Stretch marks 9 months pregnant – cream

Pregnancy is long-awaited, yet difficult period in a woman’s life when you need to worry about the future baby and to think about how to maintain a good appearance. But for mom the baby’s health is always most important, because he’s so defenseless and vulnerable, he’s so easy to hurt.

So in an effort to always be beautiful and desirable is important to consider all the pros and cons of impact on the body of the drugs. What to do if the stretch marks have begun to appear and is it possible to get the body back in shape?

Why there

From the first months of pregnancy a woman’s body experiences significant changes, especially hormone levels.

The changed hormonal balance contributes to the rapid gain of extra pounds.

From the fourth month a pregnant woman begins a gradual increase of the abdomen, and in recent months its growth is most active. Together with skin in the abdomen is intensely stretched, lose their elasticity and not having to readjust to the rapid growth, deformed.

This inevitable process can often result in the formation of striae or stretch marks.

Thinning of the surface layer of the skin, leads to Microdrive subcutaneous tissue. Gradually the place of tears tightened connective tissue, but scars unfortunately remain.

Risk factors

There are some risk factors that affect the likelihood of scarring:

  • weak muscle belly is bad press holds the fetus in the uterus, which leads to a strong stretching of the tissues;
  • with rapid gaining excess body weight, the skin does not have time to adapt to intensively increasing forms, and stretch marks;
  • in multiple pregnancy, polyhydramnios and if a large fetal stomach size and muscle of the press increases more than other pregnant women;
  • Smoking causes oxygen deficiency in the skin cells, which leads to deceleration of process of synthesis in fibers of collagen, elastin and loss of elasticity of skin;
  • the formation of stretch marks can be caused by a genetic predisposition, when in a period of relative faced with this problem;
  • disorders in the endocrine system (diabetes mellitus);
  • the likelihood of stretch marks increases if earlier the woman was already stretch marks due to sudden changes in weight.

How to prevent their appearance

Methods that reduce the risk of stretch marks is not enough, but absolute guarantee that stretch marks will never appear again, unfortunately none of them gives. Prevention of this problem, still have, a positive effect, significantly reducing the chances of stretch marks or at least in smaller amounts.

A positive result can be achieved by starting preventive measures in the first months of carrying a baby:

  1. Regular and properly conducted massage and hydromassage of the skin of the abdomen increases blood circulation and metabolic processes in skin cells, improves skin condition and reduces the likelihood of stretch marks.
  2. Doctors consider normal addition in weight during this period, not more than 11-12 kg. If the woman is rapidly gaining a lot of weight, the skin on the stomach has not time to adapt to sudden changes and stretch marks are formed. Therefore, it is important to control your diet throughout the period of gestation.
  3. In the last months of pregnancy when the belly begins rapidly increasing in size, gynecologists recommend the use of special bandages, corsets and bras.
  4. Useful for skin water treatments. The adoption of a contrast shower and use the massage glove (wool) is recommended in order to better blood circulation and supply skin cells with nutrients and oxygen. These processes contribute to the rapid renewal of the upper layer of the skin. This procedure is contraindicated in case of threat of miscarriage, as this shower leads to the excitation of the CNS which sends impulses to the uterus.
  5. Modern pharmacology and cosmetology offer a wide range of tools that improve elastic properties of the skin, and thus help prevent the appearance of scars. If the annotation to use, there are recommendations for pregnant women, it can be used from the first months of pregnancy. Such funds do not contain harmful impurities, so that when applied to the skin surface, and subsequent penetration of the body, not have a negative impact on the baby.

One such effective modern means for preventing the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy is stretch marks prevention cream during pregnancy 9 months. Any drug has a therapeutic effect and effective results with regular use.

The main purpose of such cosmetic products to provide moisture and nutrition to skin, and to stimulate the body to produce elastin and collagen.

The role of nutrition

An important factor in the prevention of avoid stretch marks is to control over excessive weight gain, and therefore for proper nutrition.

Incorrectly balanced diet leads to sharp jumps in weight change and rapid stretching of the skin tissues of the abdomen.

