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How many would come up with new means of getting rid of unwanted vegetation, sugaring does not lose its positions, but rather gaining new fans due to its simplicity, effectiveness and accessibility.

With the advent of the fashion for hair removal in the bikini area, sugar paste were used in the perineum, where the skin is particularly sensitive to pain, and the hair stiff and located deep in the hair follicles.

With its help it is possible to conduct procedures such as:

  • classic bikini: hair is removed only in those zones where they can peek out from under linen;
  • deep bikini: hair is removed from the skin of the Mons pubis and inner thighs;
  • or a total Brazilian bikini: removes all hair from the perineum and inner thighs, buttocks and buttock cords.

A number of salons does not make this distinction, making this wax along the edge of the linen and deep bikini, which removes the pubic hair, the labia, inner thighs and between buttocks.

Hair removal in the area of the perineum is only used solid sugar paste which well captures the hair. Pasta, cooked at home, the so-called «pressure-cooker» may be too liquid and wouldn’t be good enough to fix the hair, or may be too thick, which will make the procedure long and not effective enough.

Because if you do not have sufficient experience of preparation of sugar paste at home, it is better not to use a homemade product for the bikini area and underarms and to purchase for these areas of professional caramel.

Sugaring bikini can do both women and men, including yourself.


  • irritation about the razor;
  • growing of hair or the formation of pustular rash after shaving;
  • skin irritation from growing hard prickly hair;
  • not enough time or unwillingness to shave every day;
  • the presence of an intimate haircut or bikini design, you want to save for as long as possible.


  • recurrence of herpes rash;
  • too short hair that can simply not be captured sugar paste;
  • decompensated diabetes mellitus and other diseases that dramatically reduce the body’s ability to resist infection and recover from damage to the skin;
  • damage to the skin in the place of the procedure in the form of scratches, abrasions, cuts;
  • fungal, bacterial and other diseases of the skin.

Hair removal for men

Men, if you do wax, I prefer wax. And this despite the fact that sugaring is perfect for both men and women. A large range of professional pastes, different density and plasticity allow you to choose in each case the best option of caramel, based on the stiffness and depth of the location of the hair in the skin.

In addition, sugaring without burns, as the sugar paste is heated to a maximum of 40 ° C, some pastes do not require heating.

The only negative shugaring for men, as in other matters, and any other method of hair removal, is higher cost of procedure compared to women. This is due to the fact that the area of skin for men that you want to remove the hair, more inner thighs, strips of the stomach to the navel, buttocks and lower back.

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Use during menstruation

Bleeding during menstruation is not a contraindication for the procedure. The only thing to do is to inform your master and use a tampon.

An obstacle to perform the procedure may be due to hormonal changes, increased sensitivity to pain or too emotional reaction to pain.

Lowered threshold for pain during menstruation most women, but there are those who during the critical days on the contrary tolerate the procedure much easier. So you should try to do it on different days of the menstrual cycle to determine the most painless days.

Removal during pregnancy

Sugar hair removal is the area of deep bikini in pregnant women may be conducted under the following conditions:

  • the pregnancy is proceeding normally, without any problems and complications;
  • before pregnancy a woman has been doing sugaring repeatedly, because the hair has lost its former rigidity and removed without marked pain;
  • the master has enough experience to perform the procedure quickly and carefully as possible.

But even with all these conditions it is worth remembering that there is a certain risk of complications of pregnancy after the procedure shugaring, because pain can lead to increased uterine tone and blood circulation in the system mother-fetus, fetal hypoxia and other problems.


The main question that arises about every new and yet proven method of hair removal is «does it hurt?». And each seller’s offering a new method of getting rid of unwanted vegetation, abuts at its painlessness, even if it is far from the truth. In fact, all you need to know is how to numb a particular area of the body before the procedure. Then you will be able to choose the method by its effectiveness, not painless for you. Sugaring is no exception.

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Nemedikamentozhnykh ways

Wizard’s choice

Pain during the procedure is significantly reduced in the case if movement of the master precise, sharp enough and pasta is chosen correctly, given the large number of parameters, such as thickness of hair, body area, body temperature and hands of the master, the room temperature etc.


Scrub used a day or two before the procedure, exfoliates dead cells of the epidermis, including in the area of the mouths of hair follicles, which greatly facilitates the hair removal.

