Soap for oily skin — tar, the economic than to wash

The oiliness of the skin sometimes become a serious problem for many women, because it not only looks aesthetically pleasing, but also uncomfortable. Moreover, oily skin makeup is usually not kept for more than three hours, which also causes a lot of difficulties.

What soap should be used to fight against oily skin and will tell in this article.

Selection rules

There are the following rules for the choice of soap for oily face skin:

  1. A good soap should not contain artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.
  2. It is best to give preference to proven producers of cosmetic soap, or prepare it yourself from natural ingredients.
  3. Soap for washing should not contain any alkali, as it leads to dry skin and early aging.
  4. If after washing with soap on the skin feeling of tightness, then it means that it desiccates it. From such funds should be abandoned.

  5. A good soap for the face should hydrate the skin, cleanse the pores, relieve inflammation and soften the epidermis. It’s got to work gently and not to damage the skin.

Whether to use

Soap for washing use is possible, but only if it is really high quality. However, it is not necessary to use only such kind of cosmetics.

It is recommended to alternate with other, equally effective cleansing components according to the type of gel and lotion.

Soaps for oily skin

Will allocate these types of soap for oily face skin:

  1. Cosmetic.
  2. Tar.
  3. Economic.

Let’s consider each of these types of Soaps more details.


There are the following best beauty soap:

  1. Soap Lipacid. This soap is a liquid form. It was specially developed for oily skin. Its advantage is that it eliminates oily Shine and gives the skin the desired opacity, while not escuchava her.
  2. Soap Sebium from Bioderma can be used for combination and oily skin. It will not only make the face more fresh, but also will relieve the inflammation.
  3. Soap Egg Soap Green Tea based on green tea, so it perfectly gives the skin a matte finish. Can use it women of different returns.
  4. From Ciracle Blackhead Soap is the original black soap, which is struggling not only with fat but also with black dots, pimples and enlarged pores. It is based on olive oil, coal, green tea and soy extract. It is best to use for people with sensitive and problem skin.
  5. Black Mud Soap from Sea of Spa soap that contains mud from the Dead sea. This product is suitable for oily skin and also the epidermis that undergoes age-related changes. Moreover, this soap has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect and smoothes wrinkles.
  6. Honey Bee’s AC Control Soap – this soap, which includes the bee venom, tea tree and lavender oil. These components are perfectly cope with the oiliness of the skin and saturate it with moisture.
  7. Soap Dr. Clear from The Skin House designed specifically for oily skin. It literally breaks down fat and gives the skin the desired opacity. Also this tool does not damage the epidermis.


Tar soap for oily skin is extracted from the tar. It has strong anti-inflammatory effect and also can reduce the oiliness of the skin.

Despite not particularly attractive in appearance, coal-tar soap is considered an excellent natural antiseptic.

Its main action is to eliminate bacteria from the skin, causing the blood flow to the skin is improved, and the layers of epidermis are restored.

It is very important when washing tar soap not to overdo it because too intense soaping it may overdry the skin. After use it is desirable to apply a moisturizer.


Soap some girls find the perfect remedy to quench oily skin because after washing them the epidermis to become «squeaky» clean.

Due to this action of soap because it on the skin creates an alkaline environment, which in turn destroys most of the bacteria.

Despite this seemingly positive action, aggressive alkaline environment together with the fat, removes the natural grease of the skin, causing it to become very dry. In this case, a woman from oily skin problems faced with a new problem – a pathological dryness, which is known to lead to early formation of wrinkles.

Advantages of using soap to remove the oily skin are:

  1. This soap doesn’t contain dangerous dyes and additives. It is considered natural and relatively safe.
  2. In addition to fat this soap fights acne and rash. It also cleans the skin, not allowing the germ to spread.
  3. This soap whitens the skin.

Disadvantages of soap are:

  1. Dries the skin.
  2. Too aggressive acts on the epidermis, so it is impossible to use every day.
  3. Can disrupt the natural balance in the skin.


Not everyone knows that soap for oily skin can be prepared at home, at the same time, it will be much cheaper, and composed from natural ingredients.

An important role in the homemade soap is the quality of our soap. To achieve maximum result, it is best to use natural organic based, free of fragrances, dyes and other additives.

We give the best recipes for Soaps for oily skin at home.

Soap clay:

  1. Take baby soap, essential oils, aromatic herbs and white cosmetic clay.
  2. Grind baby soap and melt it in a quarter Cup of water.
  3. In the mixture add a few drops of orange oil and grapeseed.
  4. Add a spoon of clay.
  5. All carefully mix and pour in the previously prepared form.
  6. Wait until the soap hardens and apply the cleanser twice a day.

This soap get rid of oily skin, will nourish the epidermis and contribute to its clarification.

Soap with oatmeal:

  1. Melt baby soap and add a spoonful of oatmeal.
  2. Add a few drops of oil of almond and peach.
  3. Add a spoonful of lemon juice.
  4. Pour into molds and put in refrigerator.
  5. When the soap hardens, use it several times a week for a full facial cleansing

Soap with coffee:

  1. Melt baby soap and add to it ten drops of oil of peach and almond.
  2. Add a little broth of herbs and a spoon of ground coffee.
  3. Mix everything and pour into molds.

This soap is great to clean the skin and get rid of fat.

Soap, with orange peel:

  1. Melt soap base and add grated orange rind (1 tsp).
  2. Add peppermint oil (a few drops) and olive oil (3 drops).
  3. Mix the mixture and pour it into molds for soap.
  4. Wait until the soap thickens and use for washing.

The most effective oils for soap are almond oil, grapeseed and lavender.

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Contraindications to the use of home or beauty Soaps for oily skin are:

  1. Idiosyncrasy of the person (Allergy) to the components of substances of soap, including fragrances and dyes.
  2. Diseases of the skin (dermatitis, eczema, etc.) in the acute period of disease.
  3. Acute viral diseases in which there is a loss of skin rash and irritation (chickenpox).
  4. Open wounds on the face, especially when they fester (soap will irritate damaged tissue and also increase the risk of infection).

  5. The period after the recent heavy cosmetic procedures (chemical peels, facelift, etc.).
  6. Dry skin, prone to flaking. In this case you should use the Soaps that are aimed at moisturizing, but not to reduce oily skin face. Otherwise, if you use soap oily skin, the epidermis becomes more dry and tight.

Is there an alternative

Today the world of cosmetics offers women and men wishing to get rid of oily skin, wide range of products for washing.

As a good alternative to soap you can use all kinds of gels, deeply cleanse the skin and give it the desired opacity.

For oily, but at the same time sensitive skin, you can apply the milk cleanser. It will enrich the skin with vitamins and helps gently remove makeup residues.

In addition, as additional cleansing, you can use all kinds of scrubs and tonics. The main thing is to choose the right composition and its age (some scrubs and masks to do at home).

The opinion of cosmetologists

Most cosmetologists have a positive attitude towards the use of soap for oily face skin, but only if it does not contain harmful additives.

However, experts still advise not to use only soap, because by its nature it somehow damages the skin.

Instead, it is possible to apply more «soft» funds in the form of a gel.

Oily skin is a disadvantage, but not a sentence, because with the help of modern cosmetics every woman would be able to achieve the desired state of the skin. In spite of this, before you can practice different types of Soaps for yourself, it is recommended to consult a beautician.

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