Sport after mammoplasty — under the muscle, when you can do how many


After mammoplasty, the period of healing of surgical sutures, the patient should exclude heavy physical activities and sports.

Failure to do so can lead to serious complications.

However, to exclude fully load is not recommended, as the process of tissue regeneration will be much longer.

Physical activity and exercise should be introduced gradually and do not bring the patient a sharp pain.

Danger early load

Premature heavy load on the upper part of the body after mammoplasty threaten to formation of rough scar. This is due to the fact that immature scar under external pressure on the fabric can stretch.

Excessive activity in the first weeks after surgery can lead to displacement of the implant. As a result, will need a new surgery.

To lift weights and exercise to the shoulder girdle, it is impossible in two months, as it threatens the loss of the implant pocket, leading to asymmetry of the chest and repeated surgical intervention.

Premature physical activity threatens such complications as seroma.

It is a yellowish, slightly viscous liquid that accumulates between the breast gland and the implant.

In this case, the timely administration of antibiotics. In some cases, you may need removal of the implant.

Why exclude physical activity

Sport after mammoplasty threatens the opening of bleeding.

This is one of the main reasons why in the first months of heavy physical activity rule.

Excessive bleeding leads to the accumulation of a blood clot in the cavity of the pocket. The formation of large hematomas, which can serve as the beginning of the suppurative process.

Exercise in the early stages can also lead to a divergence of seams.

After the seams are tight, the nerve endings will start to slowly Wake up, and muscle will come in a tone of resolved physical exercise.

When can I exercise after mammoplasty

The rehabilitation period after mammoplasty is three to six months.

At this time not permitted:

  • performing heavy physical exertion;
  • workout bodybuilding;
  • Jogging, dancing;
  • strength exercises (push-UPS, lifting rod).

To serious training, you can return only after six months after the operation.

After three months your doctor may allow athletics and Jogging. It is very important to the three-month period not to overload the shoulder girdle active exercises.

To start going to the gym after consultation with a plastic surgeon who performed the operation, as the timing of return to physical exercise is highly individual and depends on physiology, and the speed of recovery process after surgical intervention.

The main factors affecting the duration of the rehabilitation process, include:

  • the size and shape of the implant;
  • the density of the breast;
  • surgical technique and method of placement of the implant.

The larger size of the implant you return to sport can significantly increase.

The method of placing the implant also depends on what exercises you can and need to be addressed first, and which should be deleted.

For example, the location of the implant under the muscle requires the deletion of complete physical load on the shoulder girdle to six weeks.

The procedure for returning to the sport

  1. The first three days the patient needs complete rest and bed rest.
  2. After this period you can get up and take a short walk.
  3. In the first two weeks allowed only a walk. You can then perform exercises are not related to the load on the shoulder girdle.
  4. To start the exercise from the short exertion, which gradually increased.
  5. After three or four weeks the patient is permitted to perform some light exercise. From this point you can gradually increase the duration of employment.
  6. Two months later allowed to do many physical exertion. During this period, include Jogging and aerobics, but only after consultation with your doctor.

When placing the implants under the muscle with exercises it is advisable to wait up to 1.5 months.

Failure to do so can lead to loss of the implant, which has not had time to fix.

What you can do after surgery

After surgery for women begins a period of rehabilitation.

The process of engraftment of the implant, its firm fixation to the tissue and the formation of new breast when breast augmentation goes for six weeks.

In the first three weeks to completely eliminate the physical load on the shoulder girdle, so as not to disturb fixation of the implant.

Possible only a short walk.

Lifting even small weights is strictly prohibited.

In the second three weeks, the woman can raise their hands up. Development of the shoulder girdle is performed by the activity «fun man».

Using two fingers of the hand slowly sweeping up the back. This gymnastics achieved the smooth and safe development of the shoulder girdle.

Four weeks later allowed to go swimming on short distances. You can gradually start exercising with dumbbells weighing up to 2 kg.

