Stretch marks during pregnancy oil on my belly, how to prevent cream how to avoid

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Pregnancy is happiness. Parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts and numerous other relatives expect the birth of a new family member. It would seem that can ruin such a tender moment?

The only thing that overshadows the joy of motherhood is a cosmetic issues. Almost all pregnant sooner or later face the problem of stretch marks. These «scars» do not look aesthetically pleasing and inspire the woman’s insecure about his appearance. What you need to know about this problem?

Despite the unpleasant appearance of stretch marks (or, medically speaking, stretch marks) do not represent a health risk to the mother. However, because of the ugliness they significantly reduce quality of life.

Reasons why I have stretch marks on my stomach during pregnancy, there are three:

  • abrupt weight gain. Because of the nature of the development process of the fetus, the mother abruptly gaining weight, and after birth, perhaps it is the same sharp decline. The skin is not adapted to such significant fluctuations in body weight, therefore in the thickness of the dermis start destructive processes;
  • hormonal disturbances. Playing not the last role in formation of stretch marks. Changes in concentration of hormones in the blood cause decreased production of elastin, which leads to violations of the skin;
  • stretching of the skin. No need to explain how the skin is stretched during pregnancy. In the normal state the skin has the ability to rapidly increase or decrease volume. However, due to the above reasons, the elasticity of the cover is below;

The period for which I have stretch marks varies from woman to woman. It all depends on metabolism and the initial condition.

To determine the tendency to the formation of stretch marks just. Just look at your own mother and/or grandmother. Features of the skin and its functionality is determined by genes. If older women during pregnancy stretch marks was observed, with a probability of 65-70%, they will have a child.

The mechanism of formation

In the human body (connective tissue) also contains cells called fibroblasts. These cellular structures are synthesized substances that improve the elasticity of the skin: collagen and elastin.

At the same time their activity to fully retain fibroblasts — specialised cells that regulate the concentration of extracellular substances. Fibroblasts utilize protein structures, despite the fact that there is already a lack of them.

There is a paradoxical situation: collagen and elastin produced little, but the body destroys what is left.

The elasticity of the skin as a result of the process is falling, according to various estimates, almost half. Even a minor effect on the dermis leads to injuries. It’s not external damage, they are deposited in the skin (breaks the so-called mesh layer).

Affects not only the skin and blood vessels, sweat glands, hair follicles, etc.

The result is a profound distortion of the whole of the hypodermis and the adjacent elements (they look like Shcherbinka or pits). Arise bright purple shade stretch marks.

The color is due to small subcutaneous hemorrhages. Over time it will change to white or bluish. If the process does not go into subacute stage, the shade may persist or change in the direction of increasing saturation.

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In such a complex way develop stretch marks. In the case of pregnant women due to sudden and violent fluctuations of a hormonal background process is more aggressive: in the blood increases the concentration of progesterone and estrogen. These hormones dramatically reduce the production of elastin. But fortunately, no discomfort, stretch marks do not cause.

How to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy


Oil — is an effective way of getting rid of stretch marks at home.

There are three groups of oils, which can be used as a therapeutic agent:

  • oil natural herbal;
  • essential oils;
  • oil cosmetic;

Each has its own effect.

Oil natural

This includes:

  • apricot oil. Moisturizes the skin, improves its elasticity. A definite plus — ability to use pregnant women with any skin type. This type of vegetable oil often used in the cosmetic industry;
  • olive. Oleic acid — base component of the oil that makes it so useful. It is recommended to take inward and outward. Promotes regeneration of damaged cells of the subcutaneous tissue;
  • coconut oil. Suspends degenerative processes in the subcutaneous tissue, promotes rapid cell regeneration due to its content of vitamin E. However, this tool is only suitable in the fight against the recently appeared stretch marks;
  • the almond oil. Ideal oil for stretch marks during pregnancy. Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, so it is suitable for removing both new and old stretch marks;
  • sea buckthorn. Contains huge amount of organic acids, vitamins and minerals which keep the skin in good shape.

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Essential oils

Essential oils are mostly more effective than natural. However zealous with their use not worth the risk to get burns.

For therapeutic effect it is sufficient to add 1-3 drops of essential oil in the primary means for skin care: natural or cosmetic oil.

Among the essential tools:

  • rose oil — helps reduce stretch marks;
  • orange — a storehouse of vitamins and therefore helps to improve the elasticity of the skin and triggers the regenerative processes;
  • sandalwood — gives the opportunity to eliminate sagging skin, tones and helps to eliminate stretch marks.

Also used oil of ylang-ylang, anise, juniper, Basil, thyme, ginger, fennel, parsley etc. But they are not recommended for pregnant because of the possibility of the beginning of premature birth or miscarriage.

It is important to keep in mind, the essential oil may be allergic. If the mother notices that after using essential oils an allergic reaction (occurs rash, start swelling, it becomes difficult to breathe), should immediately stop contact with the substance.

Oil cosmetic

Industry of beauty and health does not skimp on the development of new tools.

Among the many titles are:

  • Oil «Johnson’s Baby» (universal).
  • Oil «Weleda».

Both promote skin renewal, suspend degenerative processes, tone and moisturize.


