Stretch marks — remedy, ointment, causes, how to remove how to treat

Stretching is a deformation of its individual segments, accompanied by a uniform change of the natural topography of the skin surface and change its pigmentation in areas of education.

This disease is also known as striae, atrophy stripy/atrophoderma. Manifested in the form of numerous uneven lanes flowing in one direction. In color, they can vary from red-purple to white and colorless.

The average person the manifestation of stretch marks often falls on the abdominal, femoral, gluteal part of the skin. During intensive training they are possible in other areas.

Causes of

The nature of these manifestations are different, but all the makings are reduced to one traumatic factor. Knots are formed due to multiple microtrauma, arising from the stretching of individual sections of the skin.

Consider the reasons more:

  1. Pregnancy. The increase in size of the womb leads to stretching of the tissues of the abdomen. In the lower part formed a strong tension, which leads to numerous breaks capillaries and tissue structures. Also, when feeding knotty structure sometimes occur in the Breasts.
  2. Intense weight gain. The formation of stretch marks occur in places where skin is most exposed to stress (on the thighs in the groin area, nizhnemrasskaya area, the area of the forearm). This also contributes to deteriorating due to charge compression circulation, the result is fragility, loss of elasticity.
  3. Dramatic weight loss. To maintain an attractive form of women very often resort to various diets. When reducing the total weight of the food body cover is deteriorating, which is reflected in its quality. Experts recommended techniques that allow you to lose weight more than 2% of the physical weight per day.
  4. Adolescent growth. In the period of active growth of bone tissue do not always have time to develop in proportion. Because gipercortitizma processes arise in areas of increased skin tension, their many tears in places the bone stretching.
  5. Sedentary lifestyle, physical restriction of movement and frequent stays in static postures (Desk work, lying in bed due to long illness, etc.). Continuous distribution of the tional weight to the restricted area provokes atrophy of its protein mass and feeding tubules, microtrauma.
  6. Failures hormone secretion, processes of chemical imbalance. Catalysts: deviations of the menstrual cycle, the vast gormonoterapii diseases or medications, chemical poisoning substances depressing the hormonal system, etc.
  7. Genetic predisposition. «Bad skin» sometimes the person since birth, what is the generic disease (passed to the child from the parent with the gene at conception).

Depending on the nature of occurrence, the individual characteristics of the skin stretch marks are accompanied by different symptoms, have their own classification. Will produce a detailed analysis.

The types and their characteristics

Classification of atrophic scars gives an idea about their origin, stage of neglect, the choice of methods of treatment. Therefore it includes several subgroups, in order to form a clearer view about the complication.

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The distinction between nodes and the structure:

  • whisker – a shallow strip of whitish color;
  • the scars is a pale pinkish scar nodules;
  • longitudinal – similar to thready, but at the beginning of the symptoms are blue-Burgundy texture, eventually decreasing until complete discoloration.

Range scar of education tend to white or red shades. The presence of the latter indicates poor blood permeability in the areas of their manifestation, and purple – microscopic tears blood flows, the stagnation derived from the system of circulation of blood in the scars.

According to the position relative to the axis of the body, the manifestations is determined by the factor of their origin:

  • horizontal – often occur when hormonal failure;
  • longitudinal (vertical) is observed during pregnancy or weight gain.

Stage color blends:

  • pigmented nodes, purple or red, is typical seen in primary scarring;
  • with further progression occurs segmental clouding, fading, or fading (the main cast often does not disappear).

Scar formation also occurs in stages:

  1. The manifestation of the scar contour with a slight inflammation often aggressively contrasting red or purple coloring.
  2. On the surface of the skin is formed without ridges white stripe or knotted spot, not having deformation characteristics by palpation (feeling).
  3. Aliasing is absent, but palpation revealed a slight thickening in the upper layers of the skin (no color saturation or deep dyschromia).
  4. White scar, a step width of 1, more inches.

Consideration of these evaluation criteria enables correct diagnosis. Based on its selected most appropriate by the attending drug.

How to choose the right tool

The main risk is extraordinary:

  • boys
  • young and expectant mothers,
  • office staff,
  • athletes (armwrestlers, bodybuilders, weightlifters),
  • people with physical limitations
  • pensioners, etc.

The most common medicines from stretch marks creams.

In principle, they are divided into 2 groups:

  • warning the emergence of scars,
  • masking them.

If the risk of nodal elements is known in advance (increased muscle/fat mass, the growth of the abdomen of a pregnant woman multiple increase daily loads), it is recommended to start applying the cream from the 1st group. In other cases, when symptomatic therapy is required — from 2-nd group.

When choosing a cream, special emphasis should be done on its ingredients. Its basis should be herbal ingredients. Staff should be well moistened and have regenerative properties.