Three months are allowed:

  • doing stretching;
  • to download the press;
  • raise the arms above the shoulders.

Pushups, presses the chest and stretching the chest muscles can be performed through the six months, after consultation with the attending physician.

To engage in such sports as kickboxing, tennis or mountain climbing is possible only after 6-12 months.

It is influenced by factors such as the physiological characteristics of the patient and the size of the implants.

The load on the pectoral muscles should be introduced gradually. First training with dumbbells is best done from a position lying on the back. Doing push-UPS it is the first time from his knees.

Performing moderate exercise after surgery on the Breasts is essential.

Especially important sports after mammoplasty under the muscle associated with the load on the shoulder girdle will help to avoid rough scarring that limits mobility.

All types of exercises must take place in a compression garment for up to six weeks and then a sports bra.

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Does the shape and size of implant to choose exercises

Patients involved in athletics and running, you should refuse implants in larger sizes. Big Breasts will hinder the full exercise and training.

Round implants allow the pushups from the wall after three weeks after the mammoplasty.

This exercise allows you to take the breast a more natural shape. In this case also shows the compression of hands in front of your chest with the breeding of elbows to the side.

Teardrop-shaped implants require special care when accessing under the breast.

It is not recommended to sharply raise up your hands in order to avoid disruption of the healing process of scars.

In this case, after 2-3 weeks you need to perform exercises for the triceps.

How to ensure optimal conditions during the rehabilitation period

In the rehabilitation period after mammoplasty prescribed wearing compression underwear. This will avoid complications, such as displacement of the implant, the formation of rough joints and other complications.

First six weeks take it off. Then wear it only at night.

In a month perhaps wearing a bra with no underwire, three — seeded.

  • Seams must be treated with antiseptics and stick up silicone band. During the healing period, you cannot apply a cream against scars.
  • The first month after mammoplasty, the patient is allowed to sleep only on your back. Two months later allowed to sleep on their side, and after three months you can lie on the stomach.
  • Not to make any sudden movements and waving the first three weeks after mammoplasty.
  • To drive a car, you can return after 2 weeks if will not be used strap. Fastening is possible only in two months. The belt will squeeze the mammary gland, and this in turn threatens with serious complications.
  • The first four weeks is recommended to abstain from sex, as this will cause blood flow to the mammaries, which is highly undesirable for the first time after the surgery.
  • Sauna and Solarium is not for three months.
  • Within six months contraindicated beaches to tan. After that, the scars are closed with plaster to avoid pigmentation scars.
  • When using smooth implants after surgery on the seventh day you must do a light massage of the breast. This will help prevent the formation of fibrous capsular contracture that requires surgical intervention.

Prevention of complications

In the first seven days is not recommended the raising of hands above the shoulders, and the sudden movement of the body and hands. You can’t lift more than 2 kg.

To avoid complications after surgery, you should start exercising exercise and loads not previously recommended duration by your doctor.

Classes up to six weeks exclusively in compression. Then to perform a physical activity in a sports bra.

Frequently asked questions

Should I continue training if pain appears?

During exercise, especially in the early stages after surgery, the patient may experience pain. This is due to the fact that my muscles came in the tone. To continue classes.

Thus it is necessary to refuse for some time from exercises that cause pain or reduce their intensity.

If the patient experiences excessive discomfort and sharp pain, it is better for a certain period to completely abandon the training and to see a doctor.

What is chest discomfort during exercise?

After mammoplasty, especially when the access method is under the muscle, there is a pronounced pain and feelings of tightness in the chest.

During the first 2-3 weeks is a normal process. A feeling of discomfort in the first place is typical, if you insert a larger implant.

For the formation of implant the surgeon must separate the large muscle of the chest, under which he is inserted. He begins to push on surrounding organs as seats while there is still not enough.

There is a gradual adaptation and stretching of tissues.

Over time, the discomfort passes and you can return to full physical activity.

The appearance of any discomfort requires consultation with your doctor.

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