TCA peel — what is it, reviews, photos before and after, consequences, contraindications, prices

There are beauticians who call TCA made a dilute solution of trichloroacetic acid (TCA 15%) or insufficient time of exposure, surface. But that is the nature of the molecule trichloroacetic acid, that they still fall to the basement membrane.

Another thing is that the damaging effect they have in a much lesser extent and degree of chemical burns in this light, and not the average. It is good to use to prepare the skin for exposure to the more concentrated solution or to solve the unexpressed problems of young skin.

The standard procedure is executed preparations with a concentration of active substances 20-25% (TCA 20% TCA 25%). There are beauticians who can for the procedure to use a 35% solution, or even 50%.

But there is increases the risk of adverse reactions. Apply a 35-40% solution can only point to benign and cosmetic defects of the skin up to 1 cm in diameter.

For deep peels trichloroacetic acid is also not suitable because of its toxicity. There are salons that offer to perform a deep peeling trichloroacetic acid. Yes, acid actually can burn the skin to the subcutaneous fat, if you apply it layer by layer. But the drug is not designed for this.


  • Exfoliation.

Trichloroacetic acid can destroy a special cement that binds and holds on the surface of the dead scales of epidermis. Because after exfoliation treatments observed a pronounced peeling.

  • Stimulant effect.

Under its influence the skin gets burn. This causes activation of metabolic processes and cell division. Thus restored after injury, the skin looks younger. To ensure the increased needs of the skin of nutrients and oxygen occurs, the expansion of capillaries. And for the removal of large amounts of toxic metabolic products or fragments of dead tissue increases lymph flow.

  • Antimicrobial action.

High concentrations of acid lead to the death of microorganisms living on the surface of the skin and in the mouths of the sebaceous glands.


  • age-related skin changes such as reduced elasticity and skin tone, sagging skin, the appearance of the first wrinkles in the forehead, eyes, mouth;
  • the presence of age spots, freckles, uneven complexion, acne;
  • stretch marks on the body.

Such a condition as scars after acne are not exactly the indication to the peeling as there are much better ways local impact on the scars. For example, the diamond microdermabrasion. To make a choice in favor of TCA peel is only in the case that there are indications for and scars.

The same can be said of the excessive oily skin and enlarged pores. Especially if we are talking about young skin. To normalize the sebaceous glands and pores are safer and more effective ways. Such as enzymatic or almond peels.


  • time of the year with an active sun: the procedure is contraindicated to do in the summer, spring and in the first two months of autumn;
  • the presence of skin manifestations of any viral diseases such as warts, papillomas, herpes, molluscum contagiosum;
  • fungal diseases of the skin: mikrosporia, pityriasis versicolor, and others;
  • bacterial and parasitic diseases: pyoderma, streptoderma, demodicosis, etc.;
  • the development of complications and poor tolerability of treatments of microdermabrasion and peels in the past;
  • the tendency of the skin to the formation of keloid and hypertrophic scars;
  • bright pigmentation over a large area of skin;
  • the tendency to allergic reactions;
  • endocrine diseases, especially thyroid disease;
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • Oncology;
  • abrasions, cuts, wounds on the skin;
  • the reception of the retinoid type of Roaccutane;
  • dermatosis, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis;
  • increased convulsive readiness;
  • serious diseases of internal organs and the cardiovascular system;
  • decompensated diabetes mellitus;
  • recent operations on the face;
  • fresh tan;
  • rosacea.

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  1. Any median peeling requires serious preparation of the skin.
  2. This preparation begins no later than 4 weeks prior to the anticipated procedure.
  3. For 3-4 weeks is recommended to abandon brushes for face, sponges, sponges, waxing. Since that time, you must begin to constantly premnath sunscreen with SPF at least 50.
  4. A minimum of 2 weeks should start to use the means of fruit acids in small concentrations.
  5. The best option is to conduct 1-2 sessions of superficial peeling to prepare the skin for the procedure median peeling.
  6. 3-4 days before the TCA peel should start to take antivirals if recent exacerbation of herpes was less than 6 months ago.
  7. A day or two before the procedure, you should refrain from saunas and tanning, plucking eyebrows, shaving.

How is the procedure

1 step. Skin cleansing and degreasing.

Step 2. Application of drug, which includes TCA. The drug applied to the skin, uniform layers. The first layer may not cause the client any discomfort. But applying for the second and subsequent layers can be very painful. Most often, no special anesthesia is not used. To reduce discomfort may be used for the fan, the fan. The criterion for the effectiveness of the procedure is the appearance on the skin surface of a white plaque (frost), which consists of a coiled under the action of the acid proteins of the skin.

Step 3. The neutralization of the acid. The rest of the acid neytralizuya special Converter. In some cases, it can cause a pronounced hiss at the skin surface when interacting with acid, if it includes soda. In order to avoid such a violent reaction, it can also be layered. The remnants of the drugs are washed abundantly with water.

Step 4. The completion of the procedure. After cleansing the skin closed with special cream, which includes antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing ingredients.

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Skin care after peeling TCA

The period of recovery and rehabilitation after peeling trichloroacetic acid lasts for 4 weeks. Depending on the stage of the healing process the skin needs different care.

The first stage of recovery of the skin takes a week or so. This is the stage of film formation of active peeling. In the first days after the procedure increases the swelling and redness. Immediately after the procedure the face may look a little tight and dry. But it is quite possible to get the people.

