Swimming against cellulite — pool, against, does

Swimming is totally a versatile form of exercise that any person of any age, regular exercise and water sports are a good way to increase health and immunity, and also to improve physical shape.

The effectiveness of this sport in the fight against excess weight has long been known and, based on this fact, many women wonder: does swimming cellulite?

Effect on the body

The main effect of navigation is to overcome the body high resistance and a uniform distribution of physical load on the entire body.

The water 12-15 times denser than air, this means that in order to cut the limb the water, the body has to overcome substantial additional external influence.

However, the specifics of the water allows you to experience the movement more easy and flexible than the air, so there is no such intense stress, as in standard physical exercise.

The result is an intense impact on all organs and systems in the body, due to stress distribution throughout the body.

Occurs simultaneously:

  1. healing,
  2. marine
  3. restorative and massage effect, and everything is in constant motion.

Swimming does not give the threat of static loads, during lessons in the pool quite difficult to «break» your back or damage the muscles of the limbs, trying to achieve the highest possible loads.

General guidelines

Before you start exercising you should consult with your doctor and find out whether this kind of physical loads dangerous to health.

Also before going to the pool will need to provide help from a therapist and dermatologist about the condition, you can practice water sports, and fluoxetine the.

In order to get rid of cellulite, you need to swim in a comfortable for the body of water. Before visiting check with the workers of the pool, which temperature is maintained in the bowl. It should be about 22-28 degrees Celsius. Is the temperature is the most comfortable for the human body.

If the water is colder, it can cause the body is just harder to store fat, running mode of heat preservation and energy saving.


The effectiveness of exercise in the pool will be visible in 4-5 regular hits.


  • improves the condition and respiratory
  • strengthened muscle corset
  • increase the overall resistance of the organism.

Swimming has not only healing, but also the massage effect. Tissues and muscles of the body are constantly to gentle massaging effect. It helps to improve blood circulation, increase the elasticity of blood vessels, accelerating the movement of lymph and the elimination of toxic substances from the body.

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Besides classes in the pool require ongoing strict adherence to the rules of personal hygiene. This means that the body will constantly stay as clean and less affordable for pathological microbial activity.

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Does a simple swimming cellulite

In addition to fun, swimming brings a lot of benefits for those who decide to get rid of extra pounds with the help of this sport.

It is proven that half an hour of intensive swimming burned about 400 calories, and the metabolism is accelerated almost twice. These figures are half higher than those who engaged in running.

Massaging effect navigation beneficial effect on the movement of blood and lymph and helps to cope with edema and congestion, which is the main reason for the formation of «orange peel». Intensive blood flow to the problematic areas helps to improve the elasticity of the fabric, the additional tension of the skin and reduce the intensity of cellulite.

It is important to remember! To lose weight, you need to swim intensely and purposefully, and not floundering in the water, lazily waving his hand. The more work the body while swimming, the more energy is consumed and fat is burned. Long and intense hydro massage will help get rid of cellulite much better salon procedures.

Before you start training, you need to decide what style to choose for swimming. Each of them helps to burn different amount of calories per hour:

  • slow swimming is 150-300;
  • breaststroke – 280-450;
  • butterfly – 300-450;
  • crawl – 350-700.

Also, the result seriously affects directly the speed of swimming. Style rabbit helps to develop the highest possible speed.

Not to be tired, you have to combine different styles approximately 5 minutes.

Such changes in styles will allow you to work on different muscle groups of the body in turn: the crawl will help to strengthen thighs, buttocks and quadriceps, and with the help of brass will take the fat from the inner surface of the legs.

It is best to calculate the small spacing for the whole workout.

Before active movement is necessary to warm up the muscles, preparing them for thus lengthy exercise.

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About five minutes to swim slowly, then 1 minute chosen style quickly, after half a minute again slowly or at medium speed.

Such intervals must be strictly sequential – that seriously increases the effectiveness of training and orderly mechanical effect on the problem areas. The more repetitions – the better the result.

To complete the exercise gradually for ten minutes, turning at slow swimming, allowing the body to soothe overworked muscles. At the same time sharply lowering a load is impossible.

Exercises Aqua aerobics

Aaoaenoua is not only an excellent form of workout and intense physical impact, but also the perfect replacement for swimming for those who, unfortunately, does not know how to tread water.

Such exercises in the water allows you to get used to as immersion and is also quite gentle on the cardiovascular system, forcing it to work harder and not be overloaded with uniform distribution of energy through the body.

In addition, water aerobics is beneficial to the skeletal system of the body, substantially increasing resistance of the joints.

Usually these classes are held in groups where the coach shows the standard set of exercises: Jogging alternating in and out of the water, torso twists, scissors, swings arms and legs. Once mastered light exercise, you can go to a special complex that includes the interaction with the special water weights and barbells.

Gradually increasing the tempo and intensity of the exercise will help to significantly speed up and consolidate the positive effect.

How often should you have

In order to see the effect of exercise and remained its duration, it is necessary that the classes were regular.

The pool need to increase gradually – start with 2 times a week and finish 3-4.

It would be best to just buy a subscription to a convenient location and the services provided by the pool.

Useful tips

In order to get rid of cellulite with swimming, medical specialists and beauticians recommend to follow a few simple guidelines:

  • you need to refrain from meals an hour before training and within an hour and a half after it;
  • after class you should drink plenty of clean water at room temperature;
  • do not be limited to one training in the pool. In order to improve and consolidate the results, it is best to combine them with other exercise, e.g., Jogging, exercise, intense cardio or strength training with low weight to build muscle;
  • also, do not arrange too frequent, intense and long swims in the water. This can lead to the depletion of the body or, conversely, an undesirable increase and strengthen the muscular system, causing problem areas will seem bigger and look even worse;
  • during training it is best to go to good nutrition, give up bad habits, fatty and sugary foods, and fast food;
  • after class is better, if possible, to walk about 10-15 min walk, easy, slow step. This will help the body to get used to the change of scenery and give a sharp and dangerous relaxation;
  • the fastest way to get rid of cellulite will help blend physical exercise with additional cosmetic procedures. In between classes you can do pull-up, warming wraps use cooling sprays that may lead to skin tone and allow it to smoothen;
  • the same beneficial effects of physiotherapy. If possible, you can sign up for additional sessions of anti-cellulite massage with hands or special banks, and use popular cosmetic service «Darsonval» of cellulite.
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Therefore, the following simple rules will not only help to get rid of excess weight and unsightly orange peel, but also significantly improve your health.

Thanks to regular visits to the pool, skin, and musculoskeletal system gain additional flexibility and elasticity will be strengthened and will gain the necessary flexibility of the joints and ligaments.

Active energy consumption will result in intensive gyrosigma and stimulating metabolism effect.

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