Alcohol-containing cosmetic products before sugaring it is not necessary to use at least two or three days, as tanning effect of alcohol makes the skin more dense, because the hair is removed with great difficulty. Alcoholic lotions are more useful after the procedure shugaring.

A hot bath opens the pores, because after the procedure will be much less painful. But the use of ice for pain relief before the procedure can have the opposite effect. The ice will reduce inflammation, and hot water to support him.

Alcohol and coffee can change the sensitivity, including pain

The impact of these drinks on you, you can only learn from personal experience. But most people have alcohol and caffeine increase the sensitivity to pain.

Medication methods of pain relief

Ingestion of pain pills

Usually, one uses non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as indomethacin, analgin, ibuprofen, and others.

You can also use combination medications, such as tempalgin, which in addition to analgesic substances contains moderate ataractic tempidin, the purpose of which is to reduce emotional response to pain and alleviate the condition.

To the skin pain medications

This is usually the drugs lidocaine and prilocaine in the pharmacy can be purchased in the form of ointments «EMLA» and others with similar action. For numbing the bikini area, you must use one tube «Amly» on one procedure.

In order to obtain the most pronounced analgesic effect, it is necessary to follow the recommendation of the instruction, according to which the ointment should be applied on the skin for an hour and a half before the procedure and close the occluzionna bandage.

Occlusive bandage – this layer of cling film or any other material that is not breathable and does not allow the ointment to dry. After removing the cling film effect of ointment pain lasts 30-60 minutes.

It is important to remember that if you have had seizures in the past, the reaction to the lidocaine or other anesthetics for dental treatment, heart problems, it is better to consult a doctor for determining indications and contraindications for the drug use.

Infiltrative anesthesia

The introduction of painkillers subcutaneously in place of the procedure is the most extreme case of anesthesia, which can be used in sugaring.

Usually, such a degree of anesthesia for hair removal sugar paste is just not necessary, especially if you consider most of tips for drug-free decrease in pain sensitivity.

It is better that it was subcutaneously injected specialist salon or medical center where the procedure is carried out.

Preparation for the procedure

  • Slight peeling of the skin with a soft scrub without going to the mucosa for a day or two before the procedure will facilitate hair removal.
  • Hair in the crotch for the procedure shugaring need to grow by 4-5 mm. shorter hair can be hard to captured sugar paste.
  • Before the procedure the skin you can steam in the bathroom and wipe dry, to open the pores and facilitate hair removal. This will contribute to heating paste for hair removal to 37-40 OS.
  • The day before the procedure, it is better to refuse the application on the skin of any cosmetic products that contain oil, as this impairs the grip of sugar with the hair and lengthens the procedure.
  • It is not necessary to sunbathe at least three or four days before the procedure, as the skin has not had time to recover after sun exposure, can answer the hair removal a more pronounced redness and irritation than usual.
  • Come on, the procedure is best in loose, cotton underwear to irritated skin were minimal effects after the procedure, so that nothing pressed and not rubbed. For the same reason, to plan the procedure better at night to the need to move, walk, was minimal.
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To conduct shugaring bikini area the client undresses and laid on the couch. The procedure of hair removal classic bikini the customer can be in a disposable Thong. Skin in place of hair removal apply a special primer lotion. After soaking the crotch area can be powdered with talcum powder, using a cotton pad. The same cotton pad to lift the hair to better subsequently captured sugar paste.

The paste is applied on skin against the hair growth. Unlike wax, wait until it hardens is not necessary. Applied caramel cake immediately deleted sharp movement in the direction of hair growth. When all the hair is removed, remnants of the caramel off. Applied to the skin special anti-inflammatory and soothing lotion.

How to do the procedure at home

  • if you do the procedure on their own for the first time, it is better to invite an assistant from among the bridesmaids or family.
  • the pasta that it is easily warmed up and applied on the skin, gently reheat in a water bath or in the microwave;
  • located conveniently to the position to be sustainable, for example, sitting with legs apart lying in the «frogs» or standing, put one foot on a chair;
  • with one hand, stick a piece of kneaded paste to the skin, press it and spread it against the hair growth and then remove the sharp movement in the opposite direction;
  • be sure before you tear off the paste with your hair with your other hand carefully pull the skin and fix it tight;
  • don’t wait until the sugar paste on the skin «grabs», it’s not a wax, and from the heat of the pasta on the contrary becomes more fluid, because cut the cake immediately;
  • try for once to put paste on small part of skin area no more than 2X4 cm, and the processing of one land spend not more than 10-13 seconds, so the pasta is not too much time to warm up on the skin;
  • if all the hairs are not removed immediately, the operation can be repeated, but remember that if you apply the paste 3 times, then increases the risk of pronounced redness and irritation of the skin, which then will be the long pass;
  • the remnants of sugar washed with water, the skin should be cleaned with any soothing lotion.

