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This is a collection of tools designed for correction of facial features and restore youthful skin, comprising:

  • Fillers;
  • Preparations for mesotherapy;
  • Cosmetics for skin preparation for the procedure and care after the injection;
  • Line of tools, designed to perform chemical peels.

Manufacturer means the company is «Laboratory Teoxane,» located in Switzerland.

The developers of the products «Laboratory Teoxane» took care to give the products of the company such properties that will be beneficial to clients. This was done to ensure that funds Teosyal could compete in the market of Europe and the world not only because of the marketing strategy.

In the end, have developed drugs that:

  • comply with the most stringent European standards in the field of production of cosmetic products;
  • performed using hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin;
  • pass a higher level of purification from protein and other impurities that allows you to use funds from the line of Teosyal even in individuals with hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid;
  • contain hyaluronic acid, the molecules of which have additional connection between them, whereby the drug is retained longer in tissues.

An additional advantage of the preparations Teosyal is an excellent flowability of gels, because of their introduction you can use superfine needles, which are much less traumatic on tissue.

How are they safe?

The safety of drugs proven 5 years of observations and a half million held injection. Side effects and complications after use was observed in 1 case for 15 thousand of procedures performed. This figure is higher for products based on hyaluronic acid.

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An overview of injectable implants

Part of the line consists of means of different composition and purpose. Proper selection of the drug depending on the existing problems allows to obtain the desired result within one treatment and keep it for a long time. A brief description of each of the funds can be viewed in a PivotTable.

The greater the severity of age-related changes, the more dense the gel is to be used for correction. If you place fillers Teosyal at least increase their viscosity, we get the following picture.

The selection means from the line in each individual case, taking into account not only the severity of age-related changes, but also taking into account the density of the skin, degree of dehydration, degree of ptosis (drooping tissue), age, and other factors that may in the short and long term impact on the result. Below we provide a detailed description of each of the drugs.

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What PureSense?

I have to say that this phrase indicates the presence of lidocaine in the composition of the drug. Each tool in the line of fillers is available in two versions: with a local anesthetic without it. Because the client does not have to choose between drugs with the desired density and preparation to enter that comfortable.

Teosyal Ultimate

The drug is designed to create intense volume and restore facial contours. For this purpose, the developers chose the density of the gel, did the syringe of large volume (3 ml), have developed a method of introducing a drug into the deeper layers of tissue to get the most natural effect of rejuvenation.

In the preparation includes: hyaluronic acid in a concentration of 22 mg/g In a package of 1 syringe 3ml and needle. Gel is injected only in the deep layers of tissue, in subcutaneous fat is almost at the level of the bones. Surround effect from the contouring will be held until 18 months, then adjustment is required.


Less dense compared to Teosyal ultimate gel designed to add volume, carrying out three-dimensional modeling of the face, smoothing out the deep creases in patients with thick skin.

The drug: hyaluronic acid at a concentration of 25 mg/g In the axis package is 2 syringes with a volume of 1 ml and a thin needle. The drug is injected deep into the tissue, in the subcutaneous fat. Remains the effect of increasing the volume up to 12 months, then adjustment is required.


A special formulation for the correction of the FORTS and the volume of the lips, eliminate wrinkles and skin folds in the mouth area. Practice of cosmetologists shows that the remodeling of the lips need to use specially designed drugs. The fact that the lips, mouth and cheeks is a very lively area that is constantly exposed to mechanical and thermal effects. Because you need to choose a drug that does not resolve in two weeks-a month.

The drug: hyaluronic acid 25 mg/g. One pack contains 2 syringes of 1 ml of the gel and a thin needle. Introduced the drug in subcutaneous fat on its border with the dermis. The result is stored for 6-9 months.

Deep Lines

The drug is designed to correct deep wrinkles in the area between the eyebrows, nasolabial folds, «marionette lines».

The drug: hyaluronic acid at a concentration of 25 mg/g In a package of 2 of the syringe of gel and 1 ml and a thin needle. Is administered the drug subcutaneously (subdermal). The voluminous effect lasts up to 9 months.