Too greasy and sweet foods leads to the formation of cellulite, and lack of vitamins disturbs the metabolic processes in the cells of the body, interfere with the proper construction of the fibers and the formation of muscle tissue. Impaired elasticity, reduces the process of hydration and renewal of skin cells. It is necessary beforehand to think about your nutritional diet, consultation with a specialist.

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How to remove stretch marks at 9 months pregnant

To prevent stretch marks is possible only in the case of regular and correct application of all complex of actions for prevention of this problem:

  • proper diet,
  • massage and Spa treatments
  • the use of special creams,
  • moderate exercise,
  • specialized lingerie and more will help significantly reduce the possibility of scarring.

The greatest effect in combating the problem have a variety of tools developed by modern pharmacology and cosmetology:

  1. cream
  2. ointment
  3. serum
  4. mask
  5. scrubs,
  6. lotions.

Important to apply such funds massage into problem areas of the skin:

  • hips,
  • buttocks,
  • belly
  • chest.

Such procedures should be performed already in the 3rd month of pregnancy, when the abdomen gradually rounded.

In recent times, there are a wide range of products to prevent stretch marks, so when choosing cream you need to carefully read its composition.

Best result help to achieve products containing:

  1. natural extracts and essential oils of herbs, plants,
  2. seaweed,
  3. vitamins A,b, E,
  4. panthenol,
  5. Omega acids.

Before applying the cream, you should check for possible allergic reaction.

For this small amount of cream applied to the hand for a half hour. Any person can be an individual intolerance means, even despite the fact that the cream is dermatologically control.

A specially designed stretch marks cream during pregnancy 9 months. It contains special ingredients that promote regeneration and a gradual recovery of epidermis cells at the site of stretch marks. When fresh stretch marks the skin is partially restored, and the scars become less visible. Natural cream safe for future mom and baby.

It is composed of:

  • lipids of soybean active peptides elastin — eliminates the laxity, the skin will adapt to the new conditions and physique, contribute to the restoration of elasticity and elasticity;
  • botanicals, essential oils, antioxidants, thanks to which returns elasticity, elasticity and protective properties and natural beauty of the skin;
  • Shea butter and extract of wheat germ helps to achieve soft and pleasant to the touch texture surface;
  • direction creates a protective film on the body and retains moisture;
  • the oil from grapefruit breaks down subcutaneous fat, eliminates cellulite, stimulates blood circulation, lymph circulation, tones the skin, gives the cream a pleasant scent of citrus;
  • the set of essential vitamin nourishes the skin.

Such a useful and balanced composition affects great feedback about the product and provides quite a lot of popularity among buyers.


A very necessary and important procedure for every pregnant woman, especially in the second half of the term, is a daily moisturizing cream.

The components of the cream for stretch marks during pregnancy 9 months just for this contains all the necessary ingredients:

  1. Vitamins that enable the production of collagen and elastin fibers.
  2. Oleic and linolenic fatty acids that protect and hydrate skin tissue;
  3. Substances that contain antioxidants that promote skin renewal.
  4. Components promoting the process of cell regeneration.
  5. Components, restoring blood flow to the affected layers of the dermis.

Preservatives, fragrances, parabens and other harmful ingredients excluded from the composition.


If diet is properly adjusted, the extra pounds is not terrible, and this in turn will eliminate the chances of appearance of stretch marks. Doctors consider the ideal gain weight during pregnancy, only 12 pounds.

When properly balanced diet pregnant will gain weight gradually, without jumps, and prevent sudden stretch and load on the skin of the abdomen.

Proper nutrition will not only improve the General condition of women, but will help to regulate and keep under control body weight.

A required component menu should be protein foods and protein, which strengthen the collagen fibers and prevent the formation of stretch marks during pregnancy.

Doctors and nutritionists advise in order to avoid sharp jumps of the weight changes as little as possible to eat carbs, ie:

  • fat,
  • flour,
  • sweet.

To include in the diet more:

  1. fruit
  2. cereals,
  3. nuts,
  4. vegetables
  5. fish from the sea, containing very necessary in this period of omega fatty acids.

