Shock wave therapy for cellulite — against price

Modern aesthetic medicine and cosmetology offer a large number of ways of dealing with cellulite – the most common and difficult adjustment problem in women. Does shock wave therapy for cellulite as well as other physiotherapeutic methods of influence on subcutaneous fat?

What it is

Shock wave therapy is a technique known in medicine and cosmetology for quite some time. Earlier it was used for getting rid of heel spurs, kidney stones, treatment of joint pathologies.

During shock wave therapy is accompanied by the emission of sound waves that is directed using a special headpiece of the device directly on the area the fat deposits in problem areas.

Waves are in the range of infrasound, therefore, are not perceived by the human ear. But they can provide much «massage» effect from the inside, directly on a specific area of the body.

Due to the high frequency sound, which can only be achieved with the help of special physiotherapeutic device, the action is precisely directed and does not damage other cells and tissues of the body.

A sound wave can exert a destructive and detrimental effect on the membranes of the fat cells. The splitting of subcutaneous fat up to a plastic state where it can be about 10 days. Gradually such «melted» subcutaneous fat excreted through the blood and lymph from the body.


Like any physiotherapy, shock wave therapy for cellulite has several contraindications. This is due to the fact that the impact of sound waves of this frequency has an accelerating effect on blood circulation and metabolism.

The main contraindications are:

  • disease hormonal in nature;
  • pathology of the endocrine system;
  • disorders of the heart, blood vessels, decreased or increased speed of blood circulation, downed heartbeat rhythms;
  • neoplasms of any etiology;
  • chronic kidney failure or the liver;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • varicose veins in the aggressive stage;
  • surgical intervention in venous mesh on the legs and thighs;
  • various skin lesions, abrasions, wounds, burns, festering violation of the integrity of the epidermis.

If there is at least one of the above mentioned pathologies, or the patient carries or feeds her baby, then shock-wave therapy for such women is completely contraindicated.


A large number of positive reviews about the transferred shock wave therapy talking about what a physical effect not only gives a visible effect, but also absolutely safe for the patient.

Experts-cosmeticians and dermatologists have noted the following benefits of shock wave therapy for cellulite:

  • safe for health (in the absence of pathologies referred to above);
  • absolutely painless, during the procedure is not felt any discomfort;
  • total absence of negative side effects;
  • after the procedure will not take time to restore the body and tissue regeneration, as there will be no damage;
  • procedure can be used at any stage of cellulite – from the initial to the most maximum expression;
  • shock wave therapy is a good prevention of formation of stagnant fat;
  • a combination of several positive effects: stimulating blood circulation, toning the upper layers of the epidermis, fat burning, activating the metabolism;
  • result after the procedure lasts for a long time, provided careful attention to your health and figure.

The duration of positive effect after a course of shock wave therapy can be up to 1 year. Thanks to shock-wave therapy not only reduced the number of subcutaneous fat, but also smoothed the burqa and stretching, often resulting in cellulite.

The cons of this cosmetic procedure is a much smaller efficiency in comparison with radical methods of getting rid of cellulite and relatively high cost.

Price of extracorporeal shock wave therapy for cellulite the average is about 2000 rubles per half-hour session.

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How does shock wave therapy for cellulite

A special device creates acoustic waves which, thanks to specially selected applicator, is able to penetrate into cells and tissues is deep enough to give the vibrating effect.

The transfer of sound energy is carried out locally, the attachment device slowly rolled over the skin, treating the problem areas one by one.

With acoustic stimulation, shock wave therapy has the following effects:

  • under the action of sound decreases the tension of the fibers of the connective tissue surrounding fat cells;
  • gradually decreasing the intensity of the elasticity of the fibrous tissue;
  • aktiviziruyutsya metabolism, accelerates the release of harmful substances from the cells and tissues and refilled the necessary elements for recovery, nutrition and regeneration
  • waves that are in the infrasonic range, increase the permeability of dense membranes of fat cells and increase their susceptibility to the damaging factors of sound;
  • increases the speed of the process of disintegration of adipocytes;
  • amplified run metabolic processes in the fat layer in problem areas;
  • normalization of circulation of blood and lymph by small and large vessels;
  • gradual withdrawal worked of fat cells through the bloodstream;
  • normalization of metabolic processes in the skin, improving its resilience and elasticity, additional smoothing effect;
  • the formation of new collagen molecules, which persists for a long period of effect of the procedure.

The combined effect of shock wave therapy in the next contributes to the overall transformation of the stagnant adipose tissue that emerges through the skin «orange peel», in a healthy.


In order to completely get rid of the problem, you will need to undergo no less than 5-6 sessions. In cases of deep, intense running and cellulite will take at least 10-15 sessions.

Sometimes the stage of development of cellulite on different body areas may vary in depth and intensity. One part of the body requires 4-6 sessions of shock wave therapy for the other, more problematic, require additional action of acoustic apparatus.

Between sessions of cosmetic procedure, you will need to take a break, amounting to from 3 to 6 days.

If you use shock wave therapy in the prevention of formation of cellulite is to undergo 2-4 sessions within six months.


The rate of achievement of the effect depends on the individual characteristics of the patient. In some cases, the skin is smoothed and is stretched substantially at 2-3 procedure.

Remains visible for a period of not less than a year, then, depending on the degree of body fat, you can go through a refresher course.

A lot depends on the patient. If you do not use any additional methods of influence, for example, a person plays sports, not moved to proper nutrition or increased physical activity, then expect a positive effect will have a bit longer.

Useful tips

In order to accelerate a positive effect of shock wave therapy of cellulite and keep it off permanently, it is recommended to provide the following additional effects on the body:

  • to change diet. To pick up with a specialist balanced menu, which not only helps to get rid of excessive body fat, but will contain a range of useful vitamins and minerals necessary for normal functioning of the body;
  • to engage in any sport involving movement. It is best to chronic adipose tissue are intense, high-speed exercise that triggers accelerated metabolism and convert stored fats to energy. Good cardio, running, classes in the swimming pool;
  • extracorporeal shock wave therapy, if no contraindications, can be combined with other physiotherapeutic procedures, as well as between sessions are allowed breaks in 5-6 days. You can Supplement infrasound exposure darsonvalization, intense massage or a variety of directional hydrological processes;
  • modern cosmetology offers a large number of masks and body wraps, for extra impact on the orange peel. The use of special muds, thermoactive masks, cooling gels, and contrast will help to quickly restore skin elasticity, giving it a healthy appearance, normalize metabolic processes in the upper layers;
  • if it is not possible to enroll in a gym or develop a special diet, it is possible to train at home. Using any of the recommended online exercises for getting rid of cellulite, and increase daily physical activity: getting outside in the fresh air, have daily walks.

A complex effect on the fatty tissue will help get rid of the problem in the short term, restore skin elasticity and attractiveness, to adjust the silhouette of the figure and keep the external beauty and attractiveness for a long time.

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