Stretch marks on legs in teenagers — causes, treatment

The period of maturation of teenagers is almost always accompanied by unpleasant changes such as the appearance of acne, odors and so on. But not everyone knows that 10 out of 100 children in this period, there are stretch marks (or striae). This article will tell you about the causes, treatment, types and prevention of stretch marks.


Causes of stretch marks on legs of adolescents correspond to the reasons for the appearance of any stretch marks at all. Find out from what appeared stretch marks is not easy, however there are a number of accepted medical reasons.

  1. A weak immune system. From-for infringements of work of immune system, the skin loses its elasticity, which leads to the appearance of stretch marks.
  2. Hormonal failure. Disease, the consequence of which will be the hormonal Foundation that is a prerequisite to the formation of stretch marks.
  3. The predisposition. If parents and close relatives are faced with the problem of stretch marks, there is a high likelihood of their child. The right decision parents will be requested to carry out prevention.
  4. Growth spurt. With a sharp acceleration in the growth of your baby is not gaining weight. Skin, without having to adjust, thinner, and much stretched and I have stretch marks.
  5. Lack of muscle mass. The lack of muscle mass lead to the formation of stretch marks on the back. It’s not just become unpleasant consequence, but can lead to serious health challenges, so the appearance of stretch marks on the back should consult a doctor.
  6. The breast growth. Often stretch marks covering the Boobs of girls during the period of its growth. They do not apply to the rest of the body and easily disappear with proper treatment.
  7. Overweight. A big weight provokes the stretching of the skin and appearance of stretch marks.

How to look

The size and color of puffs depends on the duration of their appearance and skin type. The colors help to know when there is striae. If they were formed less than a month ago, are red in color. Six months later, the color becomes pink.

Difficult to remove white – the oldest of the subcutaneous stretch marks.

The body of a teenager is treatable much easier than the adult organism, therefore a competent solution capable of removing any scars.

How to treat stretch marks on Teens legs

Treatment of stretch marks on the legs in adolescents may include several techniques: mesotherapy, laser resurfacing, creams, vitamins, and folk remedies.


This is one of the most used and effective ways to remove stretch marks. In addition, it is recognized as painless and safe, so is suitable not only for adults but also for teenagers.

Small-depth special thin needle injected medication that stimulates the regeneration of damaged skin. Conduct the following procedure twice a month and the course lasts approximately six months.

For this therapy there are contraindications:

  • the inflammatory process at the injection of the medication;
  • diseases associated with blood clotting;
  • herpes;
  • colds and increase the body temperature of the disease.

It is better not to carry out the mesotherapy in the summer. And before the procedure you should consult with your doctor.

Laser skin resurfacing

It is more expensive, but very fast procedure, which in just one session you can remove all stretch marks.

Lasts sanding, usually not more than an hour. However, it may be accompanied by burning sensation. Also possible adverse effects: redness or swelling of the skin.

The main advantage of this procedure is time. While mesotherapy, vitamins, the use of creams and folk remedies will take several months, with all the laser resurfacing of scars and stretch marks will disappear within two weeks after just one treatment. Prior to sanding, be sure to visit a dermatologist, and then limiting exposure to the sun.


First and foremost, doctors recommend to use to treat stretch mark creams.

Their main advantage – the minimum number of contraindications and easy to use.

In addition, the cream does not cause discomfort and use it daily.

Now sell special creams for stretch marks for teenagers. If the skin of the child is very sensitive, hypoallergenic types. The most natural components, and therefore have minimal negative effects have creams for pregnant women.


To slow down the formation of new stretch marks and reduce the visibility of already existing need to pick the right vitamins.

  1. Vitamin A. is Having subsidiary influence on the formation and growth of the body and also bone tissue. Strengthens the immune system and regenerates cell exchange. Eggs, cod liver oil, orange fruits, vegetables, greens, liver and dairy products rich in vitamin A.
  2. Vitamin C. Protects from the negative effects of the radicals, and synthesize collagen, promotes the strength of the subcutaneous tissues and is a powerful antioxidant. Citrus, walnut, strawberry, kiwi, cauliflower, peas, black currants are rich in vitamin C.
  3. Vitamin d Regulates pituitary, thyroid and adrenal glands, strengthens muscle and bone. Cheese, butter, sunflower oil, egg yolks, cheese, potatoes, seafood, and oatmeal are rich in vitamin D.
  4. Vitamin e Ensures the elasticity and firmness of the skin, synthesizing hormones, restore the immune system. Promotes the absorption of vitamin A. Vegetable oil, nuts, cereals, soya and dairy products are rich in vitamin E.
  5. Vitamin K Regulates blood clotting and promotes skin elasticity. Vegetables, mushrooms, plum, kiwi, strawberry, avocado and green tea are rich in vitamin K.

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Traditional methods

If the treatment of stretch marks on the legs in adolescents «scientific» methods, i.e. creams and vitamins don’t help, then it’s time to resort to folk methods. These methods are also suitable for those who prefer to use for the treatment of only natural materials.

Popular methods of treatment include:

  • a variety of masks with seaweed, honey, oatmeal, cucumber, aloe juice, clay and so on;
  • rubbing natural oils: linseed, olive, sunflower, grapeseed, apricot; you can add essential oils: sandalwood, aniseed, lemon, lavender, ginger, orange etc.;
  • exfoliating the skin peeling from sea salt, sugar, baking soda, ground coffee, essential oils of citrus;
  • different wraps: clay, chocolate, leaves of kelp, cacao, Shilajit, etc.;
  • massage different types: vacuum cupping, smoothing with stretch marks cream, honey, pinch of oil, and so on.

These procedures can be easily done at home. Not only do they stop the process of the appearance of stretch marks, but also make the skin more supple, toned, smooth and velvety.


Nobody is able to determine when a person will have stretch marks on the body. You can eliminate some of the prerequisites of their appearance, for example, in weight gain. But without the proper prevention to avoid the probability of the appearance of stretch marks or minimize their number is impossible.

Despite the fact that prevention is absolute certainty will not, in any case it will make the skin more elastic and healthy. On the feet they appear most often in the hips, so in these places, along with her Breasts, belly and buttocks, you should pay special attention.

  1. Food is the primary process, which needs to be taken. Because of the lack of necessary for skin regeneration substances have many defects, one of which is the formation of stretch marks. Girls in adolescence should not get involved diets for weight loss because they can cause more serious problems of the body than the appearance of stretch marks.
  2. Should be wary to perform physical activities, because as a result of excessive muscular effort, the skin gets microtrauma that cause the appearance of stretch marks.
  3. Those areas in which the formation of stretch marks more likely to self-massage. For this purpose there are many cosmetic products. But they must be used strictly in accordance with the age limit, as some drugs can cause damage to young skin.
  4. Excellent means of prevention are douches, bath with iodized salt and the swimming.

Thus, despite the fact that stretch marks do not cause adolescents physical harm, they can be the cause of emotional stress and also lead to more serious problems. Therefore to prevent stretch marks is to prevent, and in their education to carry out proper and timely treatment.

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