Skin care after use

  • In the first 6-12 hours no need to RUB or scratch the skin, as it can increase the redness and irritation.
  • In the first days of hot tub you should replace warm shower one or two days should not visit the sauna or bath, since any thermal effect can increase the redness.
  • On the third or fourth day you can use a scrub and moisturizing body cream to prevent ingrown hairs. Then the scrub can be used 1-2 times a week.
  • In the first two or three days should not engage in sports or heavy physical work, as sweating can cause the appearance of pustular rash.

Consequences and complications

  • Pain, discomfort and rawness after shugaring in a few hours.
  • Growing of hair.

Hair after shaving, removal with wax or sugar can grow in. And it depends not only on the method of removal, but also from the predisposition of the skin of the individual to the growth of hair follicles after hair is removed, breaks off or shaved.

If the hair grow in after shaving, just as they will grow and after removal of sugar paste. Particularly the hair grow for violation of technology shugaring, when the hair break off below the level of the mouth of the hair follicle. And the more broken hair, the worse will be the appearance after 3-4 days after the procedure.

  1. Exacerbation of herpes with the advent of the herpes rash.
  2. The appearance of a pustular rash.

The mechanism here is about the same as ingrown hairs. The mouth of the sebaceous glands open into hair follicles. If the mouth of the hair follicle overgrown with epidermis, eye-catching skin fat no outflow, it accumulates, dilates the hair follicle and forms a protruding element with a white head.

Such elements can be isolated, but can be too much. After emptying in his place may appear a crust, and after its removal hyperpigmentation spot.

  • Abrasions and bruises.
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Small bruises can appear in case of violation of technique shugaring, when the skin when tearing of the sugar pellets hair is not strong enough and not fixed is stretched taut. Bruises and abrasions usually resolve themselves without treatment, but can spoil the appearance and mood of the client.

  • Irritation and redness of the skin.

After hair removal at the site of each hair formed a point of redness, which can persist from several hours to several days. The application of a special soothing lotions can reduce inflammation, but, as a rule, if the skin is apt to react with severe redness on the wax, it will still appear, regardless of the method of hair removal.

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How to avoid ingrown hairs

The most effective way is scrub and moisturizer. If after shaving the hair will never grow into, and after shugaring appeared dark and «curls» under a thin film of skin, should pay attention to the following details:

  • how quickly the industry hair after a procedure: if the first hairs had sprouted on the second or third day, the hair during the shugaring has not been removed by the root, they are just broken off;
  • after the number of procedures began to appear ingrown hairs: the longer you do sugaring, the finer and weaker the hair grows, and the more difficult to break will break out of the hair follicle.

In the first case you will have to change the master, in the second case, the scrub will have to use more often.

How to reduce the severity of inflammation and speed up the disappearance of the redness of the skin

  • Ready-to-use pharmacy tools with anti-inflammatory action can reduce the recovery period of the skin after treatments and to reduce the time required for complete disappearance of the red dots.

For this purpose, a 2% solution of hydrogen peroxide, chlorhexidine, Actovegin, solkoseril, any alcohol-based lotions.

  • Well remove irritation and redness of the skin baby cream, creams with extracts of calendula and chamomile.
  • If the finished cosmetic or pharmacy means you have at hand, it is possible to prepare an anti-inflammatory agent alone. Usual body cream can be mixed with a few drops of tea tree oil or aloe Vera juice, squeezed from one large leaf of a plant.
  • Promotes rapid recovery of skin spray «Panthenol».

How often to do sugaring of deep bikini

The frequency of treatments is largely individual and depends on how fast you grow hair. Typically, the first procedure can be performed with an interval of 10-14 days.

Then when hair will gradually become softer and more subtle due to the constant injury to the hair follicles, will repeat every three to four weeks.

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Type of procedure Cost in RUB.
classic bikini 700-1200
deep bikini 1600-4500


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