But it may be that immediately after the procedure, there is a pronounced redness and swelling, which in the next couple of days is only growing.

The next day after the procedure, the skin appears thin pellicle, which on the 4th day moves to a dense crust. In different parts of the skin, the film begins to descend at different times. Faster just where the skin most involved in the movements of the facial and masticatory muscles of the face: chin, around the mouth, on the cheeks. Gradually, the peeling is all over his face.

At this time the skin should apply a special antiseptic and moisturizers in a spray, foam. For example, panthenol. Wash with the second or third day after the procedure ithout the use of harsh foams and high-fat milk or hydrophilic oil. You can use the ampoule concentrates and serums that will give the skin necessary for full recovery.

During the healing, don’t:

  • sauna, steam room, conduct thermal procedures (compresses, steaming);
  • to be on the active sun, Solarium;
  • to carry out any facial treatments;
  • the swimming pool and gym.

The second stage of skin regeneration takes 2-3 weeks. It consists in the normalization of metabolic processes in the skin, differentiation of young cells, restoration of the skeleton of collagen fibers and elastin, achieving deligogo level of local immunity. During this period, it is mandatory to use nutritious and moisturizing skin funds, the biorevitalization or mesotherapy.

How often can I do

Before the end of the second stage restore the skin to carry out a second procedure is inexpedient, as it is broken and deteriorating its ability to regenerate in response to any damaging effects. Because the break between treatments, TCA peel should be at least 4 weeks. During the season it is not recommended to do more than two procedures.

The consequences

  • Pronounced swelling of the treated area.

A particularly strong swelling is observed in people with a predisposition to allergic reactions. The best prophylactic is to take antihistamines before the procedure: swelling will still be, but not the same severity.

  • Marked redness of the skin in the affected area acid.

The redness is much more pronounced than even after a sunburn. The redness is persistent. Is not removed and is not reduced by the application of burns and healing tools panthenol. Held during the first or second day and gradually transformed into a dense brown film.

  • A feeling of tightness and dryness of the skin.

The formed fibrin film so strongly tightens the skin, which can sometimes be difficult to open the mouth. As discharge of crusts will decrease and a feeling of tightness.

  • Scaling, which can be of different intensity.

Peel away gradually as healing of skin burns.


  • The absence of the expected effect of the procedure.

It happens not only with too high expectations, but improper presentation of information on the results of the procedure, a beautician, even without taking into account the individual characteristics of the skin.

So, not always after the procedure disappear blackheads and acne, to scars and age spots, other skin blemishes, for elimination of which everything was started.

  • The appearance of traumatic or post-inflammatory pigmentation, increased skin sensitivity to sunlight.

Not every patient beauticians warn that for at least a year after the course of TCA peels you can not drive neither to the sea nor to the ski resorts.

Not to mention the constant and mandatory use of sunscreen with an SPF of at least 50. But even the constant use of sunscreen is not 100% protection against the appearance of age spots, as it involves other mechanisms of the appearance of foci of hyperpigmentation.

  • The emergence of a «demarcation line».

The emergence of clear boundaries between the exposed acid, and intact skin sites does not occur very often and can be of different severity.

But in any case, adds beauty and requires masking means decorative cosmetici.

  • The appearance of white spots on the skin.

Usually this complication occurs after peeling for scar removal dot applied 35 or 50% solution of TCA. Over time (4-6 months) spot on the spot scars fade and become much paler than the surrounding skin.

If the melanocytes (cells that produce the pigment melanin responsible for skin color and the appearance of sunburn) were lost forever, burned areas of the skin will remain white forever.

  • The appearance of lumpy skin in place of scar removal and not only.

In those places where trichloroacetic acid was too deep in the skin (most often on location of scars, which are sometimes treated with an acid, so faster I went) or in places where before the term had been torn off crusts, may form the corrugated sections, uneven skin.

  • Long-term preservation after the procedure is excessive dryness and tightness of the skin.

Depending on the initial skin condition, individual sensitivity of the sebaceous glands to the action of acids, the skin may react to the procedure strong dryness and the formation of increased sensitivity to environmental factors.

Sometimes dryness can appear the so-called «pseudoterminal» — skin creases, which are formed from a lack of ideal for dry or dehydrated. To improve the condition in this case may the rate of injection of hyaluronic acid or mesotherapy.

  • The ineffectiveness of the treatments in terms of acne treatment and acne.

Some improvement in the course of acne occurs due to the release of the orifices of sebaceous glands and narrowing their dead skin cells, abundant moisture of the skin in post-peel period, and antibacterial effects of trichloroacetic acid.

But the reasons for the development of acne are many, and to prevent the appearance of new lesions after peeling necessary to use a special body and a therapeutic agent.

  • Scarring.

On the site of the development of purulent infection (and traumatized skin largely loses its ability to protect against the ingress of pyogenic bacteria) are often formed scars.

With age the skin’s ability to recover from injury is reduced. But increases the risk of complications.

Therefore, you should make the decision on carrying out of TCA peel should be meaningful.

Prices in the cabin

Procedure Price in RUB.
TCA 6500

But it is only a procedure. Add to this the cost of 2-3 superficial peels and special prices of cosmetics with a small amount of acids to prepare the skin for the procedure. As well as the cost of panthenol or any other healing tools, and a good sunscreen with SPF at least 50, better 80.

The result is a considerable sum. Because you need a very good understanding of what results you expect and whether you receive them thanks to TCA peeling, then to not experience the disappointment and anger on his beautician.

The before and after photos

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