Stretch marks on legs — how to remove how to get rid of, at home

Many women faced with such a nuisance like stretch marks on the legs, which spoil the appearance and are forced to wear long clothes. Many interested in the issues — why they depend for their emergence, and how this can be dealt with.

What it is

At the initial stage the appearance of stretch marks (striae) skin start to itch and pink. When there was a subcutaneous rupture, the strip formed of a convex shape with shades of red or purple.

These stretch marks respond well to correction, if the time to start proper treatment. Even at home it is possible to achieve their complete disappearance, using low-budget tools.

Over some time, stretch marks are flat and bright.

In the sunlight, stretch marks don’t tan and look more bright against the background of natural color. This is because in place of subcutaneous rupture occurs the formation of melanin.

Such old scars from the skin can be removed completely only cosmetic procedures. The use of folk remedies in this form only slightly reduce visible defect.

Stretch marks can appear on the surface of the body where the skin is well stretched.

But in most cases they are formed where there is more subcutaneous fat, namely:

  1. hip,
  2. chest
  3. belly
  4. Boca,
  5. waist
  6. calves and shoulders.

Such a defect without treatment after a certain period of time can become not so noticeable, but it will take more than one year.

When there

The physiology of such a flaw of the skin is insufficient production of substances (collagen and elastin), responsible for the skin’s ability to stretch and comes in the form of the initial size. The reasons for this are many.

And before you start to get rid of them, we need to understand why they occur.

A qualified technician, having learned the factors contributing to the appearance of stretch marks, choose appropriate equipment and methods of correction.

Most often stretch marks on legs appear for violation of metabolic processes in the body, hormonal imbalances, this is preceded by:

  • excess levels of progesterone in women, inhibiting the production of collagen. This phenomenon often occurs during pregnancy, menopause, puberty. Due to the rapid at this time, increasing of body mass gaps occur fabric fibers;
  • violations in the work of the pancreas and thyroid glands, adrenal glands, which change the hormonal system in the body. This causes a reduction of collagen;
  • genetic syndrome Marfana. In this disease a person has a defective gene affecting the connective tissue. As a result, they are not very elastic;
  • the syndrome of Ehlers-Danlos. When such pathology is the overproduction of collagen, which is the root cause for appearance of stretch marks. The symptoms in this syndrome are expressed by intensive growth on the body and face, back pain and weight gain without any preconditions. Stretch marks in this case have a darker hue than usual;
  • the use of hormonal drugs, including contraceptives, intake of steroids by athletes to gain muscle mass;
  • hyperadrenocorticism in adolescents. This pathology is expressed in excessive production of a hormone (cortisol) Deplete the protein. This process has a negative impact on tissue structure, forming a stripe-like defects for all skin, but more often forming striae.
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Also the factors that trigger the formation of stretch marks include:

  • rapid set and loss of weight;
  • heredity;
  • the lack of a balanced diet and the violation of drinking regime. With insufficient consumption of essential nutrients, especially protein, the skin is stretched worse;
  • strong physical exertion, which is achieved by a sharp set of muscle mass. Skin can not keep up the growth rate of weight gain, therefore she is injured. Stretch marks are formed in only those athletes who have a low level of elasticity of the skin is determined genetically.

How to remove stretch marks on legs

Currently, unfortunately, not invented method and means that would help to quickly get rid of stretch marks. But there are some effective ways proven by numerous positive reviews. After their application has been marked improvement, and in some cases they say about the complete disappearance of stretch marks.

The ways rid stretch marks:

  1. Laser therapy. Using a special fractional laser stretch marks can make them not as noticeable and some are completely removed. For maximum effect it is required to undergo such procedures. The number is determined by the severity of the problem and skin type.
  2. Ointments, lotions, gels. Today the market is full of different types and manufacturers of tools in the fight against stretch marks. However, specialists recommend their use as preventive measures or treatment in the initial stages.
  3. Mesotherapy. This method is most popular. It consists in the fact that the specialist made a mix of medicinal preparations that are injected under the skin with a special roller with a large number of fine small needles. With such a method produces collagen and elastane at the break.
  4. Cosmetic surgery. Surgery is indicated only when the stretch is large and the skin in these areas too limp. In this case, the surgeon removes the sagging skin, subcutaneous fat and part of the stretch marks.
  5. The chemical peeling. If such a procedure on the stretched skin applied chemicals that cause further damage and death. After that is the healing process where aktiviziruyutsya and reproduce healthy skin cells. The disadvantages of this method are connected with the possible formation of scars and pigmentation.
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What you can do at home

When stretch marks on legs with the holistic approach of treatment, an excellent result gives a massage.

Very good effect can be obtained by combining this procedure with peeling, wrap, or use of medical cosmetics.

Massage increases blood circulation and promotes rapid and full flow of active substances into the deeper layers of the skin.

There are several types of massage that you can perform at home:

  1. Honey. This requires patting motions to apply on the stretch marks a little honey. Continue this action until all the honey is absorbed into the skin. After this massage, take a warm shower without using soap tools.
  2. Cupping. The effect of this massage is aimed not only at combating stretch marks, but cellulite. He performed a special jars sold in pharmacies. It is recommended to make steamed skin after a bath. You then need to take a cold shower.
  3. Manual. It is considered to be a preventative measure in the fight against stretch marks. It is necessary, when there are preconditions for them. This massage is performed with essential oils pinched fingers. Stretch the skin is impossible, as she, and so has a tendency to stretch.
  4. Hydromassage. This procedure is performed not only in the prevention but also already formed stretching on the skin. You can perform a contrast shower at home or underwater massage in a specialized center. In combination with other treatments soften the scarring and returns elasticity to the skin.

To remove stretch marks on legs at home you can use body wraps. A very effective and efficient procedure. For the application of this method requires the polyethylene and special active ingredients acting on the problem areas.

With the aid of polyethylene creates a greenhouse effect that increases the temperature level at which there is an active skin absorption of nutrients and therapeutic substances. For wraps against stretch marks, use dead sea mud, chocolate, seaweed, clay.

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According to the recommendations of the experts, the most effective in the fight against stretch marks, there are seaweed wraps. As in brown algae (kelps) is alginic acid and other beneficial trace elements and substances that make the skin elastic and firm.

Very useful warm baths in the treatment of stretch marks. A bath will help to relax and relieve stress. Adding to nourishing moisturizers, algae, essential oils (geranium, nutmeg, orange, frankincense) skin will become softer and aktiviziruyutsya the cell renewal process. These baths should be taken three times a week for at least 20 minutes.


Any disease is better to prevent than to treat, and stretch marks on legs is no exception. In order to avoid the possible appearance of stretch marks you need to follow some recommendations:

  • constantly adhere to proper nutrition. The diet should contain only nutritious foods. Insufficient intake of nutrients and water adversely affects the skin, making them dry and less elastic. This increases the risk of breaking fibers of the epidermis;
  • be sure to exercise to maintain a good level of fitness. In their absence, the skin becomes flabby and saggy, which increases the likelihood of stretch marks;
  • during pregnancy not to neglect the means of prevention of skin diseases. You can consult the gynecologist for selection of the special complex against stretch marks.

Fulfilling these recommendations it is possible to prevent the appearance of stretch marks or reduce their number.

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