SMAS facelift (lifting) — what is it, reviews, cost, photos before and after

The origins of the problem

Soft tissues of the face age down. The process of ptosis affects not only the skin. Gradually lose their elasticity and facial muscles, stretch connective tissue elements, which are frame of the face. Appears prolapse tissue formation of bags under the eyes, the appearance of the «bulldog cheeks», double chin, nasolabial folds.

The picture of the muscular-aponeurotic layer is deeper yellow layer of fatty tissue.

Lifting effects on the skin, if it does not affect the SMAS layer, may not provide quick and sufficient according to the severity of the effect. The skin is not able to contract strongly enough to withstand its own weight and that of the deprived former tone, stretched tissues located deeper.

Until recently, when there was no hardware methods, can affect the deep layers of soft tissue, the only method of tightening the muscle layer and the aponeurosis was plastic surgery.

Accompanied by this operation the change of facial features, significant for the length of the slits, severe injury to tissues. After surgery, the patient required a long recovery period, and face looked that for a long time I had to limit social contacts.

To obtain the effect similar to the effect of plastic surgery, and thus avoid all adverse consequences of surgical intervention have been developed ultrasonic method of lifting.

Non-surgical method

The methodology of non-surgical SMAS facelift and neck rests ultrasonic treatment. The ultrasonic waves pass through the surface layers of the skin and focused at a preset depth cosmetologist.

The skin on the path of the waves has no impact and is not damaged, because there is no risk of infectious complications. And in place focus there is a local heating of tissues, which causes damage to old connective tissue fibres collagen and elastin and reduce them.

In the end, we get two main effects:

  • a large number of point effects leads to a significant reduction in the area of the aponeurosis and tightening of facial tissues;
  • in response to the damage occurs significant activation of metabolic processes that rejuvenates the facial tissues.

The video shows the process of providing a point of impact on the tissue at different depths and the resulting effect of the procedure.

Video: Acupressure is applied to the tissue

Shown in the video scheme to eliminate age-related changes provided by the supplier of the equipment Doublo, but the impact of the device Altera System is the same way.


Ultrasonic lifting is effective the two categories of customers:

  • those who in age and skin condition, it is already possible to do a surgical facelift, but who do not want to expose themselves to the risks of anesthesia and surgery;
  • those who did surgical facelift several years ago and wants to prolong the effect of the operation.

Thanks to the procedure it is possible to obtain the following effects:

  • tighten the skin on the cheeks;
  • lift corners of the eyes and lips;
  • to restore the sharpness of the chin and oval of the face as a whole;
  • to improve the appearance of the front of the neck;
  • to smooth the first fine lines and smooth out deep creases of the skin.

Maximum efficiency of the procedure can be guaranteed to those customers who have excess tissue on the face is small and the degree of prolapse tissue moderate.

What age can I carry out

It is not necessary to plan the execution of SMAS lifting those who have not reached 40 years of age. Of course, there are plastic surgeons and cosmetologists, which focus not so much on age, but on the condition of the skin. These professionals may recommend a facelift and 35 years old. But to accept such a proposal only if you are professional I trust completely.

Not all clients of the clinics have genetic characteristics that lead to early aging of the tissues, so agree on treatments that have a profound impact, it should be only if other methods are ineffective.

Apparatus for SMAS facelift, which are presented in the Russian salons Ulthera System

Equipment al sistems made in the USA. It was the first equipment for the SMAS facelift in the world. After several years of clinical trials technology ultrasound lifting Ulthera received FDA approval and was found to be effective and safe. The FDA is control over the quality of drugs and foods.

To obtain the approval of the Control very difficult. You need to do serious testing of equipment at least in several clinics, in which not only will be the identified complications, but it will also set the real effectiveness of the procedure.

Video: the impact of the device Altera sistems

The feature of these devices is the presence of a special computer program with which you can define the thickness of the layer of soft tissues (skin, subcutaneous fat, muscles).

With the help of technology Deep See the esthetician can accurately determine at what depth is the musculo-aponeurotic layer and set the radiation parameters in such a way as to affect a given depth.

The picture Sennoy line shows the depth of potential impacts (level of arrangement of the aponeurosis). Thus, the doctor is not acting blindly, which guarantees excellent result of the procedure. Thanks to the picture on the monitor, the doctor can bypass the area of scarring or the location of fillers.

Depending on the nozzle you can get different intensity of radiation aimed at different layers of soft tissue (dermis, subcutaneous fat, connective tissue layer).

