Stretch marks on butt — how to remove how to get rid of, at home, from what appear

Stretch marks are almost all, even the men. But this fact does not give reason to rejoice. Because striped buttocks is not a reason for pride. This article will reveal all the secrets of getting rid of stretch marks is defective.


Stretch marks are tears of the connective tissue caused by thinning of collagen and lack of elastin. As a result, red-purple scars, scars that will eventually fade.

This defect of the dermis cause:

  1. weak the skin’s ability to regenerate;
  2. a small elasticity of the dermis that is hereditary factor;
  3. hypersecretion of the hormone cortisol, which contributes to the appearance of stretch marks;
  4. the sharp growth of the organism (adolescence, bodybuilding);
  5. pregnancy;
  6. diseases of the endocrine system, hormonal dysfunction;
  7. speed dial or weight loss.

What is offered in clinics

In the medical community there are several options for getting rid of stretch marks on the butt. It should be understood that it is a long process that requires considerable financial investment and patience.

To remove stretch marks is possible in several clinical methods:

  • mesotherapy;
  • with the help of laser action;
  • chemical peeling.

Features of mesotherapy

Cosmetologists recommend this method because of its efficiency. The traditional method of mesotherapy is harmless, not causing unpleasant sensations.

Specialist injects a medicine (plant extracts, vitamins) in the affected area, using needles.

After a certain time (about six months) the regeneration areas of the epidermis.

But this procedure is of particular contraindications:

  • infectious inflammation;
  • recurrent herpes;
  • the increased body temperature.

This method is also used to combat cellulite, because it removes cholesterol.

The specifics of the laser treatment

The use of laser in combat striae is the most effective method. The mechanism involves the deeper layers of the epidermis and initiates the cell regeneration.

Specialists cosmetic clinics recommend:

  1. fractional technology that does not damage the skin. The laser works on stretch marks, restoring the structure of the dermis;
  2. a laser resurfacing, the effect of which is noticeable after the first procedure. But the high cost, pain and post-procedure swelling significantly reduce the popularity of these sessions;
  3. laser facelift. Applies to saggy old skin, regenerates and restores its.

Quite a few weeks to visit a beautician, to make invisible stretch marks on the butt.

Important! After the laser session limit stay under direct sunlight.

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Method of chemical peeling

Beauticians use special acid, causing them to the affected locations. These acids penetrate into the layers of skin and «dissolve» them together with striae. Skin flattens out, improving its structure.

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Red, blue and white stretch marks: what is the difference

The skin consists of three layers:

  • of the epidermis,
  • dermis
  • the subcutaneous fat.

Blood vessels in the inner layer of the skin, give the stretch mark a particular shade. Subsequently, the vessels become empty, and the scars – mother-of-pearl. Even after tanning, their color will not change. White stretch marks on butt is almost impossible to remove.

Also distinguish between single and multiple striae. Their number depends on the properties of the skin, degree of tension hormone levels.

A curious fact! Stretch marks often appear in women who are overweight because of hormonal imbalance.

Color defective strips on the buttocks changing for a few months: red and blue streamers are considered «young» up to six months, then they become white and no longer amenable to removal.

That offer beauty salons

Stretch marks on the ass is not an easy task. After all, getting rid of them requires a lot of time.

Fortunately, cosmetology offers a range of salon treatments:

  • wrap (seaweed, mud, clay);
  • massage, improving blood circulation;
  • ultrasound therapy is effective only at small striae;
  • the method forms a microcurrent on the affected location of new connective tissue;
  • photopigmentation – the impact of hardware cells in the scar tissue.

Means and methods of getting rid of scars galore. Consult a qualified doctor who will pick the appropriate option.

Please note! No therapeutic method is not able to completely remove the strip. Maybe just Desaturate them.

How to remove stretch marks on butt at home

Home removal of stretch marks cost not expensive and are effective in the initial stages of scarring. Quite thoroughly examine the issue and determine the means of struggle with a defect.

The use of cosmetic products

The most popular method of self-getting rid of stretch marks. But to expect from creams, ointments, gels and lotions «magic» and fast skin renewal, unfortunately, is not necessary.

The composition of these funds required the presence of collagen, seaweed, silicone, essential oils, etc.

All ingredients for the reconstruction of the epidermis, its nourishing, moisturizing.

The use of oil

Any types of oils are active «fighters» with stretch marks. Especially effective almond, olive and wheat germ oil. Because the high concentration of vitamin E revitalizes the skin. To remove stretch marks on the ass, you should RUB the oil daily.

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Clay body wrap

The body wrap procedure is performed not only in beauty salons. Home method is not inferior.

Clay is a widely used product that is sold in any cosmetic shop. Powdered blue clay with regular use is able to remove striae.

Mask in the form of a cream applied to the skin, wrap with a film and a warm cloth. The procedure is carried out for about an hour several times a week. As a result, the skin is renewed and comes in tone.


Ground coffee and coarse sea salt mixed with any kind of vegetable oil. RUB the mixture into the skin of the buttocks before water treatments. This method will remove dead skin tissue, prostimulirujte circulation.

Is it possible to remove the old

Visually the old striae appear as discolored scars. They strongly stand out against the skin, as in atrophied areas have no melanin. To remove old scars on buttocks possible. But the effect depends on the physiology of man and old stretch marks themselves.

Correction of old stretch marks on the priest is using:

  • creams containing hyaluronic acid and retinol;
  • badyagi – freshwater sponges, which grinds fine scrub particles and striae;
  • the above-described laser method;
  • surgery – abdominoplasty. Radical method of resection of atrophy and drooping of the tissues of the abdomen.

It is better to start getting rid of scars without hesitating, when I felt itching on the skin. In this case, it is not tricky household methods of fight will be enough.

Will it help exercises

To remove scars on the priest with the help of physical exercises is impossible. Sporting events can only add the skin elasticity and get rid of cellulite.

But to ignore exercise not worth it. It’s the perfect way to prevent stretch marks and maintain the buttocks area in good shape.

Why itchy

The symptoms of itching and the desire to itch – a sure sign of stretching of the skin. Delicate epidermis is torn, creating discomfort. Unfortunately, soon threatened by the appearance of unsightly red or blue stripes. As affected by the lack of collagen and elastin.

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Insufficient synthesis of these components is most often seen in:

  1. people with physically strenuous work;
  2. professional athletes;
  3. people with diseases of the endocrine system;
  4. pregnant.

Remember! If the time to recognize the symptoms of the appearance of stretch marks and to begin to moisten the epithelium, scarring may not occur.


To prevent is easier than to cure. But often the stretch marks did not manifest itself at the initial stage. Only after a while the woman notices the hateful scar tissue. Be vigilant and check the condition of the skin.

Preventive measures to prevent stretch marks:

  1. should avoid dryness of the skin. Regularly use scrubs, moisturizing and nourishing creams for problem areas;
  2. in adolescence, the need to avoid excessive physical exertion, as this time is favorable for the occurrence of minor wounds;
  3. proper nutrition has not been canceled. A sharp change in body weight causes stretch marks on the butt;
  4. the elasticity of the skin support massage «in duet» with essential oils;
  5. bath with sea salt actively tones the skin. For high efficiency adds at least glass;
  6. moderate exercise will give the muscles tone and strengthen the skin.

The problem of stretch marks on the ass is not a disaster. To remove them is quite real, the main thing – patience. Observe the regularity or consistency and getting rid of striae will not keep you waiting!

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