Surgical defloration (medical) — reviews, price, method

The origins of the problem

The hymen (hymen) is a fold of mucous membrane located above the entrance to the vagina. Various women’s anatomical education may have a different structure. The most common options when the elastic fold of the mucosa is sufficient to size the hole for the exit of menstrual blood.

Such a hymen is, as a rule, does not preclude the onset of sexual activity, as stretched or slightly convulsed at the first coitus. Tear may cause mild soreness and release small amounts of blood.

It so happens that the holes in the hymen is small, and the fold of the dense and unyielding. In this case, there are two possible events. Or rupture of the mucosa with profuse bleeding and intense pain, or the woman will turn to a plastic surgeon for a medical defloration, in order to subsequently obtain from sex only positive emotions and experiences.

In the figure bottom left, depicts the worst of the options – complete atresia of the vagina. In this case, the girl has to seek medical help long before the beginning of sexual life, when there are intense unbearable pain in the lower abdomen from the accumulation of menstrual blood during the first menstruation.

This can be shown

  • The girls with dense, thick virgin hymen, in that case, if the first attempt to have sex was painful and did not lead to defloration.

In order not to be exposed to physical or psychological trauma during subsequent attempts, you can contact the clinic for surgery. Bad experience active attempts to break hymen can lead to formation of phobias and vaginismus.

  • The girls who are afraid of pain during the alleged intercourse.

Psychological discomfort and anticipation of pain can lead to increased tone of the muscles of the perineum and vagina. Therefore, even when thin and flexible Plehve sexual intercourse can pass painful.

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  • Women over 25 who only plan to start sexual life.

Usually from 18 to 22 years, the hymen begins to thicken and lose elasticity. With age this process progresses. By age 30, the elasticity of the hymen will be reduced by almost 80%.

  • Girls who prefer homosexual sex.
  • Girls who are shy of the fact that they had no sexual acts in the past.
  • Those girls who have full atresia of the vagina is an inherent feature of the development.

Defloration conducted surgically, allows the girl to avoid the psychological discomfort from having to admit the young man to his inexperience.

How is the procedure

Today surgery on the hymen may be carried out under local anesthesia and General anesthesia.

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Defloration using local anesthetic

The first option is the most common. Use injections of lidocaine or other local anesthetic allows to perform the operation on an outpatient basis. Usually the patient is required to come to the clinic by the time for which the scheduled procedure.

Is intervention in the operating room, where observed complete sterility. Take time all the necessary manipulations about half an hour.

The order of execution of the surgical defloration using local anaesthesia:

  • the patient undresses in the preoperative, hides her hair under a special hat, enters the operating room and placed on a chair for gynecological examinations;
  • the doctor inserts a scope of vagina lidocaine;
  • after a few minutes the surgeon checks the sensitivity in the injection of the anesthetic;
  • when the sensitivity completely disappears, you can start the operation;
  • in a fold of mucous membrane, which forms the hymen with a scalpel or surgical laser small incision if necessary, the part of the tissues of the hymen excised;
  • the surgeon widens the vagina with your fingers and sets the ball;
  • the incision is treated with a solution of anesthetic;
  • the patient sent to the ward for a few hours;
  • after a time, the doctor re-examines the patient and decides on the discharge.
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Under General anesthesia

The anesthesia used in the case where a normal operation to tearing of the hymen have to expand. This can be in cases where, for example, in full imperforate vagina have a vaginal septum or other features of the structure of the genital organs that require correction. After the surgery, performed using General anesthesia, the patient needs to spend in hospital at least a day.

A number of private clinics will offer a choice of anesthesia to the patient. Make the decision worth considering the fact that defloration, which is carried out by surgery is a painless procedure even with the use of local anesthetic.

Painful is only the process of administration of lidocaine. Because the use of drugs for intravenous or inhalation anesthesia in this case is simply not justified, and to bring harm to the body can.

Preparing for surgery

Defloration performed by surgery is considered minor surgery because the list of required tests is small. You need to pass:

  • General and biochemical blood analysis;
  • urinalysis;
  • smear on the vaginal microflora;
  • blood for viral hepatitis, Wasserman, HIV.

Before you decide on surgery, you need to visit a gynecologist who will establish the presence of indications for carrying out medical defloration, will be able to answer all questions related to the upcoming manipulation.


Contraindications to surgery not so much. This:

  • violation of blood coagulability;
  • the presence of inflammatory and sexually transmitted diseases;
  • cancer of the pelvic organs;
  • mental disorders;
  • exacerbation of chronic or acute diseases of the internal organs.

Typically all these contra-indications do not require a waiver surgery. The operation can be deferred to a later date to allow sufficient time to conduct preoperative preparation and correction of the condition of women.

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Postoperative care crotch

Within a few days after surgery in the perineal region of the possible pain and discomfort. Pain is usually of moderate intensity, because usually do not require restriction of mobility or of receiving analgesics.

On the first day possible bleeding from the wounds at the incision site, but the selection is usually slim and quick. In the first week you need to wash after each trip to the toilet to avoid the risk of development of inflammation.

Sex for example, starting 8-10 days after the procedure. Earlier resumption of sexual activity can prolong the healing process.

The cost

Type of medical institution the price of medical defloration
multidisciplinary medical center 2-4 thousand rubles
medical centers of Moscow and St. PETERSBURG 5-10 thousand rubles
status centers 15-20 thousand rubles

Deprivation of virginity by surgery is not technically complicated, because here, again, you can choose a budget option. In any case, the hymen heals after the intervention in such a way that even the gynecologist may not always recognize the defloration, which did not happen naturally.

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