of itching, burning sensation and dandruff, and also helps to lower the fat content.
  • «Soft cleansing» Himalaya Herbals. The main formula of the shampoo helps prevent flaking, and subsequently to get rid of itching. This shampoo consists of a variety of herbal extracts that successfully cope with bacteria. Active components of this shampoo: mustard seeds, Basil and Centella asiatica. The shampoo is perfect for people who have too increased the sensuality of the scalp.
  • «Moisturizing care for the scalp» Head&Shoulders. This shampoo includes such ingredients which do not allow to lose moisture. As a result, the appearance of dandruff is simply impossible. Plus, this shampoo will definitely help you get rid of itchy scalp. A bonus is the fact that the hair after using this shampoo are incredibly soft.
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Drugstore shampoos:

  • Keto is a plus. It has a couple of active substances that successfully eliminate the fungus. It also eliminates the flaking and «itchy» scalp.
  • Nizoral. A very powerful tool for elimination of dandruff as it acts on the root cause of its occurrence – namely, eliminates the fungus of the scalp. Like other shampoos of this type, eliminates peeling and itching. The result will be noticeable after a short period.
  • SULSENA. Perfectly cleans the scalp, removes dandruff, helps normal and to function properly the secretion of the sebaceous glands. That is, this shampoo complex action for getting rid of dandruff.
  • Home Institut dandruff with nettles. It is so called, because in its composition has 15% nettle extract. This allows the shampoo and gently relieve itching, remove the scales and adjust the sebaceous glands. This shampoo is good, as with the apparent problem and for ordinary preventive measures against dandruff.
  • Instant Clear отL»oreal Professionnel. The pyrithione zinc, proteins and vitamins. These components help in the treatment of the hair roots, eliminates the fungus, and skin manifestations over time, eliminated.

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That will help against seborrhea

Shampoos from dry seborrhea of the scalp based on these existing components:

  • ketoconazole,
  • ciclopirox,
  • selenium sulfide,
  • zinc pyrithione,
  • medical tar and others.

Only these components are able to fight off fungi, inflammations, and a little dry.

Pharmacy products that contain these components:

  • Nizoral,
  • Have parhotel,
  • Season,
  • Nothing special in it not,
  • Friderm zinc,
  • Zinkon,
  • Kelual DS
  • Zinovich,
  • Friderm Tar,
  • Alopex,
  • Elf.

Available without a doctor’s prescription and are sold exclusively in pharmacies.

How to wash hair

  • The selected tools need a little. Initially, it should lather in hands then apply to hair. So we will be able to «soften» shampoo, and this in turn will help us better to wash your hair. In fact washes your head from dirt and fat tool, and the foam formed them.
  • Be sure to rinse off all the shampoo. Even the shampoos for dry scalp are usually mildly affected, but if after washing will remain, the head will look dirty, greasy and unkempt.
  • Apply shampoo stands with the back of the head gradually moving to the top, as the hairs on the back of his head «tightly», it will help to avoid damage to the hair.
  • Should not be too hard to RUB the shampoo into the scalp, because it is so irritated and itchy. The shampoo itself to cope with its assigned task.
  • The movement should be massaging produced by the fingertips. In any case not nails!
  • I think you have heard that it is not necessary to apply shampoo on the whole length of the hair. It’s not just words. Shampoo is the vehicle to remove dirt and grease, no matter how soft he was, he would still be trying to remove dirty grease everywhere, causing the hair to become brittle and dried. Therefore, apply shampoo only on the roots. For the whole length of the hair there are all sorts of balms, conditioners, masks and conditioners.
  • The water temperature should be pleasant to you. Dry scalp in no case should not be exposed to cold or hot water. The water should be warm.
  • At the end of shampooing is to wet hair with a towel. No need to RUB them in a towel – so they become brittle and dry.
  • Allow the hair to dry on their own, without the use of an Hairdryer.
  • Do not brush wet hair – they break, fall out and tangle.