Stretch marks on back in teenagers — causes, how to remove, to what doctor to address

Spin is a very important part of the human body, it concentrated a large number of muscles and strong bones. During puberty this part of the body too undergoes changes, so children and parents often question: how to remove the formed stretch marks (striae) on the back of teenagers.


The transition period is quite dangerous because it causes the body to develop unevenly and not stable. Back are constantly required to keep a sufficiently large, continuously growing mass, to constantly evolve and stretch out that may have an adverse effect on the condition of the skin and muscles.

The skin is not always enough collagen and elastin to maintain its elasticity and uniformity. The disadvantage of controlling the tension of the substances leads to the destruction of the skin with subsequent scarring and transformation in the stretch.

Reasons of occurrence of stretch marks on back in teenagers may be different. To cause the formation of stretch marks red and white can the following factors:

  • a genetic predisposition to the appearance of stretch marks. Sometimes the lack of collagen in the skin is a chronic factor, transmitted from generation to generation;
  • not enough rapid growth of the skin after gaining the height and volume of the body. The skin is stretched critically and practically destroyed because of how much the growing body bursting it from the inside;
  • pathology of internal organs;
  • the weakening of the body’s defense system, reducing the level of immunity;
  • uncontrolled weight gain, obesity;
  • diseases of the hormonal, which can easily occur due to the strongest release of hormones and enzymes in puberty;
  • sometimes the appearance of stretch marks on the back becomes a consequence of drugs intended for hormonal therapy.

When stretch marks on back in teenagers should consult the doctor to diagnose and find out whether the formation of stretch marks the symptoms of diseases of the internal organs of the abdominal cavity of the kidneys.

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How to look and what are

In appearance they are divided into red and white streamers. Red is a fresh, newly formed scars. They have not had time to delve deeply into skin and remind healing scars.

Gradually robswall, red stretch marks turn pink, and then completely white. Due to its contrast from the large amount of loose connective tissue, such striae are very different on the skin. They make suffering from hormonal and psychological outbursts of a teenager worry about appearance even more.

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The main problem of stretch marks is that they are difficult to disguise or cosmetics or tanning, they will still be much to appear on the skin.

What to do with striae on the back in adolescents

There are many ways to get rid of formed on the back of teen stretch marks. It is important to remember that it is best to deal with them while they are still red.

If stretch marks are white, then remove them from the skin will be very difficult. In this case it is possible only to reduce their depth and intensity of manifestation.

Creams and ointments

In order to remove stretch marks, pharmaceutical modern cosmetology offers a lot of money. They moisturize the skin, making it smoother and more receptive to the growing tension and stretching.

Use moisturizer several times a day. Special attention should be paid not only stretch marks, but also the entire surface area of the back. All the processing cream skin can prevent the appearance of stretch marks and prepare the skin for further strengthening of compliance with the growth of a teenager.

To get rid of stretch marks will need to choose a quality, proven moisturizer containing in its composition of the molecules of collagen and elastin. Also healthier skin can help cream and ointment with a high concentration of vitamins A or E.

High content of useful for skin nutrients will contribute to her speedy recovery, improve appearance and greater elasticity.

In addition, it is advisable to purchase soft scrub with fine pigments and to treat them with the skin surface of the back 2-3 times a week. This will help the rapid exfoliation of dead skin cells and formation of new ones.

After exfoliating the skin is covered with a layer of moisturizer to improve elasticity and regenerate.

Balancing power

This method is suitable not only for those adolescents who have stretch marks caused by overweight, but also those who are suffering from stretch marks for any other reasons.

Proper diet and chosen a doctor diet with high content of foods rich in vitamins and minerals, will help the teenager make it easier to transfer difficult period of hormonal surge, stabilize the uncontrolled uneven development, strengthen the immune system and help request from other problems such as acne and hormonal surges.

In order to smoothen existing stretch marks, stimulate the skin to the formation of new collagen and prevent further appearance of stretch marks you need:

  • drink plenty of water. The liquid entering the body, stimulate the acceleration of metabolism and the normalization of metabolic processes;
  • to diversify the menu of foods that contain vitamins A and E, beneficial effects on the appearance and condition of the skin, zinc and silicon, to increase the level of external resistance, vitamins C,D and K, which help accelerate growth and cell division;
  • in the build menu, the emphasis should be on foods that contain protein (lean meats, eggs, dairy products) – building material for future cells.
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If it seems that food will be supplied enough micronutrients, you can buy over the counter multivitamin complex developed specially for the growing organism, such as Vitrum Junior or Alphabet For Teens.


In puberty the skin becomes very sensitive to any external effect, so a massage will be almost immediate.

Intense massaging effect will help change the tone of the skin, stimulate blood and lymph circulation. Intense pressure on muscle tissue will help the fibers to uniformly respond to changes in the body, faster to adapt to changing conditions and not so aggressive act on the skin of a teenager on the inside.

It is advisable to start with a soft, relaxing massage and only then move on to more intense kneading, as the abrupt transition to a therapeutic massage can worsen the condition of the body, creating conditions of excess stress and tension.

During the massage you can also use a moisturizing cream or a special oil against stretch marks.


To remove stretch marks on the back of a teenager will help the movement, but not aggressive, and slow, steady, gradually gaining pace. You can not engage in intense sports activities involving excessive stress, as this will affect the skin even more adversely.

It is best to eliminate stretch marks in puberty will suit light Jogging or swimming. Water sports are more preferred, because in addition to a uniform tension of the whole body in this type of exercise there is a soft and smooth massage effect of thickness of water on human skin.

Sports help to get rid of stretch marks because the skin and muscles become more elastic, supple, powerful and always ready to the effects of environmental factors.

Sport not only helps to significantly reduce the depth even old stretch marks but also prevent new.

To what doctor to address

The appearance of stretch marks in teenagers it is best to consult a dermatologist. After a thorough examination and sequential analysis specialist will be able to determine if it was caused by striae conventional rapid growth or fat mass set, or the problem is in violation of humoral regulation of the organism.

To make an accurate diagnosis and to choose the most rational decision may need to consult an endocrinologist or rheumatologist, depending on the clinical case.


In order to prevent the appearance of stretch marks in adolescents should follow a few simple rules:

  • get involved in a smaller harmful, sweet and fatty foods, leading not only to weight gain and problems with digestion, but also conducive to development. chronic pathologies;
  • consume food products that contains useful minerals for the skin or to choose a vitamin-mineral complex;
  • to play sports and try to lead an active lifestyle. uniform, regular exercise will help the body to adapt to stress factor and not to provoke reactions, causing discomfort;
  • you will need to care for themselves during the transitional period, in the shower use exfoliating massage sponge, renewing the skin and increases the speed of blood and lymph and also to use after a moisturizing cream or cosmetic oil;
  • the appearance of discomfort, skin problems, poor health to consult a doctor to closely watch her as hormonal changes of a growing organism. Sometimes some defects are not so much puberty as the presence of developmental pathology or a failure in the production of hormones and enzymes.
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Attentive to the changes your own body will help you easily survive the transition to adulthood, keeping the skin smooth and beautiful.

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