Temperature after mammoplasty — 37, how many holds, high, norm

The woman, who decided on breast surgery, must understand that after surgery the body will need some time to recover. Rehabilitation after this procedure is often accompanied by a rise in temperature.

What happens to the body after the surgery

The body’s response to breast surgery appeared the following clear symptoms:

  • swelling;
  • a feeling of tightness in the chest;
  • pain;
  • bruising;
  • the increase in body temperature.

In the first weeks or even months, the Breasts may not correspond to the expected shapes due to the swelling of the breast. Appear bruising, which will take few weeks after surgery.

The woman begins to feel discomfort and pain, which are most severely disturbed in the early morning hours: 3 to 6 hours. The level of pain depends on the location of the implants.

Often there is increased temperature in the range of 37.5–38 degrees that lasts an average of 7-10 days. After this, the inflammatory process gradually subsides. Decreases puffiness, leave bruises, the temperature returns to normal.

Reasons for the increase in temperature

Temperature after mammoplasty is a natural response to a foreign body, followed by the inflammatory process. In addition, increasing temperature is associated with factors such as swelling of the breast, formation of hematoma and resolution of seams in the postoperative period.

Photos before and after surgery

Factors affecting the recovery time

On recovery takes an average of 20-25 days. The duration of rehabilitation depends largely on physiological characteristics and size of the implant. These factors also affect the strength of the pain syndrome after surgery.

Implants large size exert more strain on the breast muscle, so recovery may be prolonged.

The location of the implants:

  • above the pectoral muscle;
  • below the pectoral muscles;
  • under the muscle.

Placement depends on the wishes of the patient. But it should be noted that axillary placement considers more aggressive and painful compared to other methods.

The advantage of such location of the implant is that the breast looks more natural.

A full recovery takes about 2-3 months, until drooping of the implant.

Why you need to measure the body temperature after mammoplasty

Temperature is the surest indicator of the processes in the body. The norm indicators in the first two weeks after surgery is considered a 37.5–38 degrees. If the thermometer rises higher, it indicates a possible infection.

High temperature after mammoplasty requires immediate referral to a specialist who performed the surgery.

As indicated by the following figures From 36.5 to 36.9

The postoperative period is not always associated with a fever. It all depends on individual circumstances. This indicates a lack of reaction to a foreign body, which is also not good.

This factor may be a signal that the body’s immune system is weakened, and the rehabilitation period will be much longer.

From 37 to 38

Temperature 37 after mammoplasty says about the natural course of the process, accompanied by a slight inflammation. These figures can reach up to 38 degrees, which is also in the normal range. Receiving antipyretic drugs, most often, does not give proper result.

Above 38

High temperature is a worrying indication that the breast implants caused some complications. It is usually accompanied by symptoms such as fever, feeling a sharp burning sensation and redness of the breast.

The main causes of complications:

  • infection;
  • seroma;
  • lymphorrhea;
  • hematoma.

The ongoing operation is always connected with risk of infection, especially in those cases, if the breast implants spends an inexperienced technician.

In the case of infection with the implant removed for a period of 5-6 months until the inflammation completely subsides. Then conducted a second surgery.

Seroma or aseptic inflammation occurs when accumulation of serous fluid in the region of the implant. Perhaps the appearance of suppuration.

Lymphorrhea is characterized by the accumulation of lymph around the implant. Most often associated with injury in the early postoperative period.

High blood pressure or postoperative trauma may cause the formation of a large hematoma. While in the cavity of the pocket next to the implant is a significant blood clot.

Cause high temperatures and may be a rejection of the implant, which is quite rare.

The appearance of the above complications, the temperature usually rises above the level of 38 degrees. You should immediately contact a doctor.

How many hold higher

Fever after mammoplasty lasts from 3 to 14 days. If high performance is maintained over the long term, you need to see a doctor.

What to do if you increase thermometer

If the mark of the thermometer is rapidly rising beyond 38 degrees, severe breast swelling and sharp pain, you need to go to the clinic where the surgery was performed.

The advice of doctors

To avoid the risk of complications, you should strictly observe the instructions of the specialist who performed the surgery.

