• Components of sugar syrup is water, sugar and lemon juice products, available to every woman.
  • The components of the syrup does not cause allergies, lemon juice can replace citric acid or not use at all.
  • Lemon juice nourishes the skin with vitamins, contributes to the discoloration of age spots.
  • The method allows to remove hair without the risk of skin trauma.
  • Well captured short hairs, to 5 mm long.
  • Sugar paste does not need to be warmed up, the procedure is performed at body temperature, because there is no risk of burns.

  • Long-lasting effect: hair is starting to grow back two weeks later after the procedure, the hair grows thinner and lighter.
  • Sugar paste, if cooked right, well grabs the hair and pulls him so that he was removed from the root and not break off. Because the hair starts to grow through a large period of time.
  • Due to removal of hair of the upper layer of the epidermis, the sugar paste acts as a scrub and helps to prevent ingrown hairs.
  • Sugar paste, unlike wax easily washed off the skin with water.


  • acute bacterial, viral or fungal diseases of the skin;
  • chronic skin disease;
  • violation of the integrity of the skin in the shugaring;
  • varicose veins;
  • papilloma;
  • decompensated diabetes mellitus.

Pregnancy is not an absolute contraindication to the procedure. But it should be remembered that sugaring should be given in pregnancy only if the procedure is tolerated easily, and if the pregnancy is without complications.


Before the procedure, you must grow hair on 4-5 mm, otherwise they hardly will be captured sugar paste. A few days before hair removal by sugar can be easily pokerpirate the skin.

On the day of the it is advisable not to use a drying lotion or greasy creams.

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In most cases, the epidural before removing body hair is not required. For hair removal from the face and sensitive areas like underarms or bikini area, you can use the cream «EMLA» which has analgesic effect.

How is the procedure

In the salon hair removal procedure is carried out in several stages. In the first stage, the skin is treated with special lotion, which disinfects and degreases the skin. Then on the skin you can apply a small amount of talc. Cotton pad glides over the skin hair raised above the skin in order to make them easier to capture.

The second stage is heated to help melting wax faster sugar paste to body temperature. In the salons uses the sugar paste, which can be a different consistency, so you can choose it for different parts of the body and different lengths of hair.

Paste of standard consistency is meant for hair removal from 2 mm on the skin of any type. Used shugaring bikini and armpits. Soft is used for dry skin and long hair. The warmed paste is applied on skin against the hair growth. For some time the sugar mass solidifies, locking the hair.

Removed sugar weight sharp movement in hair growth. In some cases, on top of the sugar mass is glued a strip wax for easy removal sugar hair.

In the third stage, the remains of sugar washed with water. At the end of the procedure the skin is applied a special lotion, anti-inflammatory action and slow hair growth.

Video: Sugar waxing

Skin care after

The first 6-12 hours after the procedure the skin should not be wet. The first 2-3 days do not take a hot bath, better to have a warm shower. Hot water can cause the increase of inflammation in the form of red dots in the place of hair removal. Also it is not necessary to visit the sauna and Solarium. At this time it is not necessary to visit the pool as chlorinated water can enhance the redness. After four or five days after the procedure, you can easily pokerpirate the skin to prevent ingrown hairs. Then peeling can be repeated every 3-4 days. After the scrub, the use of moisturizer.

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In the first few days it is better to limit sports and physical activity, as excessive sweating can trigger pustular rash in the treated areas. To prevent inflammation and rashes from the first day you can use a solution of chlorhexidine.

The consequences

After the procedure shugaring:

  • can be cuts and bruises in the field of hair removal sugar, especially in those places where the blood vessels close to the skin surface;
  • breaking of hair for violation removal technology leads to a rapid regrowth of the hair;
  • redness and irritation after the procedure in the field of hair removal within a few hours or days;
  • ingrown hairs despite all the promises of the masters shugaring; if you have a tendency to ingrown hairs, sugaring is also can cause you ingrown hairs;
  • the result lasts from 3 weeks, then needed a second procedure.

Prices in Moscow

Area The cost in rubles
upper lip 200
armpit 400
Shin 600
feet completely 900
hands up to the elbow 500
fully hand 700
bikini classic 700
bikini total 1500
belly 300-700
back 300-700
buttocks 700

Video: Training — hair removal sugar paste


Marina: did sugar hair removal. Immediately after the procedure absolute smoothness was not. Master said that after the razor often it happens because hair is hard. Irritation was kept for a long time. Just passed the irritation went ingrown hairs. No scrubs and salitsilovaya acid did not help. Do not go as perfect smoothness I have not received and money spent.

Lena: I after the first procedure shugaring was as rash in teenagers on the face. Now I always use the chlorhexidine. Like easier. But the dark spots after the first treatment on the spot pustules are still.

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Jeanne: I Went on a sugar depilation in a beauty salon only to see what consistency you need to cook pasta and how exactly is the procedure. Before that I read all in the net, I watched the video. Now I will do it myself. Like each procedure costs a little, but such procedures per year 12-15 depending on speed of hair growth. In the end, you still get that house cheaper.

Frequently asked questions

How often to do?

The frequency of treatments is individual and depends on the speed of hair growth. Repeated procedure is needed 3-5 weeks after the first.

Which is better, sugaring or waxing?

There isn’t much difference. The thing is, to find his master, with whom you will be comfortable.

Grow you hair after?

Grow. If you have a tendency to ingrowth. If ingrown hairs appear after shaving, after hair removal with wax, then there is a high probability that they will grow and after shugaring.

How boleznenno procedure?

As much as it hurts to remove them any other way, as the basis of a shugaring pulling hair from the root.

As far as the effect?

Effect after the procedure lasts for 3-5 weeks.

The before and after photos