Stretch marks on Breasts — how to remove, delete, reasons, cosmetic products and procedures, photo and video

Fresh stretch marks on breast look like vertical stripes, usually several millimeters wide, and have a characteristic dark color, usually red or bluish-purple.

Over time they fade and look like thin scars. Rarely they can be dark and bright enough.

Do not cause the person pain, but can cause some discomfort.

Emerging stretch marks itch, this may be a signal before the appearance of external signs. Contrary to popular belief, they can not be tan so tanned skin look even more noticeable and contrasting.

They are hard to clean at home, so most women turn to aesthetic medicine and cosmetology.

The reasons for their occurrence

Stretch marks appear literally due to the rupture of collagen fibers of the skin caused by rapid growth of a single body or body part. Therefore, in most cases they are caused by the change in body weight.

Their appearance may be due to sudden weight gain, at least – losing weight, especially common in women stretch marks on Breasts after childbirth.

In the period of puberty in adolescent girls there is a sharp growth of mammary glands, so the appearance of stretch marks can be encountered in adolescence.

Pregnancy and lactation

During pregnancy and breastfeeding, a woman’s body is undergoing serious hormonal changes. It leads to skin dehydration and loss of elasticity.

The mammary glands fill with milk and grow rapidly, in addition during pregnancy the woman gains weight.

All these factors lead to the formation of stretch marks, which are often localized on the chest. During breastfeeding, are formed under the breast, i.e., at the bottom thereof.

To avoid their occurrence can help special shapewear for nursing moms.

It is best to prevent the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy, and to prepare for possible changes in advance. However, the appearance of stretch marks is often dependent on genetic predisposition, so not every woman is able to carry out prevention against them.

Also affected by lifestyle women, in particular, Smoking, metabolism and nutrition.

Even women with the most healthy and elastic skin stretch marks on breast during pregnancy can still occur.

Every skin has its own limit to which it can stretch without tearing. Therefore, striae are often bypassed women with normal weight and also more common for second and subsequent pregnancies.

Video: the Fight against stretch marks during pregnancy

How to avoid it?

First and foremost, the expectant mother need to rethink your diet. It is better to avoid harmful foods — pastry, sausage, fast food, ready-made sauces, fizzy drinks and coffee. You need to eat foods enriched with vitamins.

Especially useful for the skin of the so-called «vitamins of youth» — A and E. it is necessary to pay attention to the content of protein in the daily diet. That protein provides the synthesis of collagen and elastin which prevents skin tearing.

Take care of it and on the skin, especially problem areas, where they appear most often. To start the procedure for intensive nutrition and hydration of the skin is best in the early stages of pregnancy.

For this approach natural oils — olive, almond, grape, wheat germ oil. You can apply baby oil, and special creams. Usually, they contain collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, amino acids and chitosan.

Excellent for scrubs, but they are not recommended for pregnant women, especially for problems such as uterine tone.

Before using creams and oils, you should consult with a physician and also consider an allergic reaction to a particular component.

If the woman still appeared severe stretch marks after pregnancy and breast feeding, can only help radical measures.

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In aesthetic medicine, there are many ways to get rid of stretch marks:

  • microcurrents;
  • Mesotherapy;
  • laser removal of stretch marks;
  • different types of peels.

If stretch marks become white, they could be rectified only with the help of a qualified professional, as in this case, to turn to the creams, ointments and oils for stretch marks on the chest, it becomes too late.

Methods of struggle

Red stretch marks on the chest indicate the initial stage. In the case of timely action to get rid of them, or make them less noticeable. Famous nutritionists, developed a popular system of food, recommend to their patients mummy and a coffee scrub for prevention and control.

This recipe can use any woman at home after pregnancy and lactation.

Coffee scrub perfectly regenerates the skin, strengthens blood flow to the problematic locations and helps to strengthen the elasticity of the epidermis. It is possible to prepare the coffee grounds or powder medium grind.