There are General medical advice on compliance with basic regulations.

What should I do

  1. After surgery to prevent infection required antibiotics for 5-7 days. With them prescribers non-steroid group derivative of aspirin and analgesics to reduce inflammation.
  2. The formation of hematomas is recommended applying ice to the affected areas. In the case of hypertension, should be assigned to drugs that reduce high blood pressure and increases blood clotting, avoid profuse internal bleeding.
  3. Formed hematoma of considerable size, it is recommended to remove with the help of drainage and hemostatic drugs that injected inside.
  4. The first time you should try to protect yourself from stressful situations and observe complete rest. This will accelerate the process of tissue regeneration.
  5. Seams the first time are processed with alcohol or tincture of calendula. Regenerating ointment apply only after 2-3 weeks.
  6. For several weeks it is necessary to wear a compression garment, which promotes proper formation of capsule and significantly eases the pain. The risk of complications is reduced.
  7. 2 weeks after mammoplasty is recommended to get a massage to stretching of the capsule around the implant.
  8. For 14-30 days, the patient resolved to sleep exclusively on your back. Position on side or stomach is strictly prohibited.

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What not to do

  1. In the first week after the mammoplasty, it is necessary to refrain from any physical activity at all.
  2. It is impossible to prevent overcooling of the breast.
  3. Should not at the time of rehabilitation from unhealthy habits such as Smoking.
  4. During the first 7-10 days is unacceptable the removal of medical bra as well as bathing or showering.
  5. In the first month after mammoplasty is recommended to follow a diet prescribed by a physician. This will reduce the risk of complications.
  6. Gravity can not raise up to 1 month. After this period it is possible lifting not very heavy objects(up to 5-7 kg) without at the same sharp movements.
  7. At least the first six months of experts do not recommend to make any sudden movements with your hands in order to avoid the formation of pockets that can fill with serous fluid.
  8. After a month load on the lower part of the body. Sports involving use of the hands is not recommended up to six months.
  9. Up to six months is not recommended to sunbathe, as this can lead to pigmentation of the joints.
  10. Within six months the woman is not recommended to get pregnant.
  11. Do not sauna for up to six months, as this can also lead to adverse consequences.

Frequently asked questions (and answers)

Patients often tormented by the question of why the chest took large size than expected. This factor is caused by the inevitable swelling, and is temporary. After the swelling goes down, the woman will get the desired shape.

During the first month may be concerned about breast soreness and reduced in the region of the nipple. This is due to disruption of innervation of the cells. By the end of the third month the function of nerve endings recovers and returns sensitivity.

Women after mammoplasty are very concerned about the question of why the breast becomes hard. Rehabilitation mammaries takes about 3 to 6 months. Then the breast becomes soft and natural to the touch.

Why the patient suffers from strong pain for a long time? This factor influences the size and location of the implant. The more you implant, the more pain.

Are there methods of prevention of complications

Preventive measures include full compliance with physician orders, which will reduce the risk of complications to a minimum. In the first month after the operation it is necessary once a week to see a doctor.

To a 6-month period must not less than once a month to consult with a specialist who carried out the operation.

It is very important that during the rehabilitation period, the woman is not stressed yourself.

Recommended for a short walk in the fresh air and the right food with the exception of sweet and salty from the diet.

General guidelines

When poor blood clotting, experts recommend to abandon mammoplasty in order to avoid serious consequences.

Before surgery the doctor should be informed about all used drugs in the last time. This applies in particular to medicines that thin the blood. This will help to eliminate the risk of developing further complications.

From the surgery should be discontinued during the menstrual cycle and several days before its occurrence, since at this time the woman observed poor blood clotting.

In case of increased bleeding of tissues in the early period after mammoplasty therapy, drugs that increase clotting.

You should avoid any physical injury to the chest and heat exposure.

Is strictly prohibited medications not prescribed by a physician.

At the first opportunity should abandon non-steroidal painkillers.

Compliance with all the recommendations and advice of the doctors will help make it easier to transfer the rehabilitation period and accelerate the process of full recovery.

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