Sick of cellulite — why do legs after childbirth

Once on the skin the first signs of orange peel, they do not cause discomfort. Does that seem yet small tubercles rather unattractive.

Some women, however, faced with the fact that cellulite hurts. To find out why this is so, it is necessary to elaborate the stage of the disease, as well as to find out the cause of discomfort.


The definition of cellulite sounds like a pathological structural change in the subcutaneous fat layer, leading to stagnant processes – the violation of lymphatic drainage and microcirculation. In medicine it is called in scientific terms «lipodystrophy» or «lipoclean».

There are four stages of development of the defect:

  1. In the primary stage there is only a small stagnant fluid, which manifests itself in a slight puffiness and sagging skin. The problem is still invisible, so often ignored. But it can be solved by correcting the diet and increasing physical activity.
  2. Then connective fibers thicken, worsening the outflow of lymph and blood circulation. The skin becomes less elastic and after pressing a finger on the surface for a few seconds leave a dent. The roughness is already clearly visible to the naked eye and detectable.
  3. In the third stage formed the orange peel – solid nodular seal. The veils lose their sensitivity for a long time warm up from lack of blood, which cannot pass through the squeezed vessels. Fat begins to be deposited on other parts of the body.

Physical exercise is ineffective as muscle tissue too coarse, ceases to fully shrink and it is difficult to tone.

  1. For the fourth form it is characterized by bumps, grooves, ruts, blueness of the skin, severe swelling, muscle atrophy, because all changes and violations of progressing. Even minor injuries or simple pressure experience swelling.

If the fatty layer to shrink, there is a pronounced discomfort. Such a running process, when it’s cellulite often develops on the buttocks, legs, or abdomen. More rarely on the upper arms, knees and shins.

Causes of pain

  • Adipose tissue is formed from a fixed number of slices, the number of which throughout life is not changed.
  • They consist of round cells called adipocytes, surrounded by collagen fibers and blood capillaries.
  • The contents of the ball – this is the fat, the excess of which causes the cell to grow to the critical size.
  • Then starts the process of reproduction, causing the number of adipocytes in lobules of tissue dramatically increases.
  • As a result, they peredelyvayut capillaries, impairing circulation and the flow of nutrients and removal of toxic compounds.
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Over time, swelling, nodes, and scarring. Fibrous tissue more compacted, harden. The outside skin looks uneven, covered with hard tubercles. With precision the causes of pathological proliferation of cells is not established.

It is considered that it is affected from the combination of several factors:

  • bad heredity;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • improper diet and systematic overeating;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • the slagging of the body;
  • endocrine diseases (diabetes mellitus, thyroid dysfunction or adrenal glands);
  • frequent stress and nervous overstrain.

It is important to understand that pain is not the cellulite, but loses oxygen and the nutrition of the tissue and vessels. The pain in most cases is a symptom of any disease occurred on the background of structural changes in the fat cells.

If you experience any discomfort, be sure to consult a specialist to rule out other health problems, including hormonal and endocrine disorders.

Is this dangerous

If there is pain, then the cellulite has moved into the fourth stage. Which is dangerous, as fully impaired blood flow in the pathological area.

This leads to the development of:

  • varicose – thinning of the vascular walls and the formation of nodes;
  • thrombophlebitis – clot formation and inflammation of veins.

Significantly impaired quality of life, a woman constantly feels pain, heaviness in legs, fatigue even after short walks, strong tension. To overcome the running changes of adipose tissue is rather difficult, but possible. It is important not to lower hands and to use all available methods.

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Should I go to the doctor

Identify the cellulite in its early stages is impossible. Even the doctor is not able to determine at a glance that there is a problem. The bumps are formed by squeezing the skin between thumb and forefinger, it may be the first symptom of the disease.

But such a reaction is in a healthy female the skin that is caused by the typical structure of connective tissue.

With confidence about the presence of cellulite say when without simani are present bumps and dents.

Diagnosis is carried out on modern equipment using computer technology. When the process starts, it can stop a balanced diet, exercise and massage.

What to do when cellulite hurts

First, you need to completely rethink and change the way of life:

  • to balance the diet. To enter in the daily menu more fresh fruits, vegetables, greens, natural juices, cereals. Instead of bread made from wheat flour to eat trubnye products. Completely eliminate fatty meats, sausages, smoked, sugar, chocolate, fast food. Useful food boiled, steamed, in the oven;
  • to get rid of the habit of snacking on the go. There are often 5-6 times a day but in small portions. At the same time we should not adhere to too rigid a diet, since hunger will only aggravate the problem;
  • drink at least 2 liters of water a day, not counting fruit drinks, juices, green tea and soups. To avoid alcohol, soft drinks, instant coffee, strong black tea;
  • to quit Smoking. The toxins and poisons contained in the resins, slow down the synthesis of new cells and tissue regeneration;
  • to support physical activity. It is very important how you can spend less time at home on the couch, as it further violates the blood circulation. You can engage in gymnastics, swimming, dancing, walking and other strenuous activities;
  • regular beauty treatments increase the chances to restore skin to its former state. It scrubs and peelings, baths, body wraps, contrast showers, different types of massage, hardware procedure, the use of special creams and gels.
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Second, third and fourth stage of cellulite treatment must deal with cosmetologist. Selection of the most effective methods is carried out individually, as they all have contraindications.

A woman can offer:

  • lymphatic drainage is a physiotherapy method of removing excess fluid and toxic substances from the intercellular space. It is held by the hardware galvanization, vacuum, micro-or manual massage;
  • tsellyulolipoliz – splitting and removal of fat by injecting under the skin needles and electric shocks;
  • the lifting of the heat treatment that activates cells in connective tissue fibroblasts, influencing the production of collagen and elastin.
  • ultrasonic massage – breaking fat deposits and removing them from the body together with the decay products of naturally;
  • pressure therapy – effects on the body with compressed air, which reduces swelling, which helps to reduce the volume in problem areas.

If the problem appeared after childbirth

During pregnancy the body and way of life women are subjected to many changes.

Almost all of them aggravate the problem of cellulite:

  • hormonal surges;
  • the slowing of the metabolism;
  • weight gain;
  • lack of physical activity;
  • overeating and reliance on sweets, flour products;
  • delay the removal of liquids and swelling;
  • the lack of vitamins and minerals, especially iodine and magnesium.

Even if before pregnancy and never had any problems with overweight, and the skin was perfectly smooth, 90% of girls changed for 9 months. The good news is that it is a temporary phenomenon that easily disappear after a certain period after childbirth.

The fact that the cells of the connective tissue of the skin of women is more elastic than in men. So nature took care of the ability of the body to carry and give birth to a child. But for the same reason, the adipocytes are not constrained by the frame and the eyeballs may fill with fat, to grow and multiply.

The body tries to defer as much inventory if no longer receiving nutrients from the outside. If a young mother in time to take action and start to care about health, then after the stabilization of hormone levels and metabolism, leave, and signs of orange peel.

If the cellulite it does, it is first important to find out the cause of the discomfort. And only then begin to tackle the cosmetic side of the problem. The choice of effective methods of treatment should be carried out by a doctor.

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For deliverance from pain and gain ease of movement, we need to radically change the way of life. We should not forget that only the complex of measures will help to restore skin elasticity, and the figure appeal.

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