Than to smear stretch marks belly during pregnancy, the Breasts after childbirth

Stretch marks harmless to health, but their unsightly appearance makes women to think about ways of dealing with these cosmetic defects. In order to understand how the smearing of stretch for a quick fix, you should know their causes and the methods of choosing funds.

Bursting the skin regenerates, eliminates the problem due to the connective tissue and appears cosmetic defect in the form of strips, similar to scars. The color of the new fabric – pink or crimson, after she turns pale and loses its elasticity. Due to the lack of pigmentation these are the areas of skin remain pale even on tanned body.


Noticed that stretch marks appear with sudden weight gain or during pregnancy. Their second name is striae. They are most often localized in the chest, thighs, and belly, i.e. areas with larger skin stretching, cracking and damage.

The main causes of stretch marks include the following factors:

  1. Hormonal changes. This is especially true for pregnant women when the blood level changes of estrogen and progesterone. This factor greatly influences cutaneous sensitivity to the effects of any kind.
  2. Low production of collagen and elastin. These substances promote normal skin tension and elasticity, and in pregnant women they are produced not as active.
  3. Quick skin tension. This is particularly common in pregnant women. On the stomach skin is stretched, and some of its fibers are inevitably damaged.
  4. The genetic factor.

How to prevent

To prevent the appearance of stretch marks, experts recommend the following prevention methods:

  • power adjustment.
  • weight control;
  • food protein – it increases skin elasticity;
  • to observe the regime of work and rest;
  • to sleep;
  • wearing a good supporting bra with wide under the cups and large shoulder straps;
  • the use of a brace.

Than to smear stretch marks

If, however, the defect began to appear, to deal with it in the early stages. The most positive is the prognosis for the instant determination of the cause and timely removal.

In advanced cases proceed to radical methods:

  1. microtonal,
  2. mesotherapy
  3. peeling or laser removal of stretch marks.

The reason it is important to know because if it is hormonal failure, creams and folk remedies do not help without individual therapy.

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How to choose the right tool

To choose the right tool, consider the following nuances:

  1. Not all creams are safe for use during lactation. Because in the instructions to the pharmaceutical remedy should be information about the possibility of using pregnant or nursing women.
  2. It is important that the tool was hypoallergenic, especially in the case of use during lactation. This is due to the fact that some components may get into the body of the baby along with the milk.

  3. The cream or gel should not have obvious color and smell. These properties often provoke an allergic reaction in a child.
  4. When possible, use probes, in order to see how suitable tool and does not cause any adverse reactions in certain components.

Test for allergies

An allergic reaction can occur even in the case where a manufacturer declares that their product is hypoallergenic. Moreover, not always it appears with the first dose.

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In any case, it is revealed only after use. For this and holding tryouts for its appearance. To determine in the home, it is enough to apply the gel on the delicate skin a couple of days. In the absence of reactions, the cream can be used.

However, sometimes in the home is difficult to determine the allergen. Then resort to laboratory studies. Such tests usually involve the use of solutions of allergens: drugs, herbs, etc.

There are 3 types of tests for allergies:

  • run scratch tests for – on the delicate area of the forearm to apply droplets of allergens through which by using a scarifier made scratches of small dimensions;
  • skin – swab soaked in the allergen and apply on the delicate skin without any damage;
  • the prick tests on the forearm applied allergens, through which punctures are made with a thin needle to a depth of no more than a millimeter.

Such laboratory studies are conducted by the allergist in the treatment room.

The result can be:

  • negative
  • doubtful,
  • weakly positive or positive,

And the period of assessment – vary from 20 minutes to two days.

In any case, if you have any swelling or redness as a reaction to the solution, the testing result is likely to be positive.

Than to smear the stomach from stretch marks

To striae on the stomach, not much stood out, use medical facilities, stimulating increased collagen production. In the absence of Allergy to essential oils, rosewood, mint and lemon, it is better to choose a cream with these ingredients – they help to get rid of skin sagging.

To reduce stretch marks and moisturize the skin, the cream can include biosaccharides and proteins carrots.


The high cost of the creams is caused by important, expensive, members components.

These medicines can be used during pregnancy and after childbirth, as long as they meet the following requirements:

  • the composition should contain elements that improve the skin elasticity;
  • should not cause allergies;
  • when you select a preferable product from a reputable manufacturer.

Also not to buy a vehicle that is causing the Allergy, you should:

  1. When buying carefully examine the composition. If it contains substances ending in «paraben», so it has preservatives. For medical reasons they are harmless, but in certain cases, cause undesirable skin reaction. She also contributes to arahidonova acid in the case of repeated use. For most women, because propylene glycol has an itch and skin reddening.
  2. Choose the cream dispensers. Moreover, the tube must be closed. This is due to the insulation of the cream with air, so it does not absorb harmful substances that cause allergies.
  3. To control the expiration dates.