In the pharmaceutical market at the moment, there are many creams for stretch marks:

  • Medical Collagene 3D. Consists of natural ingredients, therefore, harmless for both mother and fetus. Recommended for pregnant;
  • Cream. Used for prevention and to eliminate existing stretch marks. Contains seaweed extracts that promote skin regeneration;
  • Cream white spots. Application of this cream indicated for women in the final pregnancy, and after childbirth. Effectively nourishes the skin, promoting firmness and elasticity, prevents flabbiness of the skin;
  • Bepanthol;
  • Contains extracts of essential oils as effective against stretch marks;
  • 9 months. Helps to enhance skin elasticity;
  • ButtON — stimulates the regeneration;
  • Rilana;
  • Sanosan — prevents stretch marks and fights with the existing;
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These ten creams have proven effective. However, there are less costly from the financial point of view ways of dealing with striae. It’s the people’s money.

Folk remedies

There are several effective recipes:

  • Cream with mumie. Shilajit provides the skin much needed vitamins and minerals, nourishes it and improves elasticity.

To prepare this remedy you will need:

  1. Shilajit — 1 tablet;
  2. the water is warm a quarter Cup;
  3. baby cream — 1 tablespoon.

Mix all of the ingredients. The resulting agent is applied to the affected area and left for several hours, after which it is recommended to wash off the cream with warm water.

  • The tool is based on badyagi. Struggling with old stretch marks.


  1. half a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide;
  2. badyaga — 1 teaspoon;
  3. the water boiled — 1 tsp.

The ingredients are mixed. In the end it should be the mixture a texture similar to a thick paste.

Apply to the affected areas in a circular motion, then leave for 10-20 minutes.

  • A mixture of olive oil with juice of aloe. For cooking need: half a Cup of olive oil, half a Cup of aloe (juice), 5 drops of orange essential oil. The mixture of these ingredients is applied on the skin as a scrub.
  • The juice of the grape. For the purposes of treatment suitable dark grape varieties. The juice is applied on the affected areas. Only effective against new stretch marks.
  • Masks from clay. As funds are mixed red, blue and green clay. In the received mix add honey. Then, the tool is made to a uniform texture.

The resulting mixture is used as the mask (or rather compression). Superimposed on the affected areas and wound with gauze or bandage at night. This simple action should be repeated daily to achieve results.

How to treat

To treat stretch marks independently, resorting to the use of creams, oils and folk remedies, and you can turn to professional cosmetologists.

The second way is more effective, but its disadvantage is the relatively high cost.

In modern cosmetology there are four methods of treatment of stretch marks:

  • to fight with fresh streame ozone is used. The essence of treatment consists in the hypodermic introduction of ozone in mixture with oxygen. This method nourishes the skin, accelerating the metabolism. The duration of treatment is 10-15 sessions. The method is not suitable for people who have had a heart attack, suffering from blood diseases, hyperthyroidism;
  • peeling. Is used most often. Is to exfoliate layers of the skin. Superficial peeling is suitable for fresh stretch marks while in obsolete striae need deep exfoliation.

The body initiates the recovery process, thereby stimulating the production of much needed collagen and elastin.

  • microdermabrasion. Is polished leather in a special way (by high speed flow on the skin surface with oxide crystals of aluminium). Skin completely renews itself after a few sessions.
  • abdominoplasty. Used as a radical method. The bottom line is the surgery to remove excess skin (under General anesthesia).
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Each method differs in their effectiveness. The question of availability and feasibility.

Useful tips

Once a woman learns about the problem more, the question arises: is it not possible to avoid stretch marks? Not so scary. There are at least five ways to prevent their occurrence.

What will help?

  • Shower, light massage. These procedures are not only useful but pleasant. With their help, there is an active flow of blood rich in oxygen and nutrients to the skin.

Do they need at least 2 times a day. The water should be warm but not hot and certainly not to prevent the use of cold water: it will cause a sharp spasm of blood vessels.

Also for the prevention of contrast shower are shown. All these procedures enhance the regenerative capacity of the dermis, improve its diet and reduce the risk of developing stretch marks.

  • Proper nutrition. To reduce the risk to «earn» striae need to change the diet. Of course, we are not talking about a strict diet, on the contrary, the diet should be complete.

Necessarily in the diet included white meat, fish (protein sources), natural vegetables and fruits. They are rich in vitamins and trace elements, without which the restoration of skin elasticity impossible.

You must avoid eating canned foods, leavened bakery products. Also avoid sweets and smoked dishes.

  • Visits primary care specialist. As mentioned above, not the last role in appearance of stretch marks plays change the background of the hormones.

Here works a simple formula: the further hormones from the norm, the higher the likelihood of developing stretch marks. For this reason, we recommend that you regularly visit the doctor-endocrinologist.

It is also important to fulfill all his assignments on time and pass tests for hormones.

  • To reduce the risk of forming stretch or slow down their progression, it is recommended to use special ointments and creams.
  • It is recommended to use special maternity clothing (bandages, bras).

Stretch marks appear on the skin almost half of pregnant women. They substantially spoil appearance and are insecure about their appearance.

Fortunately, there are many methods of dealing with this problem as its own, and forces of modern cosmetology.

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