Superficial peels — what is it, reviews, photos before and after, prices

Depending on the kind of aggressive factor of superficial peels can be:

  • acid;
  • enzyme;
  • mechanical;
  • laser;
  • ultrazvukovoy;
  • mezopiling.


Chemical surface

Among all types of the most effective and affordable what are chemical facial peels. For their conduct, it is sufficient to buy drugs. No expensive equipment is needed. And the effect is excellent.

Enzymatic surface

The most gentle, has fewer contraindications, it is very effective in skin renewal. So it is often used as cosmetic products for home use.

Most often the enzymes in the formula is combined with AHA acids to enhance the effect of the drug on the skin.

Drug name, manufacturer, composition How to use The volume and value
Enzyme-salicylic peeling Stopproblem, Russia. In the composition of enzymes and salicylic acid. The drug applied to the skin for 8-15 minutes, rinse with water.Can be applied under plastic wrap to enhance the effect of the drug.Use 1-2 times a week. 100 ml 150 RUB.
The «enemy» — Russia. Composed of papain, aloe Vera, sea minerals, vitamins E and C. Applied to the face in a thin layer for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with cool water.Use 1-2 times a week. 60 80 ml. RUB.
«Mirra» — its natural composition without paraben. The active ingredient is papain. The gel is applied to the skin for 15-20 minutes and washed off with water. 50 ml. 339 RUB.
GiGi — Contains several different enzymes – papain, lipase, amylase and protease, as well as citric acid, vitamin C and urea to whiten and soften the skin. It can be applied as a normal exfoliation on the face in a thin layer for 10-15 minutes. Can be used as a tool for massage.Rinse with cool water. 150 ml 2600 RUB.
Janssen — part of the family of subtilisin – an enzyme of bacterial origin. Used as skalicka: the drug applied to the skin for 10-15 minutes, and then without the use of water slipping hands from the surface of the skin. 200 ml. of 3400 RUB

Perform enzyme peels and in the cabin, but rarely as a standalone procedure. Usually they are used to prepare the skin for mechanical cleaning or uhodom procedures for deeper penetration of active ingredients of cosmetics into deep skin layers.

The cost of the cabin is 500-2500 rubles depending on the status of the institution and the use of cosmetics.

Surface chemical using acids

Currently, it uses large amounts of acids that have different penetrating ability and have various biological effects on different cells and the processes occurring in the skin.

If we arrange acids according to their degree of aggressive influence on the skin in ascending order, we’ll get this sequence:

  • dairy;
  • phytic;
  • almond;
  • glycol;
  • pyruvic;
  • salicylic;
  • retinol acetate;
  • retinoic.

Separately, there are combination medications for peeling containing several acids in different proportions.

Usually, the acid in these preparations are chosen so to provide the skin the full effect:

  • exfoliating,
  • anti-aging,
  • moisturizing,
  • bleaching, etc.
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The needs and problems of the skin What acid will help
dry, dehydrated, sensitive skin milk, gluconic phytic peels
tight young oily skin with acne in the period of exacerbation salicylic peels, retinol, peeling retinoidy
young combination skin with acne in the period remisio almond, glycolic
skin with rosacea azelaic, phytic, milk
signs of ageing, first wrinkles glycolic, phytic, retinol, retinoidy
the need to whiten the skin, to align the color milk, phytic, azelaic, retinoic, retinoidy
age spots, post-acne kojic acid, lactic, phytic, azelaic, in various combinations, retinoidy, retinol
dark skin almond
to make peeling and immediately go to the people, to go to work almond, gluconic
acne mild almond, retinol, retinoidy
acne disease of moderate and severe salicylic, retinol, retinoidy
age-atonic skin retinoidy, retinol, pyruvic
scars salicylic in increasing concentration, pyruvic, retinoidy, retinol
oily seborrhea of the face, folliculitis salicylic, mandelic, retinoidy, retinol, pyruvic

If we talk about the salon peels, then you need to choose yourself a beautician is not confined to any one, and can pick up peeling my client based on the condition of the skin and its needs, not based on what he (the cosmetician) can do or what he has in stock.

For example, if a beauty parlor client can offer only a superficial peel with glycolic acid and much more effective to address specific problems of the client will be azelaic, salicylic, or any other peel, for my money, the customer will not be able to get the result.

How is the procedure

Here your attention will be presented a General scheme for surface peelings. From different manufacturers it can have its own peculiarities and differences.

Step 1. Preparation of the skin.

This stage involves washing skin with a mild cleanser to remove from the surface of the skin of makeup and impurities. After this can be carried out degreasing of the skin with special lotions, as well as pre-applying a weak acid to prepare the skin to the action of more concentrated drugs.