Your menu should be lean meats (rabbit, Turkey, chicken), and pork at the time it is better to exclude. To achieve the required level of hydration of the skin promotes the inclusion in the diet of vegetable oil.

Active synthesis of elastin and production of collagen fibers is possible when sufficient quantities of food of proteins contained in eggs, dairy products (cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt).

Cosmetic problems, delayed regeneration and damage to the skin causes the deficiency of micronutrients, multivitamins and amino acids.

Products responsible for skin elasticity, you need to eat as often as possible:

  • carrots and spinach high content of carotene, vitamin A, enhance the body’s resistance to skin diseases;
  • it is necessary for the elasticity, the elasticity of the skin flavonoids and iron contained in buckwheat, liver, beef;
  • rice and eggs is a vitamin that promotes moisture retention in the skin cells;
  • vitamin E, which is in peanuts, olive oil is important for the renewal and rejuvenation of cells;

If there are no contraindications and restrictions in fluid intake, good condition, full metabolism in skin cells, it is necessary to take a half liters of purified water a day, not counting juices, fruit drinks, tea.

But if the body is not getting pregnant when taking products a sufficient amount of necessary vitamins is important to Supplement it with additional intake of multivitamins. A consultation with a physician will help to pick up such vitamin complexes.


If a woman wants to keep your body in good condition throughout the period of pregnancy need to take it a rule to do daily moisturizing mask on the abdomen and, if necessary, in the breast.

To increase the elasticity of skin in problem areas and to get rid of stretch marks, you can make peeling in a beauty salon. It is carried out with the use of perfectly matched for this purpose the composition. It is not difficult to make the procedure of the fruit peels in the home.

Its composition is not complicated and includes:

  • one packet of yogurt (preferably fruit);
  • one lemon;
  • olive oil – 1 table. spoon.


  • thoroughly mix yogurt with lemon zest and a spoonful of oil until smooth;
  • the resulting mixture is applied and massage gently once each day on problem areas for 30 minutes;
  • then wash with clean water and moisturizing skin lotion.

Such a gentle and helpful way increases the elasticity of skin in problem areas, and makes existing stretch marks not as noticeable in just a month.

Another simple recipe of a mask includes:

  • half a glass of kefir;
  • 1 table. a spoonful of vegetable oil;
  • 15 g of baby cream;
  • 1 g of Shilajit.

All the ingredients are mixed, applied on clean skin and RUB until completely absorbed. Sometimes alternately with cream to use for rubbing natural oils. After 20 minutes, wash off with water.

Does linen

When properly chosen underwear greatly reduced the risk of the formation of stretch marks in pregnant women. Specially designed bra styles for moms-to-be good and convenient to fix the position of the incrementing of the mammary glands.

It is necessary to choose underwear made of natural fabrics with wide straps and no underwire.

To prevent the formation of scars on the stomach buy prenatal bandage. This arrangement allows you to remove most of the load with the spine, and the skin will protect from pederastic.

Dressing bandage is recommended from the fourth or fifth month of pregnancy when the belly begins to increase in size.

This specialized underwear helps prevent the appearance of stretch marks on the buttocks and thighs, as the skin is at rest and not affected by additional exposure. Your doctor will tell you how to choose the brace that he hadn’t squeezed the stomach, and only supported.

No one can determine when exactly can you develop stretch marks, but every pregnant woman wants to avoid this trouble. This unsightly skin defect not just eliminate, but with proper, timely and important approach to the treatment of the disease, it can be prevented.

The most effective, proven and safe drug already in the early stages of pregnancy is a stretch mark cream 9 months. Soft and delicate texture of the cream will successfully adjust already formed stretch marks and prevents new.

To monitor and take care of skin condition of your body must constantly, because the only way to preserve the beauty and health of the skin.

If you pick the correct diet, choose a good bandage, moderately exercise, then the trouble is much easier to avoid.

Be attentive to your body and health of your unborn baby, and then this period of life will leave in the memory of many happy memories!

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