For this purpose, two tablespoons of coffee should be mixed with any natural oil. You can add a spoonful of liquid honey, if a woman does not have allergies. The scrub is rubbed into the skin of the breast in a circular motion for 3-5 minutes. Previously the skin it is better to steam, to achieve maximum effect.

A contrast shower is very useful to prevent stretch marks and after they occur. During pregnancy, this procedure is relatively safe, if there is no threat of miscarriage.

Shilajit of stretch marks on the breast — perhaps the most popular and effective home remedy. Some women complain about the lack of results, but this is because they use Shilajit tablets from the pharmacy. It is not suitable for the treatment of stretch marks.

Looking for a natural product in the plate, he usually has dark brown, close to black, and a characteristic odor. A standard plate of natural Shilajit weighs 2 grams. This is enough to produce special remedies for stretch marks — mixture of the mummy and a few tablespoons of fat baby cream.

You must mix the components thoroughly and daily to RUB in the chest, paying special attention to the locations of the stretch marks. The cream should be stored in the refrigerator or other cool place, otherwise it can deteriorate.

Mummy gives maximum results in combination with using a coffee scrub and a contrast shower. You can alternate these treatments and cream with mummy to RUB, producing a light self-massage, daily before going to bed.

Grapeseed oil contains omega 6 and omega 9-acids (linoleic acid) that contribute to the regeneration, nutrition and hydration.

It is enriched with vitamins A, C and E, essential for beauty and skin health.

Therefore, the oil is also widely used for prevention and removal of stretch marks on Breasts after childbirth. It is characterized by quick absorption, does not weigh down the skin and not sticky so it is suitable for use before sleep.

Stretch marks on Breasts teenagers

Because of the strong jump in growth of the mammary glands, teenage girls can encounter the formation of stretch marks on the chest.

To avoid their emergence, it is enough to follow a few rules:

  • To find support and shapewear in the period of breast growth;
  • Checked hormones, given its restructuring in puberty period;
  • Rationalize the child’s diet;
  • To use means for the prevention of stretch marks;
  • To avoid a sharp set and weight loss;

A good remedy in adolescence is a cream of honey, which you can prepare yourself. This will require the aloe leaves and liquid natural honey. Aloe has great regeneration properties, and the older the plant, the stronger they are.

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The leaves should be crushed to a pulp, you can use a blender or a meat grinder. Pressing the juice, mix 2 tbsp of the mix with 4 tbsp of honey and stir until smooth.

You can add to the substance a few drops of oil of wheat germ or some fat cream. This tool needs to be used 1-2 times a day before taking a shower or bath, rubbing his chest and massage gently and leave to soak for 15-20 minutes.

Copes with fresh stretch marks in teenagers oatmeal scrub cream. For cooking you need to chop a few tablespoons of oatmeal using a coffee grinder.

The obtained fine powder to combine with the protein of one egg and add to the resulting mixture was 4-5 tablespoons of thick cream. Before application it is necessary to steam the skin.

After taking a bath or shower, the cream should be applied on problem areas and leave for 20 minutes. Then massage the breast for 3-5 minutes and rinse with warm water. After the procedure, it is useful to use oil or fat cream to enhance the effect.

A special cream and gels

What if stretch marks on Breasts have already appeared? To get rid of them can help a professional cosmetic and pharmaceutical products with enhanced action and methods the proposed aesthetic medicine and cosmetology.


  1. Mederma gel aimed at addressing the cosmetic scars and stretch marks. In addition to the main actions aimed at reducing existing stretch marks, the gel helps adjustment damaged skin to UV rays. Thus, when you tan, the stretch marks become one with the skin tone and not look douche-y.
  2. Contractubex gel to eliminate scarring of the skin. Contains allantoin and enhances the synthesis of collagen. Requires prolonged and regular use, but very effective for removing stretch marks. In addition, its application is possible during pregnancy and lactation because the active ingredients are not absorbed into the blood and are not harmful to the child.


