Stem cells in cosmetology

If the cream is imported to know about the contents of the cells in its composition it is possible by the presence of the words Stem Cells. Positioned such cosmetic products as an ultra-rejuvenating. Confused only that the more money based on them appears on the market, the more they are credited with miraculous properties. In addition to rejuvenation such tools already and whiten, tighten, and stimulate, and nourish. Acne is still not treated, but it’s not a problem.

Soon, a new property will be listed on the bottles of teenage means. The case for small – to cover all elderly people have special anti-aging products based on stem cells and start thinking how to expand the market. Fortunately, modern marketers with sufficient funding will do it and not blink an eye.

What they represent

Usually those who follow the novelties in the beauty industry and takes care of herself, you already know that there are cells:

  1. Keratinocytes (of which is the top layer of the skin);
  2. Fibroblasts (suppliers of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid);
  3. White blood cells (protect against infections) and many others.

All these cells develop from progenitor cells. In fact, from stem cells. Any differentiated cell has its own distinctive features. For example, the erythrocyte has no nucleus and flattened laterally, the fat cell is very large in size due to filling its vial grease, etc.

A stem cell is no different, since no special functions are not performing. Its only purpose is to ensure the renewal of the cells of the body, as our body Matures, and then grows old. Also, largely thanks to stem cells is the recovery of the body after serious injury.

Why they have become so popular

There are several explanations why you need to buy creams, serums and other cosmetic products with stem cells in the composition.

  • The explanation for the impressionable and suggestible romantics.

They participate in tissue regeneration. As (especially in cases when we are talking about fiestalonia cells) is given by the fact that the plant can regenerate from small pieces (twigs, trunk portion, and kidneys). Also usually remember the facts that the body of 50 year old person stem cells up to 50 times less than in the body of the newborn. From these two facts, it is concluded that if a cream with stem cells to anoint the skin, the skin will rejuvenate. Although no scientifically-proven facts that the cellular structure of the skin and activity of the individual cells actually fail to meet the biological age, simply no.

You probably want to argue that no, you saw the results from the use of such funds for himself or his friends. Well. The effect actually could be. But was it a result of the use of funds is due to the presence of stem cells? And why would the composition of these funds is administered vitamins, minerals, moisturizers and nutrients? It’s not for you to cream effect, the buyer has had the desire to buy it again, and the manufacturer had a reason to continue to ache for the price?

Well, because you know that you can get them in vitro is science-intensive, technically complex and therefore expensive process. I would like to recall another example of pure marketing: creams with snail slime. The story that was told to naive buyers were like this.

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The poor snails for obtaining mucus afraid of the bright light they emit large amounts of «anti-aging, whitening, moisturizing and nourishing» of mucus. If you put the mucus on the skin, that is direct smoothed and filled with inner light. By the way, Koreans fired on the basis of mucus snails and means for the treatment of acne. Well done. Here’s a salon treatment with the use of these particular snails were not well received, and is still little about it who knows. And you know why? Because the cream in addition to mucus is added glycerin (for Korean cosmetics is generally the number 1 ingredient), hyaluronic acid, various chemical softeners and moisturizers the skin. That is why the cream works, and highlight the live snails no change in the condition of the skin do not cause.

  • Explanations for pragmatists, which, however, far from biology, biochemistry and medicine.

Content stem cells are attributed miraculous properties. But what is this content and what exactly it differs from normal content cells that is not written anywhere. This also applies to scientific literature too.

Meet inconsistent explanations about that:

  • in their content 1,000 times more antioxidants than the cytoplasm of other cells (do we really need so much? And the correlation between the antioxidant properties of the cytoplasm of stem cells with the ability to resist free radical oxidation of vitamin C or E?);
  • extract stem cells rich in growth factors and other biologically active substances (which is a cancerous growth not provoke?).

The questions that we have put in brackets, answers at least in the Runet there.

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What are stem cells predecessor

They can be divided into the following types:

  • fitostvolovye or plant stem cells;
  • embryonic stem cells;
  • stem cells derived from umbilical cord blood;
  • stem cells derived from adult human or animal (e.g., cells of adipose tissue).

Depending on the source of the material is formed and this material:

  • at present everything connected with embryonic tissues, it is considered unethical, and in most European countries, still illegal;
  • cord blood is most often recommended to be stored in cryo in the event that if in the future a person will need treatment using stem cells;
  • stem cells, which are obtained from an adult organism, are now trying to carry out injectable treatments;
  • and fitostvolovye for the manufacture of cosmetics.

How do you get the material

  • From plants.

Get them or from the young shoots and buds, or those fabrics which are formed at the site of the damage to the trunk (if we talk about trees). The collected material is crushed, separated from differentiated cells, and fitostvolovye placed in a special medium. On a nutrient substratum in special conditions fitostvolovye cells divide. When the number of cells will increase enough of them get extracts that can already be used for the manufacture of cosmetics.

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  • From living organisms.

The sources can be any living tissue. This can be umbilical cord blood, placenta, bone marrow, adipose tissue and others. Again, as in the case of firstvolume cells, cells-predecessors are separated from other cells and nekotoroe time cultivated in order to obtain enough material.