What is contained in creams, warning/treating stretch marks:

  • acid, collagen — they increase the strength of skin tissues, reduce the risk of damage by mechanical manipulation.
  • essential/vegetable oils, extracts of algae, plants or microorganisms, vitamins A, E, panthenol connection – create a daily moisturizing and cushioning effect;
  • regenerating the synthetic drugs – provided, of all compositions, but their presence has a positive effect on the treatment of severe scarring of the skin.

The main objectives of cream

  1. strengthening,
  2. increased flexibility,
  3. the reduction in time to restore the integrity of the problem areas.
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Since most of the components have a simple vegetable category, contraindications to such creams little (they are only possible with the personal intolerance of individual components).

Special attention is compounds that can be rubbed on the surface of the breast during the suckling of the baby. Their presence in the market is numerous, and it is presented in different pricing.

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Review ointments against stretch marks on the skin

For clarity, we consider the structures of some brands, which you can treat stretch marks.


Cream with broad action on the basis of almond oil.


  • moisturizing,
  • recovery
  • natural antiseptic.

Its membership also includes:

  1. bessmennyi naphthalene,
  2. urea,
  3. salicylic acid,
  4. D-panthenol,
  5. Sophora japonica extract.

Rubbed a thin layer up to 3 times/day, completely absorbed. Main course: from 2 weeks to a month.


Cheap effective remedy.


  • sesame oil,
  • aloe Vera
  • beeswax,
  • Tulsi,
  • Asada and Tankan Bhasma,
  • neutral basis.

Recommended for expectant and new moms. Has no obvious contraindications.


In a simple composition (retrocecal, regestril, water) is effective even against old string clusters. Harmless to any skin type and consumer. Perfectly suited to care during pregnancy.


A powerful remedy for stretch marks on the skin. The complex of vegetable oils, extracts of citrus and seaweed are effective and harmless in the fight against any signs of scarring and replacement of the natural pigmentation. Disadvantage – high cost.

Green Mama

Based on the algae:

  • spirulina
  • kelp.

All-natural. Has drainage properties and high permeability, thereby also supports the upper muscle layers.


Created on the basis of water from hot springs, making it rich in mineral compounds. Excellent supplier of collagen. Removes even the most advanced stretch for 3-4 months. Designed for all groups of patients.

Pharmacology now has available hundreds of different items, similar in principle of operation and application, as above. Consider how to apply them.

How to treat

Time of treatment of the stretch marks depend on the extent of their neglect. Sometimes it takes several months. At this development treating creams is recommended to be changed, applying each not more than a specified instruction of the course (upon completion of usage of one is better to make a break of 5-7 days, limiting cosmetic moisture).

During pregnancy, selection of therapy better be watch physician or gynecologist. If this is not possible – it is necessary to ensure the safety of the whole and of the individual components.

To soothe and restore the skin widely used vegetable oil. But their use is not recommended due to the high concentration of active minerals.

The main types of used oils:

  • Coconut oil, Mirali, Shea butter, germinated wheat, jojoba, olive – a natural moisturizer rich in vitamins E and A;
  • Cocoa butter, orange, Mandarin, and contain trace elements that helps to smooth out scar accumulations and heal the epidermal damage;
  • Essential oils are plant-based (lavender, carrot seed, immortelle, neroli, Jasmine, rose, etc.).
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Ointments based on them can be purchased at the pharmacy or make your own, mixed with baby lotion for massage: 1 tbsp./l. 2-3 drops of oily substances.


The scope of preventive measures is a comprehensive health support. Active lifestyle, eating healthy meals, observance of hygienic rules, and keeping track of hormonal balance is the basis of prevention of conditions for formation of the first striae.

In the sedentary lifestyle will be useful to develop a physical form in the form of daily light gymnastics or Jogging in the morning. Adoption after sport cool shower will harden the skin and will create the first preconditions for the normalization of its condition.

It is important to monitor the moisture content of the skin. Periodically it is necessary to use moisturizing lotions, ointments and creams for dry, drying masks when hyperplanes (for example, illness «goose bumps»).

To preserve hormonal stability and the integrity of the immune system, it is necessary to pay attention to the power and abundance: the food should include plenty of ingredients that creates a balance between proteins and fats, animal and vegetable fiber, such as the vitamins a, C and E.

The best prevention for weightlifters and other athletes:

  1. to prevent excessive single loads,
  2. to adhere to the developed system of training,
  3. to maintain the desired level of proteins and vitamins.

To maintain immune stability apply immunostimulatory and hormones.

With weight loss or pregnancy to preserve the elasticity is recommended to drink the juice of pumpkin and carrot. They saved the set epistemology vitamins that will help to strengthen and protect skin tissue from destruction and nodular formations anomalies.

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