The most popular and safe, particularly during pregnancy, are cream the following companies. They allow you to eliminate stretch marks and prevent their occurrence. Have no contraindications for pregnant and lactating women.

  1. Pregnacare
  2. Vichy
  3. Mustela
  4. Lierac
  5. Mama Comfort
  6. Sanosan
  7. Mothercare
  8. Avent

The results of the massage

About how does breast massage for stretch marks, there are many conflicting opinions. As a rule, self-massage does not produce results even in terms of preventive measures.

Of course, it is useful for tissues, but has no active influence, directed on prevention of atrophic scarring of the skin. Manipulation is best left to a specialist, and to combine them with other types of treatment and prevention of stretch marks.

Massage helps normalize lymph flow, strengthens muscles and improves blood circulation.

For breast there are two main types:

  • Taoist;
  • manual.

Massage helps to eliminate stretch marks, if used in conjunction with creams, ointments and oils from the stretch on the chest.

Radical methods of dealing with existing stretch marks (cosmetic procedures)

The older the stretch marks, the harder it is to deal with them by traditional methods and finished cosmetic products. However, this does not mean that to get rid of them is impossible.

To help each woman comes to aesthetic medicine and cosmetology, allowing to remove stretch marks radical ways, despite their width, color and age.

  • Microcurrent therapy.

The use of microcurrents in hardware cosmetology universal — mostly they allow you to fight with aging skin, cellulite and stretch marks. Elimination of stretch marks is due to the beneficial properties of therapy to improve metabolism, improve skin tone, restore skin at the cellular level.

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The essence of the application of microcurrents is that they restore not only the dermis but also deeper layers involved in the atrophic process. Improve blood circulation and promote rapid skin regeneration. Often to eliminate stretch marks on the breast require 8-10 sessions at intervals of 1 month between each. Microcurrent therapy enhances the action of drugs from the stretch.

  • The ozone therapy.

In the classic version, is an introduction to the affected areas of the ozone-oxygen mixture, destroys fibrous tissue, stimulating blood circulation and lipid metabolism. The procedure is performed once a week, the course of treatment includes massage and healing creams. Ozone therapy is one of the most effective and painless treatments in the fight against stretch marks on the chest.

  • Mesotherapy.

Is an introduction of complex amino acids and other biologically active substances distributed in the deep layers and the subcutaneous fat. Under the action of the «cocktail of beauty» in the skin increase and normalize metabolic processes, she quickly smoothed and tightened. Mesotherapy effective in the presence of fresh stretch marks on the chest. Has no contraindications during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

  • Median chemical peeling.

Characterized by the influence of all layers of the epidermis various types of acids. The result of the procedure, the skin increases the synthesis of collagen, and areas already affected by the atrophic process, gently smoothes by exfoliating dead skin particles. Peeling is particularly effective in combination with mesotherapy. To prevent stretch marks applied a more lenient procedure — superficial peeling, which is carried out by air flow with small particles.

  • Microdermabrasion.

The procedure is quite traumatic and requires a prolonged rehabilitation. Used on small areas of the skin, particularly the chest. Despite the painful procedure, it helps to remove even old stretch marks, including postpartum. Manufactured by mechanical microdermabrasion.

  • Laser removal of stretch marks.

The most common and effective method to combat striae in cosmetology. Removing them is achieved by the action of a laser beam in place of the formation of stretch marks; at present this procedure is mainly used fractional laser. The laser helps to eliminate the coarse connective tissue at the site of rupture of the collagen fibers. Thus, during rehabilitation, these areas formed a new, smooth and fresh tissue, the epidermis acquires a uniform tone, the skin’s pattern. Aktiviziruyutsya functions elastine-collagen.

The treatment requires no more than 7-10 treatments, depending on severity and age of stretch marks. Laser removal of stretch marks on Breasts is considered to be quite painful and expensive procedure, but it shows best results and is still in great demand among the women all over the world.

The before and after photos of procedures