Unlike plant cells, stem cells of humans and animals:

  1. Not subjected to damage to the extract, and used entirely for carrying out injectable procedures;
  2. Before applying treated in a special way to avoid the risk of infecting the patient of various infections (HIV, syphilis, hepatitis, etc.).
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The most well-known drugs on the basis of fiestalonia cells.

  • PhytoCellTec ™ Malus Domestica.

This complex is made on the basis of stem cells specific varieties of apples Uttwiler Spatlauber.

Features of this variety are:

  1. Extremely rare: at the moment in the world there are about 20 trees of the species;
  2. The special properties of fruits: apples of this variety can be stored for a year without losing moisture and not spordibaas not fall off the tree and preserve its attractive look, even if the Apple tree has withered.

In order to preserve the active ingredients of Swiss Apple extract, the extract itself is encapsulate in liposomes, tiny spheres, the shell of which is formed by fatty substances.


It’s already extract stem cells from grapes of Burgundy varieties and roots of the argan tree. But then again, cosmetic products manufacturer in the composition contain not only the aforementioned package, but also phytoestrogen of genistin, which itself has a pronounced tonic effect, vitamins C and b, extract of Beluga caviar and …

Attention! urea, which is known for its ability to soften the skin and is widely used in the manufacture of cosmetics.

Also known line of cosmetics based on fiestalonia cells cloudberry, sea fennel, Edelweiss, Centella asiatica and other plants.

The opinions of experts

In Runet expert opinion can often be diametrically opposed. Sing laudatory odes to drugs based on fiestalonia cells consultants, training managers, biotechnology and other specialists who develop, manufacture and sale of cosmetics.

Specifics in their reviews a little. Just as in the description of the mechanism of action of other drugs and procedures, meets the indication of stimulation of activity of fibroblasts, activation of collagen and elastin, antioxidant effect of drugs with extracts fiestalonia cells in the composition.

Very cautiously speak of drugs with firstvolume cells practicing cosmetologists, as compared to other products from the lines of professional cosmetics do not notice a dramatic difference.

More cautious regarding everything connected with stem cells, the professionals directly involved in the study of these cells. Their main thesis «Stem cells are not fully understood. The effect of their use may be unpredictable.»

In Europe and the United States, where the intentional introduction of the buyer is punishable in 2011 at a conference on the problems of using stem cells, it was decided to limit the advertising of products based on stem cells used for cosmetic purpose. In particular, this concerned the preparations for injection use.

In Russia in February 2011 was officially allowed to use them for the treatment of burn patients, tissue repair after injury, treatment of diseases and carrying out treatments.

The only thing left to ordinary customers and visitors a variety of centers and clinics, it is able to obtain information from disinterested sources, assess the risks and consequences, take responsibility for your own decisions.

The sad truth about «miracle» creams and treatments

Creams with firstvolume cells

Of course, plant stem cells in topical creams do not get. Only their extracts. Themselves stem cells simply would not have survived this amount of stabilizers and preservatives, which normally is contained in any cosmetic products. Extracts are often sufficient durability, because they are usually first placed in microsome special areas that not only preserve the useful properties of substances constituting the extract, but also contribute to their deeper penetration into the skin.

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The problem is that the deeper basal membrane, in fact, the deeper the stratum corneum no cosmetics do not penetrate. All the splendor of beneficial molecules included in the composition of the extract fiestalonia cells, it just remains on the surface of the skin. If deeper basal membrane something penetrates, it is insufficient to provide a noticeable effect amounts, and that in the event of microcurrent therapy, or the use of the dermaroller.

The abundance of caring components the cream allows to obtain a noticeable effect of smoothing the skin and improving its appearance. But the aging cream to slow can not.

For example, consider the composition of the well-known to many lovers of expensive cosmetics series Dr. LEVY Switzerland®.

According to the manufacturer, the effect of the cosmetics due to the presence in its composition extract of stem cells of the root of the argan tree. However, it is also part of the tools included are the «trivial» components, such as vitamins A, C, E, PP, tripeptides, aloe Vera extract, omega-3-polyunsaturated fatty acids, and…

Attention! …hyaluronic acid. The presence of these components allows the cream significantly improved skin condition. The truth here is to sell a cream with such a composition for 450-500 dollars for a bottle without a corresponding plausible enough advertising history is unlikely.

Injectable treatments using them

According to American researchers from 9000 treatments using stem cells, positive results were obtained only in 20. Handouts of clinics that perform facial rejuvenation method of their introduction under the skin of the patient, tell that injected cells remain viable for up to 9 months.

All this time, the stem cells secrete biologically active substances that stimulate fibroblasts and protect the skin from the adverse effects of the environment, slow the aging process.

But so it turns out in practice that stem, and any other cells then penetrated the basement membrane:

  • attacked by cells of the immune system;
  • get in unusual conditions for them and can answer many of the impact applied at the stages of receiving, disinfection, cultivation, storage of material, tumor growth;
  • stimulates not only fibroblasts but also other cells of the skin, which also creates the risk of developing cancer.

According to rumors, a victim of the «anti-aging» procedure was at the time, Viktor Yushchenko.

And what do you do?

From the foregoing we can conclude: if you wish to use cosmetics with stem cells and the price does not bother you, use safely. Only here to hype be critical and don’t expect a jar of cream will be able to wipe out the traces of the past 10-15 years.