Stretch marks on thighs — how to remove what appear, red, white

Translated from the Latin language striae – stripes. They are called atrophic scars. In the spoken language found in both their name – stretching. As if this problem is not known, a defect that is formed on the skin of different parts of the body and manifests itself in the form of strips of various lengths and widths with color from white to red-violet color.

Stretch marks tend over time to become discolored. They change colour slowly – it can take a few months or several years.

From what appear

Women often suffer from the problem of the formation of skin stretch marks than men. From the appearance of such a defect is not insured by any one person, but everyone has the strength to prevent their formation or to reduce the degree of imbalance between tissue of the dermis via a range of media and products.

The main causes of stretch marks in women:

  • breastfeeding (striae appear on the Breasts);
  • pregnancy (due to hormonal changes a woman rapidly gaining weight, resulting in stretch marks can form on the thighs and on the abdomen);
  • heredity (if blood relatives have never faced such a problem, and the next generation of it can be avoided, which is not true of the descendants, relatives of which stretch marks arise);
  • prolonged medication from the group of glucocorticoids (long specific admission provokes obesity, which is accompanied by the appearance of stretch marks);
  • stressful situation;
  • disorders in the endocrine system (certain diseases lead to the fact that a person starts obesity, accompanied by the formation of striae).

Why have men:

  • quick weight gain, in which the skin does not have time to stretch as it should be (a problem relevant for men, disparagingly referring to his food);
  • uncontrolled physical activity to increase muscle size (men bodybuilders, often don’t control the process of increasing muscle mass, and rapid increase in tearing of the fibres of the skin);
  • inherited predisposition;
  • disorders in the pancreas (such violations provoke the formation in the body of cortisol which affects connective tissue of the skin, weakening them);
  • bad habits – Smoking and alcohol;
  • medication belonging to the group of steroid hormones (their excessive use leads to obesity, because of which the body I have stretch marks).

The main causes of stretch marks in teenagers:

  • hormonal changes;
  • a sharp increase the body;
  • improper diet, accompanied by obesity.
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Location of stretch marks, you can determine the possible cause of their formation. If stretch marks have the form of strips, arranged vertically, then the most common causes can be rapid weight gain or pregnancy. The horizontal arrangement and hormonal disorders.

Represent any danger

Stretch marks are not dangerous to human health, they are unable to inflict physical damage. It is not a disease and not even some independent disease. Stretch marks are a cosmetic defect which does not look aesthetically pleasing, and therefore causes a lot of problems and inconveniences for adults, women and men, and teenagers.

The appearance of stretch marks can warn people about that with health something not so. In particular, they are a great indicator in respect of violations of the endocrine system.

If a clear link with the appearance of stretch marks and stretching of the skin is not visible when there is no apparent reason for their formation, it is advisable to visit the doctor-endocrinologist, pass the appropriate examination to identify the causes of the skin defects.

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The types and their characteristics

Atrophic scars occur predominantly in the chest, abdomen, and thighs. If men are a problem are not very critical, then for women the formation of stretch marks, for example, on the thighs can be a real disaster.

Stretch marks formed on the skin of the thighs can be:

  • multiple;
  • single.

Experts divide the stretch on the types and types depending on what body parts they were formed. But there is a common group that summarizes all of the classification.

Modern medicine identifies the following types of stretch marks on thighs:

  • the surface (filamentous) is the fresh, thin stretch marks, some of which in consequence can not expand (their distinctive features: smooth surface, easy to eliminate);
  • shallow – this stretch marks are formed below the upper layers of the epidermis, they fall relative to the skin level by about 1 mm, their depth is not more than 1.5 mm and a width of 1 mm or more (striae of this species can have both horizontal and vertical, and intersect at any angle);
  • deep corruption exposed deeper layers of the epidermis, stretch marks can be formed even in subcutaneous adipose tissue (scarring uneven surface such, they fall relative to the level of the skin for 3-8 mm, are formed mainly in places where a thick layer of subcutaneous fat of buttocks, thighs, abdomen).

Stretch marks, age not exceeding six months, are young and are more receptive to treatment. The older the stretch marks, the more difficult to get rid of them.


If stretch marks on thighs red, it says that the internal gap of the skin is fresh.

The connective tissue had not yet formed that gives the opportunity for qualitative getting rid of the problem by medical and cosmetic intervention.

The color of the stretch marks in the red may indicate disrupted the cells that synthesize elastin and collagen.


If stretch marks on thighs white, this suggests that the connective tissue is fully formed and will now be harder to get rid of the defect.

Stretch marks white to bother those people, that time has not started therapeutic interventions. To resolve the problem will have to be patient, but no one can guarantee a positive result from therapeutic and cosmetic activities.

Stretch marks become white color a few years after their formation. The greatest effect of their elimination is observed at earlier stages.

How to remove stretch marks on thighs

Experts say that the removal yield of both new and old stretch marks. It is a stipulation that to get a quick and guaranteed result it is necessary to resort to clinical methods of getting rid of stretch marks.

Today all advertised products and means intended for getting rid of stretch marks are ineffective. Their action aims at accelerating the maturation and discoloration of scars, but to reduce the size of stretch marks, these funds are not able to.

Therefore, experts recommend the use of such drugs for prevention and not for treatment of stretch marks.

Modern dermatologists believe: the younger the stretch marks formed on the hips, the easier it is to carry out activities to adjust the level and tone of the skin. It is therefore recommended to proceed with the action in the earliest stages of education issues.

In the clinic

Practice shows that not all of the methods in treating and removing stretch marks from the thighs can yield positive results.

Given the limited number of opportunities to correct the problem, it is advisable immediately to resort to effective treatment, and not to waste time on alternative techniques that do not bring results.

Effective methods of eliminating stretch marks from the thighs:

  • radio frequency therapy;
  • a laser peel;
  • mesotherapy;
  • chemical peeling;
  • grinding;
  • dermabrasion;
  • surgery.

Experts before delivering radiofrequency therapy, send the patient for a checkup. Upon detection of the chronic diseases such a procedure is contraindicated. If chronic disease is not detected, the treatment will be from 10 to 13 weeks.

Laser and chemical peel in the fight against striae on the hips is rather difficult. To avoid pain, the patient is local or General anesthesia.

Dermabrasion is showing positive results, as confirmed by numerous studies.

On the effectiveness of resurfacing and mesotherapy experts disagree. The results of the methods are quite controversial because of their specific features techniques.

At home

In addition to medication treatment and a variety of cosmetic procedures, many people prefer to get rid of stretch marks on the hips by means of folk medicine recipes and recommendations which will not be difficult to implement and to comply at home.

But various folk methods, which involves the use of oils, berries, vegetables and other products, unable to rid the skin of stretch marks. Such methods can be used only as a preventive measure.


Prevention of the formation of stretch marks based on fairly simple principles:

  • support moisture and elasticity of the skin (drink more water and reduce salt intake);
  • proper nutrition, which includes all the essential vitamins and minerals;
  • water treatments and massage.

The path is a list of preventive measures, and small, but these guidelines do help to minimize the problem of the stretch marks.

The before and after photos