Stretch marks men belly, arms, how to remove, groin

Stretch marks are a common skin problem in both sexes regardless of age. The defect is not dangerous, but can bring discomfort of an aesthetic nature.

Often the problem of the appearance of stretch marks common in men age. To know how to minimize the risk of their development, need to have an idea about which groups of people are at risk and how best to treat stretch marks in each case.

Why there

There are many reasons that trigger the appearance of stretch marks on the body in men.

The main ones are:

  • a rapid increase of body weight;
  • rapid growth in adolescence;
  • use of corticosteroids;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • the syndromes of Marfan and Ehlers-Danlos;
  • malfunctions of the pancreas.

Acceptance of drugs based on corticosteroids helps keep the immune system, stop inflammation and have a regenerating effect.

By exceeding the recommended concentrations and long prima drugs can occur thinning of collagen fibers and elastin form the skin. There is a rupture of ligaments of the substances with the formation of stretch marks.

Rapid weight gain, epidermis can not cope with the load and injured, covered in small streami. A similar situation is observed in adolescents is due to the increase in the rate of growth in length the skin is stretched and its tension.

Genetic causes are due to the assumption that if such a disease were observed in any family member, increases the probability for its formation and on the body of another person from the family.

In some cases, diseases of the pancreas, thyroid and pituitary can cause problems.

The syndromes of Marfan and Ehlers-Danlos can contribute to the manifestation of stretch marks by increasing the production of the hormone cortisol is the relaxation of the linking of the connective tissue of the skin, and comes from damage.

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There are multiple classifications of stretch marks, which can determine the depth of the disease, the type and degree of zastarelosti.

So, there are two types of stretch marks color:

  • white;
  • red.

White of striae observed on old scars, the appearance of which has been more than 6 months.

This atrophic trauma to the skin associated with the appearance of connective tissue at the site of stretch marks. Due to the fact that their appearance occurred long ago, the correction of such violations are usually more expensive and complicated.

If stretch marks are streaks of bright color (the hue can vary from purple, red to dark purple). Such damage has appeared recently — the color indicates that the rupture of the fibers occurred the day before.

The brightness of the scar is caused by the fact that at the time of the appearance of stretch marks in the extended area is a large number of blood vessels and capillaries. The bigger the stretch, the brighter its color. Recently appeared stretch marks can be treated much easier chronic, sometimes even exclusively helps home therapy.

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On the localization of the streamers are divided into:

  • longitudinal (vertical);
  • horizontal.

The appearance of stretch marks of the second type often demonstrate disturbances in the hormonal levels of the body. Therefore, before the correction of the imperfections is required to visit the endocrinologist.

Men vertical striae are rare, as they are most common among pregnant women. Their appearance on the skin can cause rapid weight gain in obesity or growth of muscle mass in sports activities.

The appearance of stretch marks on the skin distinguish scars:

  • scars (small-sized formation on skin is pink in color;
  • filiform (threadlike whitish narrow stripes on the skin);
  • longitudinal (stretch marks are located along the grain of the epidermis).

To estimate how long ago there were striae in a particular case. By the color of education:

  • before it is painted,
  • a year later with the acquisition of lighter pearlescent shade (this is especially valid for stripe-like scar stretching).

How to remove

On hand

Stretch marks on the hands of men most difficult to influence. If stretch marks have appeared on the forearm or shoulder, hand, effective exercises with a barbell (push-UPS from chest, over head, exercise with dumbbells in a standing position).

You can use any kind of salon treatments (e.g., chemical peels or mesotherapy) and homemade masks in the absence of contraindications.


Stretch marks on stomach men are the most common.

Exercises that help to prevent the formation of new ones, and contribute to removing the old one. Aimed at strengthening the abdominal muscles. Effectively in the sitting position to bring the feet to the stomach and in the supine position – at the same time to raise them.

In the groin

Usually inguinal striae indicate a hormonal imbalance in the body – before treating such a defect, you must eliminate the cause.

A salon treatment is not recommended for use in the groin – so for a given dose it is better to use masks (including seaweed and honey), and pharmaceutical creams and ointments (after establishing the lack of hypersensitivity to the components, and consultation with a specialist).

General methods of getting rid of stretch marks on the body of men


Medical methods of treatment of stretch marks involve a series of procedures to remove existing stretch marks and to reduce the risk of emergence of new.

Popular treatment is mesotherapy, which provides for exchange treatment.