A SMAS facelift on the unit Doublo

Equipment Doublo System is made in Korea. Consequently, less is the unit, and nozzles to it. In addition to the price of the Korean machine has a number of differences that make it more convenient to use for professionals beauty salons:

  • high power radiation, making it possible to obtain more pronounced results;
  • color picture of the thickness of the tissues in the affected area (from Altera it is black and white see photo above).

The program, through which the ultrasonic wave is converted into the image on the display device is designed so that the doctor could see not only the individual layers of the tissue, but the amount by which the tissue is reduced during exposure.

This allows to control the symmetry of the impact, to avoid the development of facial asymmetry.

For salons Korean phones are more preferred as they give the effect of the procedure, which is no different from the effect of Altera. And the price of consumables makes the cost of services more accessible to customers.


  • pregnancy and GW;
  • the presence of implanted pacemaker;
  • epilepsy;
  • the presence of synthetic fillers;
  • epilepsy or heightened convulsive readiness;
  • exacerbation of acne with presence of purulent acne;
  • any metal items in place impact (piercing), with the exception of any metal structures, which are located deep enough (dental implants, metal pins, metal crowns);
  • systemic diseases connective tissue( systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma);
  • any infectious skin disease of the face and neck (fungi, viruses, bacteria);
  • taking medications that reduce blood clotting;
  • decompensated diabetes mellitus.

How is the procedure

Skin preparation

It cleans the face from makeup and dirt special foam or lotion for removing makeup. Before ultrasonic lifting is mandatory anesthesia. For this purpose funds from local anesthetic action, are applied to the skin for 30 minutes.

After half an hour the drug for pain is washed away. The face is wiped with chlorhexidine or other disinfectant means.

Using a special ruler on the skin markings, which will run the procedure. For applying such markings, the physician should be familiar with the anatomy of the face, to get the best result.

The performance of the ultrasonic lifting

On top of markup is applied a special gel that improves the propagation of ultrasonic waves from the nozzle into the tissue. During one procedure the doctor is considering at least two layers of tissue and uses 2-3 of the sensor, designed for different fabrics. During the operation, the customer feels the heat and tingling that can be very intense. If the impact becomes painful, the doctor can reduce the radiation power.

According to the Protocol of the procedure is first processed one half of the face. Then give the client a mirror so he could evaluate the severity of the changes that are visible immediately after exposure. After this is processed the second half of the face, neck. After exposure, the beautician washes the gel off the face of the client and can apply any moisturising or soothing cream.


During the first two to three weeks of the face fabric, which was impact, can ache. Usually pains are not intense, do not require the use of anesthetics and do not break habitual way of life.

The first two or three days on the face may remain a little swelling.

Recommendations to the client at the time of rehabilitation:

  • not work in the slope in the first 2-3 days after lifting, izbrati intense exercise;
  • to use on the day of the procedure with cool water to wash, so as not to provoke increased swelling;
  • to unsubscribe from thermal procedures (bath, sauna) as long as the swelling doesn’t go away;
  • during the first month, you must use sunscreen cosmetics during sun exposure.

Side effects

  • Redness of the face.

Usually more pronounced in people with thin skin and surface arrangement of capillaries. The redness goes away on its own within a day.

  • Soreness of the skin.

Can be permanent, and may occur only during touch, pressure. Resolves on its own within a month.

  • The reduction or loss of skin sensitivity.

Such changes may not be. If you notice numbness of the skin, don’t worry, the sensitivity is usually restored within a week. However, this week do not use abrasive scrubs or chemical peels, as it is possible because of the insensibility to touch and pain damage the skin.

  • The lack of effect of the procedure.

According to the research positive result, the SMAS-lifting receive only 89% of the customers. There are those who after us lifting is not getting visible effect.


Problems procedure ultrasonic lifting can cause those who are predisposed to excessive growth of connective tissue and scarring. On the surface of the skin small dotted scars will not be visible, but may complicate the plastic surgery because of dense adhesions.

To reduce the risk of complications, it is necessary to inform the doctor about that tingling turns into intense pain.

To endure this pain is not necessary, as a less intensive radiation will give you the same lifting effect, but without strong internal burns, which can lead to pitting scars.

The multiplicity of procedures

Usually the procedure is performed only once. Repeat no earlier than 2 years. And if you take good care of face, the effect can be saved and up to three years.

The cost

zone Altera, price (rubles) Doublo, price (rubles)
the middle and lower part of the face 85000  
middle, lower part of the face and chin 100000  
full face and chin to the neck 110000 45000
full face, chin, and upper third of the neck   60000
eyes 30000  
décolleté 50000 30000
1 for line 450  

The before and after photos

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