Since stretch marks occur due to strain of the skin fibers and lack of elastin and collagen, creams you should choose with these components, and such components as:

  • retinol;
  • B vitamins;
  • oleic acid;
  • antioxidants;
  • components, enhancing the regenerative function and blood circulation.

The most popular manufacturers of creams for stretch marks are:

  • Avent;
  • Vichy;
  • Mustela;
  • Mama Comfort;
  • Pregnacare.
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Among all ointments the most popular:

  1. Mederma. Quickly eliminates cosmetic scarring and stretch marks. These are the major function of the ointment, however, it still nourishes the skin with pigments, whereby the adjusting to the effects of ultraviolet rays. This means that the skin in the area of stretch marks when you gain a tan tone, identical to the skin in an undamaged area.
  2. Contractubex. Saves your skin from scarring is composed of allantoin increases the reproduction of collagen. Unlike Mederma, must be regularly applied over a long period. But it is quite effective when dealing with striae. Besides, it can be used by pregnant or nursing women, as its components are not absorbed into the bloodstream and into milk in the baby’s body.

Folk remedies

To deal with striae and sagging skin with the help of «folk methods»:

  1. Use contrasting compresses. For them in one bowl pour cool water with a teaspoon of lemon juice, the second with a temperature of about 38оС with the same amount of salt. Terry towel alternately dipped in water, then the other, squeezed and applied to the chest. Better to start with a hot compress (duration of each – half a minute), finish cold. Cool compresses should be kept on the breast for about a minute. The procedure is repeated 5-6 times. Towel dry is not recommended, it would be better if she gets dry in the air.
  2. Smear the problem area with cream of honey. To do this, 2 tbsp. l. crushed in a blender with the aloe leaves, not separating the juice, mix with 4 tbsp of honey, bringing the slurry to a homogeneous consistency. You can dilute a small amount of fatty cream. Twice a day half an hour before taking bath for 15 minutes, rubbed into the problem area neat massage movements.
  3. Use oat cream with the scrub effect. To prepare it, a couple of tablespoons pulverized in a coffee grinder, add the egg and 1 tbsp sour cream. Then the skin is steamed, treated with oat cream and allowed to stand for about 20 min. After the problem area is massaged, wash off the cream under running warm water.
  4. Some women treat the skin of the belly with olive oil. Failing this, you can use sunflower, as long as it has not been refined. Drawback – the smell. Also sold in pharmacies special oil against stretch marks. A multicomponent mixture having a nourishing and moisturizing action.
  5. Three pills Shilajit is mixed with warm water into an empty glass container to squeeze out the cream and pour the resulting solution, mix thoroughly. The resulting consistency will be a little bit yellowish. Storage in the refrigerator glass containers should be tightly closed. To use the ointment need no more than a month. During application in the field of stretch marks enhanced the regenerative functions and the elasticity of the skin.

That it is possible during pregnancy

Since smear stretch marks during pregnancy can be only natural or non-allergenic, cosmetic without vitamins A, E and collagen is better not to buy. Otherwise, the desired effect is not achieved.

Experts recommend the use of olive oil.

No less effective method – a contrast shower.

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But it should not be used for threatened abortion. Failing this, perform 10-12 circular motions, at the same time gently massaging the problem area. This method requires medical advice.

Other ways of struggle:

  • healthy eating;
  • massage after the shower on dry skin;
  • wearing a maternity bra;
  • bandages and belts;
  • corrective underwear;
  • exfoliating scrubs with no chemical additives: the deeper the skin peels, the more it is updated;
  • simple physical exercises to strengthen the muscles of the legs and abdomen.

What to choose a nursing mother for breast

In lactating women breast area itchy which signals the imminent appearance of external signs of stretch marks. When this symptom is need to smear the breast from stretch marks in order to quickly deal with the problem.

To prevent pregnant and lactating women are wearing shapewear, because in this period, the Breasts enlarge, heavier and filled with milk.

Smear problem area as well as in pregnancy recommended almond, olive or other natural oil. For moisturizing you can use baby creams, containing in its composition hyaluronic acid, amino acids, and vitamins a and E. Before using cosmetic products requires a medical consultation.

In some cases helps the coffee scrub.

It helps to restore the regenerative function of the skin and improves the elasticity of the epidermis. To prepare to mix 2 tablespoons milled in a coffee grinder with coffee beans natural oil so that a thick slurry. The resulting scrub is gently rubbed in a circular motion in the problem area. To enhance the effect before the procedure is recommended to steam the skin.

The skin in the breast area, hips and stomach is very delicate, and permanent treatment even expensive medication can cause an allergic reaction. To avoid this, drugs used recommended time to replace with the similar.

In finding the right tools will help the aesthetician or doctor. In the presence of Allergy to any natural substance, the specialist should inform. And the main thing – not to buy ointments or gels based solely on economic considerations. This is especially true of pregnant and lactating women, since the correct selection of tools will help to quickly get rid of stretch marks, not to hurt the baby.

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