Usually acidic drugs to prepare for the peeling line the depth of the epidermis and contribute to a more uniform penetration of the skin peeling composition.

After degreasing washing is usually not carried out. If the applied primer composition, it remains washed with water.

Step 2. The application of acid.

Acidic drugs can be gentle and aggressive depending on the purpose of the procedure. Gentle way is applying the product with a brush, a quick light taps.

The aggressive way is to use for the application of peeling of the drug a cotton pad or gauze tampon, which is applied slowly and with pressure.

In the end, depending on the way the skin gets different amount of acid and, accordingly, the effect of the procedure will be different. After the required amount of time the drug is washed off with water.

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Step 3. Final.

The skin can be applied a treatment mask or cream, selected according to skin type.

What else you need to know

In order for the results and the effect of the procedure was not disappointed, you need to understand where the advertising promises and actual information about the possibilities and limitations of each of the types of peels.

Video: a Master class — peeling

Indications and contraindications

Usually, the list of indications to any of the peels are the most common skin problems like:

  • wrinkles,
  • photoaging,
  • the meeting of skin tone,
  • acne
  • acne
  • pigmentation.

Anyone have anything of the above? In fact, for every problem, every skin type, at different ages will be different effective peels.

Glycolic peeling will not have the expected client effect if you use it to remove acne and excessively oily thick oily or combination skin.

Salicylic acid and alcohol, which it is diluted, dry up already dry and dehydrated skin, if we consider as indications for peeling only the presence of acne.

If you do a peeling with fruit acids only to narrow pores, which are themselves large by reason of hypersecretion of sebaceous glands, a significant effect can be expected.

They are perfectly soluble in water, but practically insoluble in fats. Because to fall and accumulate in the required concentrations in the sebaceous glands, they can not. There need salicylic, retinoic or azelaic acid.

Contraindications they also have a lot and they are not limited to intolerance of the drug components. This reception retinoids, and fresh sunburn, and diseases of the internal organs. Because the list of contraindications for each specific peel you must read and respect them in order not to unexpected complications.

Summer peelings

For the summer include milk, gluconic, mandelic peels. Today’s fashionable topic. But most often clients cosmetologists learn only part of the information about the summer scrubs. That can be done in the spring and summer. The information that during the summer peelings can sunbathe and obyazatelno need in order to use sunscreen usually ignored. In the end, the problems from pigmentation to skin cancer.

If you agree to do in the spring and summer, you knowingly doom themselves to permanent residence in the premises, waiver of the beach and the Solarium, the use of funds from SPV 50 or even 80, from which the face becomes white due to the large number of blocking the sun’s light particles as the wife of a samurai.

You can, of course, «forget» to hide the face from the sun. But here we should consider the fact that acids increase the sensitivity of the skin to solar radiation by 50%, and this means that the photodegradation is faster, the risk of pigmentation increases the risk of developing cancer of the skin also increases.

Because the simplest way is to make the procedure in the winter, and in summer to enjoy the sea, nature, sun and rest.

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Number of required procedures

Different manufacturers recommend different number of procedures per course. And the number it can vary significantly depending on the type of skin and individual sensitivity to the treatment. This means that for the treatment of acne salicylic peels can be done in the course of 10 procedures. And in order to rejuvenate, you can do 4-6.

All individually, and it is necessary to focus primarily on their own feelings, not generalized recommendations.

Video: Procedure almond peeling

Care before and after

By itself, the procedure of peeling is not even half of the work to achieve results. The main contribution is a pre-peeling skin preparation and post-peel care. Many people try to save money on skin before and after peeling, but rezultatami they then boast serious can not. Right, those beauticians who do not take clients who do not wish to conduct pre — and popelinsky care. They carry out the procedure only to those customers who can guarantee the outcome, and who then will not discredit the method, leaving negative reviews.

Superficial, middle and deep peels

Depending on the acid used, the peeling can be superficial or only or only mid or only deep. Salicylic peels can only be superficial, trichloroacetic median only, phenolic only deep. The rest is just marketing.

How much is surface peeling

Peeling price in rubles
phytic glycol 15% from 2000
retinol from 5000
retinoidy from 5500
salicylic 30% from 3000
glycolic 40% 4500
glycolic 70% from 5500
pyruvic 50% from 4400
almond 1600
azelaic from 1500


The before and after photos

Photos before and after almond peeling

Photo before and after peeling salicylic acid

Photos before and after enzymatic peeling

Photo before and after laser peel

Photos before and after chemical surface peeling

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