For each patient individually selected ratio required of drugs, which subsequently, with the gun inserted under the skin in the scar area using a small syringe.

The number of introduced active substances affects the patient’s health status, skin type, stretch marks zastarelosti and reasons for the appeared education. For the manifestation of the results is 3-4 procedures.

Deep chemical peeling is one of the most effective methods of treatment that can help to permanently solve the problem of the stretch marks.

However, the procedure has a number of contraindications and may not apply to all areas of the body. Usually chemically removed stretch marks facial areas and abdomen.

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Procedure is not recommended in the groin area in men.

In the course of therapy on the prepared area of skin to apply the acid of certain concentration.

The substance is able to penetrate into the deeper layers of the epidermis, which is a crucial factor in the effectiveness of the acid starts the process of cell renewal from the inside.

Side effects of the procedure there may be redness of the skin (stored up to 48 hours after treatment) and its sensitivity. However, small stretch marks may disappear after the first peeling.

The effect is achieved by the removal of the upper layer of the skin is encourages enhanced update. Ditto the treatment of stretch marks with laser skin resurfacing.

Microdermabrasion – a new method of skin resurfacing.

The skin is polished by special microscopic crystals that are at the tip of the hardware device under high pressure. Diamond tip additional use of crystal structures is not required.

Especially often microdermabrasion is used on the skin where the laser correction is contraindicated – for example, on the chest. The procedure helps to get rid of only new stretch marks.


In the treatment of stretch marks is well-established, a number of folk remedies. The effect of these drugs is aimed at improving tone and elasticity of the skin.

Can any body cream to add a few pills of mumiye are dissolved in a small volume of water. The solution mixes with the cream and rubbed into the skin in areas where there are stretch marks. In between honey rubbing the mixture is kept in a cool dark place.

The course of treatment should be not less than 90 days when applied 1 or 2 times a day.

Effective mask of badyagi in the treatment of stretch marks on the arms. The powder substance is mixed with the hydrogen peroxide until mushy state. The mixture is applied to the areas with stretch marks for about 10-15 minutes. For the complete disappearance of stretch marks may be sufficient of 10-12 procedures.

Kelp is used for wraps skin to stretch out. Algae filled with warm water and after swelling, are applied to the skin for 20 minutes. You can at this time apply on your skin plastic wrap in order to avoid dripping of the mixture and to create a thermal effect – so the nutrients penetrate the layers of the epidermis better.

Pharmacy tools

Well established in the prevention of stretch marks ointment is retinoids, based on the vitamin A or similar substances. For the treatment of stretch marks suitable over-the-counter ointment.

The active ingredient speeds up skin regeneration and promotes the renewal of collagen fibers of the skin. Especially effective is the drug acts on new stretch marks, which do not have time to zastarel.

Stretch marks may not disappear completely from the ointment, but in almost all cases, there is the wow reduction.

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Especially effective is the use of such therapy when stretch marks on the sides and back. Applied the ointment strictly according to instructions.

Preventive action may be oil:

  • essential,
  • plant.

They restore and moisturize affected skin, stimulate the regeneration and renewal of the fibers.

Essential oils are always used in a diluted form when adding to the mixture of oils or creams, as they have a high activity.

Esters stimulate blood circulation near the affected area of the epidermis.

Vegetable oil soothe the skin. Especially often used oil :

  • cocoa
  • coconut
  • jojoba and olive.

You can also apply a cream based on these oils.


Easier to prevent the appearance of stretch marks, than struggle with already appeared. There are a number of simple guidelines, under which a man be able to minimize the risk of stretch marks.

These include:

  • the quality control of food: the foods consumed should be diverse and include a sufficient number of amino acids, minerals and vitamins, when necessary, you can use the useful substances in the composition of the complexes;
  • the increase in the ration of consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits;
  • the increase in the number of the daily intake of water;
  • the increase in the content of foods rich in protein in the diet;
  • eating sufficient quantities of tocopherol acetate, retinol acetate and ascorbic acid;
  • prophylactic use of creams and ointments;
  • regular exercise.

Under these rules it is possible to reduce the risk of stretch marks any parts of the body. The therapeutic effect of such events increased with additional application of preventive creams and applications.

Stretch marks are not dangerous disorder. The defect may be an inconvenience only of an aesthetic nature. Thus the correct definition of the injury, the reasons that caused it, and correctly selected therapy can minimize the effects and to get rid of stretch marks completely.

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