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A bit of history

Initially the name of the Spa is restricted to only one resort, located in the eponymous Belgian city. Gradually, the resort name has become synonymous. They have begun to identify the complex influences of water fresh or salt, sea salt, seaweed, mud and medicinal plants used to restore the body after diseases, with the preventive purpose, for rejuvenation of the body.

Gradually, the protocols of Spa treatments have been added aromatherapy, colour and music therapy to achieve a state of relaxation and complete rest. Currently, there are recognized world SPA centers. This Evian and Vichy in France, Abano Terme in Italy.

Effects and types

  • The effect of steam sauna.

Inside the capsule increases the temperature and humidity. It relaxes and opens the pores of the skin and makes it more permeable for active ingredients of cosmetics.

  • The effect of an infrared sauna.

Infrared rays penetrate deeper and contribute to the relaxation of the muscles of the body. It gives a sense of relaxation, helps to relieve fatigue.

  • Aromatherapy.

At the time of the procedure can be used aromatic oils that have a soothing or on the contrary tonic effect.

  • Water massage.

Of massage options, water jets in a Spa-capsule can be several. Can be massage or massage a specific area depending on the selected program.

  • Vibratory massage.

Pulsing massage is a great relaxing tool. Due to the vibratory differ muscle cramps, improves metabolism and blood circulation in the tissues.

  • Chromotherapy.

The modern Spa capsules can be used separate colors (yellow, purple, green and others), or combinations thereof. Selected program cotolette depending on the initial state of the client and the desired feedback. For example, a combination of yellow, orange and red normalize blood pressure in hypotensive, toniziruyut the nervous system, and the combination of green and purple on the contrary promote relaxation.

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  • Music.

Usually in any of the capsules have a stereo system that can reproduce not only music, but the sounds of nature. Such as surf noise, singing of birds, and others. Music allows you to tune in a positive way and to distract from problems on the pleasant images and memories that can cause a sound procedure.

  • Oxygen therapy.

Oxygen Spa capsule allows you to increase the amount of oxygen in the chamber air. The higher oxygen content in combination with heat and cosmetic products allows to obtain a more pronounced effect of rejuvenating the skin and the whole organism.

  • Ionization of the air.

Usually the ionized flow of cool air fed to the face of the client. This creates an additional face protection from the hot air from the capsule and facilitates breathing.

What are the Spa capsule

Usually there are two main types:

  • dry;
  • hydrodiffusion.

Dry usually takes up less space and compared to hydrodiffusion can’t offer cosmetologists so many features to create health programs.

Hydrodiffusion capsules have an additional water tank, because they can take baths of salt water or to do underwater massage.

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Program procedures

  • Spa treatments.

In the capsule may be performed as the whole Spa treatment, and its separate stages. It depends as a program procedure that is usually developed with salon professionals and the functionality of the unit itself.

For example, Dermalife Spa Jet is one of the few installations that are designed to hold full treatments of thalassotherapy in one of the Cabinet.

  • Rehabilitation activities.

Spa capsule can be found not only in beauty salons, but also in training centres, drug treatment clinics and hospitals of different profiles.

  • Treatments aimed at weight reduction and cellulite treatment.
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It allows the use and effects of chemicals used for the digestion of fats, and physiotherapeutic treatment (local or General massage, the sauna effect). Plus during a session in the Spa capsule can simultaneously achieve the state of relaxation, to resolve inner anxiety and get positive, that definitely will have a positive impact on food behavior.

  • Conduct a comprehensive Ayurvedic programme.

Usually, this is done using a special Spa capsule, which is supplied by an option «System Shirodhara». An example of such a facility can serve alpha Oxy Spa capsule, which allows the beautician to carry out exclusive massage.

  • Treatments for hair and scalp.


  • harmonization of the emotional sphere;
  • relaxation, stress relief;
  • the purification of the body, especially the skin of the products of metabolism of cells (so-called «toxins»);
  • muscle relaxation, elimination of muscle;
  • improvement of blood circulation, outflow of venous blood and lymph;
  • the enhancing effect of the used cosmetic products;
  • the improvement of the skin;
  • removing excess fluid from the body (as through enhanced sweating and by stimulating the lymph flow).


  • the use of the complex program of rehabilitation of psychological dependence (alcohol, tobacco, gaming, drugs);
  • use in a comprehensive program of 1-3 treatment of obesity extent of overweight;
  • recovery after childbirth and breastfeeding;
  • to improve the shape of Breasts after sudden weight loss, breastfeeding;
  • skin care of the body, elimination of cellulite, sagging skin;
  • the strengthen immunity in individuals with frequent colds;
  • the recovery of the body after injuries and serious somatic diseases;
  • elimination of headache, muscle pain;
  • stress, tension, fatigue;
  • treatment of disorders of sleep, insomnia;
  • treatment of arterial hypertension of 1-2 degrees;
  • skin diseases (in coordination with the dermatologist).
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  • coronary heart disease (CHD);
  • skin diseases of fungal, viral or bacterial nature;
  • materialna hypertension 3 degrees with frequent crises;
  • the presence of weeping dermatitis;
  • acute and exacerbation of chronic diseases of internal organs.

The number and multiplicity

Determines the necessary number and frequency of treatments in the Spa capsule, the problems that brought the person to the beautician. For cellulite treatment procedures are normally assigned to the course.

Stress and overwork may be one procedure that can be repeated as often as will be necessary and to allow work schedule. Beneficial effects on the body and the soul will have even one carried out the procedure.


Name of service Cost, rubles
procedure in Spa capsule (thermotherapy) 400-700

The cost of procedures performed in a Spa capsule, difficult to compare, as each of the centers develops its own protocols for conducting sessions. The procedure can last from 30 to 90 minutes, their implementation can be used in various cosmetic products for holding wraps, salt baths. Because the prices of such procedures will vary considerably.

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