Meso Expert

Preparation for the procedure biorevitalization. Has a strong regenerating effect, improves the skin’s moisture level. In some cases, when the lowering of the tone, the appearance of wrinkles caused by dehydration and decrease the rate of metabolic processes in the skin, mezokokteyl can save the client from having to use fillers and Botox. The drug is an excellent preventive measure against wrinkles and lines and age of deformation of the tissues of the face.

The drug: hyaluronic acid in a concentration of 15 mg/g of essential amino acids, vitamin B6, antioxidants, copper and zinc. Components are selected in such a way as to mutually reinforce each other’s action. In one package, the syringe is 3 ml and a needle of medium thickness. The injected drug is intradermal, so both at the level of dermis components mezokokteyl have the most pronounced effect.

For best results we recommend a course of 4-6 treatments, the intervals between which are 2 weeks. Then every 2-3 months is necessary to maintain the effect.

Redensity [ I ]

Teosyal Identity is two drugs, one of which is designed to rejuvenate the skin, and the second is designed as a filler especially for the eye area.

The composition of the mezokokteyl: hyaluronic acid 15mg/g of essential amino acids, copper, zinc, vitamin B6, three of antioxidant. In the package 1 syringe 3 ml, 2 syringes 1 ml, needle for the injection. The drug is injected intradermally. Course introduction recommended is the same as for the Meso Teosyal the Expert.

Redensity [ II ]

The drug is specially designed to eliminate dark circles under the eyes, the lacrimal sulcus in the initial stages of its formation, minimal hernias age. Part of the preparations for eyes includes: hyaluronic acid 15mg/g of essential amino acids, copper, zinc, vitamin B6, three antioxidant lidocaine. The presence of a local anesthetic makes it easier to move the injections in such a sensitive area, which is the area of the eye.

In the package the syringe with the drug in a volume of 1 ml and a thin needle for injection.

Peculiarities of the procedure of drug administration:

  • the drug is injected deep into the tissue;
  • during the first procedure is rarely performed full correction, since it is necessary to introduce a large for this field the number of the drug;
  • correcting and support the procedure is conducted in a month, if necessary.

The effect of the drug lasts for up to 12 months.

What age can I start using?

Age is not the determining factor for appointment treatments with the use of drugs for mesotherapy, biorevitalisation or contouring. Indications for prescribing are symptoms such as the presence of wrinkles on the neck, which can be in young women, or the wrinkles on the face, which can be a consequence of the continuous high tone of the facial muscles (the habit of wrinkle forehead, for example).

Depending on the age, vigor and density of the skin, severity of cosmetic defects, the beautician can select any of the products of the line so that the client can obtain the best result.


Common to all products based on hyaluronic acid are the following contraindications:

  • the whole period of pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid preparations;
  • the tendency to keloids and hypertrophic scars;
  • higher readiness for convulsions or epilepsy in which the convulsive seizures are poorly cropped medicines.

If you plan to use products with lidocaine in the composition, then the patient should not be hypersensitive to local anesthetics.

Apply to filling and mesotherapy and General contraindications to perform cosmetic procedures:

  • the age of 18;
  • alcohol intoxication: you should not take alcohol in order to reduce pain from injections, it is better to use «EMLA».

Side effects after use:

  • needle marks, bruising in places of vascular injury;
  • swelling at the injection site;
  • the appearance of the asymmetry of the face when contouring;
  • inflammation in the injection site;
  • the appearance of the local growths of connective tissue, which can be defined in the skin as small round seal.

Approximate prices on Teosyal

The name of the drug and the amount of Teosyal Cost, rubles
Ultimate 3ml 30000-34000
Ultra Deep 1 ml 12000
Kiss 1ml 15000-17000
1 ml Deep Lines 13000-15000
Global Action 1 ml 13000-15000
First Line 0,7 ml from 7000
Touch UP 0,5 ml from 7000
Meso 1 ml from 5500
Meso Expert 3 ml 12000


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