Soap for dry skin — best for hands, face, body, recipe

With dry skin suffer from hypersensitivity and constant irritation. The reason for this is damage to the protective layer of the dermis. Correctly chosen soap for dry skin helps to protect it from harmful factors.

Do I need

Traditional means produces the epithelium of the very aggressive action. This often causes increased dryness and flaking.

The main components of such Soaps include animal and vegetable fats.

To improve the skin condition, you need to very carefully consider the choice of means to care and cleansing.

Selection rules

The soap for dry skin must contain plant and essential oils that will ensure its effective hydration and helps to achieve excellent results.

For the face

Dry skin suffers from a permanent deficit of fat. Because it is ideal for gentle Soaps that include moisturizers. These include, in particular, include the agent based on glycerin. This substance is a colorless product that has strong moisturizing properties.

Glycerin easily dissolves in water and is itself considered an excellent solvent. This element absorbs water from the air and gives the epithelium a natural moisturizing.

In glycerin soap for dry skin may contain additional components. These include jojoba oil, cacao, avocado. It can also include coconut oil or aloe.

If the skin is characterized by increased dryness, it is recommended to wipe the face tonic or rinse it in the morning with warm water. While soap is better to use just at the end of the day.

In difficult cases should consult a dermatologist. The specialist will recommend a medicated soap, made by a special recipe.

Typically, such facilities could only buy in the pharmacy. Their cost is several times the price of ordinary soap.

For hands

Soap for dry skin should also be selected very carefully. The fact that the epithelium requires periodic moisture.

Therefore, experts advise to prefer transparent Soaps that include fats and glycerin.

These options are considered the best for those with dry and sensitive dermis, because the content of anhydrous element is less than half.


For body skin also need to give preference to transparent soap. Also the perfect solution is a tool with content of various oils. Each of them possesses valuable properties.

So, for owners of dry skin in the largest extent suitable for such types of oils:

  1. Jojoba oil – provides excellent recovery of the affected of the epidermis and reduces the drying effect of soap on the dermis.
  2. Rice bran oil – has strong moisturizing characteristics. With its help it is possible to cope with feeling of dryness and irritation.
  3. Grape seed oil – has a toning and refreshing properties, making the dermis more elastic. This is due to the pronounced moisturizing and antioxidant properties.
  4. Mango butter – helps to protect the dermis from dehydration. This component covers the skin hydrolipidic film and provides long-lasting hydration.
  5. Shea butter – penetrates the skin, providing penetration of active ingredients of cosmetics into the deeper layers of the dermis. Due to the presence of stearic and oleic acids it is possible to achieve reliable protection of the epithelium from the aggressive influence of external factors.
  6. Olive oil – has strong moisturizing and nourishing effect, prevents the formation of wrinkles that appear quickly on dry skin. It also allows you to quickly get rid of the irritation reddened areas of the dermis.
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How to use

The main purpose of soap is to remove dirt. Because this product has an alkaline environment. Along with the dirt it removes natural moisturizer and skin lubricant.

Dermatologists advise to use soap only once a day. This is best done in the evening.

In the morning it is recommended to just rinse the face with warm water, then apply moisturizer.

The use of soap in the evening hours will allow the skin to recover before you are faced with aggressive environmental factors. These include wind, UV radiation and cold air. After the morning washing the dermis will not have time to restore the protective properties to the exit to the street.

It is important that the choice of water temperature for washing. If you use too cold water blood vessels constrict. As a result, the skin begins to peel off, making it more dry.

When you use hot water the blood vessels expand, on the contrary. As a result, there is a risk of the appearance of sagging and wrinkles. Because cleanser dry skin using warm water.

In the evening 1-1.5 hours before bedtime to lubricate a face night cream that has nourishing properties. This cosmetic product contains the right amount of nutrients and vitamin complexes.

It is not necessary to apply the cream in large quantity – enough to be thin, even layer. An excessive amount of funds, you can blot with a tissue.

It is also very important to periodically use a hydrating mask. This means it is recommended to apply 2 times a week. To provide the skin adequate amount of nutrients, such funds recommended to be changed at least every 3 months.

It is important to note that dry skin reacts very strongly to the application of decorative cosmetics.

Therefore it is important to remember moderation. You should try to use only quality products. So, instead of an ordinary powder it is better to apply a cream powder. Apply makeup only after hydration of the dermis.

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Browse popular brands

To choose a good soap for dry skin, you should pay attention to the following means:

  1. Soap Atoderm from BIODERMA.
  2. Alive soap for face and Ivy (Ive) from Fresh Line.
  3. Soap for acne «Vitamin E» from The Body Shop.
  4. Soap with milk oats realba from A-Derma.
  5. Supersoft soap Facial Soap Extra Mild

Recipes for soap for dry skin

To make a nice soap with the scent of vanilla, which is ideal for owners of dry and sensitive skin, should take the following ingredients:

  • 200 g white soap base or baby soap;
  • 1 teaspoon of rice bran oil;
  • 10 drops essential oil of vanilla;
  • 1 small spoon of Shea butter;
  • 10 drops of solution of vitamin A;
  • 1 small spoon of vanilla base oil;
  • 10 drops of solution of vitamin E.

To start the soap base should be melted using steam baths.

If you use baby soap you need to add also half Cup of water or herbal decoction 200 g

The tool then need to melt it over low heat to get a smooth consistency.

After that, the composition is removed from the heat and add the essential oils, vitamins, essential oil. It is recommended that all components are thoroughly mixed.

Ready means to decompose by heat resistant moulds. The soap should be dried in a dark, dry place to get rid of excess moisture.

To make nutrient remedy with rose water, to prepare the following components:

  • 225 g of soap base;
  • 25 ml rose water;
  • 1 tablespoon of liquid glycerin;
  • 1 tablespoon of cocoa butter;
  • 10 drops essential oil of chamomile and roses;
  • 2 tablespoons of jojoba oil;
  • 15 drops oil of rose tree.

For starters, soap base, glycerin and jojoba oil should melt on a steam bath, and then put cocoa butter and carefully stir to mass was homogeneous.

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The composition is removed from the heat and add to the mixture of essential oil and rose water.

All components should be thoroughly mixed. The finished composition should lay out in molds and allow to dry for 2 weeks.

For the manufacture of soft fruity soap which has soothing properties, use the following components:

  • 225 g transparent soap base;
  • 5 tablespoons fruit puree;
  • 2 teaspoons aloe;
  • 2 teaspoons dry peel of citrus fruits;
  • 2 teaspoons grape seed oil;
  • 1 teaspoon mango butter;
  • 1 teaspoon olive oil;
  • 10 drops of oil solutions of vitamins A and E.

To start the soap base and oil should melt with the help of steam baths. Then it should be removed from the stove and add vitamins, aloe and fruit puree. It is recommended that all the components mix well until smooth.

The finished product should be spread out over the cups, flatten and sprinkle with dry citrus peel. After cooling the shape to put in a couple of hours in the freezer until the composition is completely cured. Then it should be dried in a dark place.

Useful tips

To moisturize dry skin, use soap with these ingredients:

  1. As the base oil suitable compounds of avocado, apricot kernel. A great option would be olive oil.
  2. To enhance the effect usually use essential oils of rose, lavender, orange.
  3. Of medicinal plants will be an excellent option mint, lemon balm or chamomile.
  4. It is helpful to use soap with cosmetic clay or marigold flowers.

Correctly matched soap can significantly improve the condition of dry skin. Due to the presence of moisturizing ingredients can not fill the dermis with moisture and nutrients. It is important to learn how to use this product.

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