The autohemotherapy of acne — reviews, readings


Then why so many negative reviews? Mainly because causes of acne are many and often to obtain a satisfactory result requires a comprehensive approach to examination and treatment.

Advantages of the method

Autohaemotherapy is good because:

  • available to anyone, it is enough to have one sterile syringe;
  • the procedure has few contraindications;
  • the autohemotherapy has no serious side effects;
  • you can always stop treatment if the health of the patient deteriorated;
  • the method has been used for decades, because for a competent doctor, the procedure can not «to give surprises».


This procedure does not always produce the expected effect, as not always can affect the cause of acne. The method is effective in cases, when the pustules on the skin are a consequence of the reduced ability of the body to resist infection.

As the cause of acne can be pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic flora, and mites of the genus Demodex, the reproduction of which in the norm is restricted to the immune system.

If there are violations in the digestive, the endocrine system, you may need medical treatment aimed at the cause, provoking the appearance of acne and acne.

In each case it is desirable to select, in addition to autohemotherapy funds for local and systemic use, pick up the diet and cosmetic products for permanent use.

Unfortunately, not all clients of a dermatologist willing to sacrifice in the name of beauty chocolate or abandon decorative cosmetics, long-term use of mash and comply with other prescription.

Hence, in most cases, dissatisfaction with results and negative feedback about the course of autohemotherapy in the Internet.

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In cosmetology the autohemotherapy is used to eliminate:

  • acne;
  • acne;
  • boils;
  • warts and papillomas, which are caused by Human Papillomavirus.

After the procedure can also completely disappear or become less pronounced effects of chronic tonsillitis, infectious and skin diseases, increases the body’s resistance to colds for a long time disappear a recurrence of herpetic eruption on the lips.



Usually the therapist assigns General and biochemical blood analysis, urine test, urease test or fibrogastroduodenoscopy. Urease test is used for screening of determination of the bacterium Helicobacter Pylori in the stomach of the patient. On EGD can be installed there are problems with the esophagus and the stomach, the presence in the stomach of Helicobacter Pylori and identified its total number.

As a treatment can be assigned:

  • vermifuges;
  • a range of drugs for elimination of H. pylori;
  • a complex of preparations for normalization of the gastrointestinal tract, eliminate high acidity of gastric juice, the treatment of erosions and ulcers of the stomach and 12perstnoy intestine, enhance the process of timely evacuation of the colon.

Gynecologist (for girls)

Gynecologist appoints an ultrasound of the pelvic organs and performs a pelvic examination. Long-term chronic inflammatory process in the small pelvis may be the cause of acne and purulent pimples on the chin.

Also, the gynecologist may make a referral to determine the level of hormones in the blood serum. Hormonal imbalance contributes to increased secretion of the sebaceous glands of the sebum and makes it more viscous.

To solve this problem can be long-term use of oral contraceptives of type «Janine» or «Diana».


Endocrinolog also can guide the determination of hormones in blood plasma and based on the results of this analysis to prescribe treatment.


Optimally pass all consultation and examination so that the dermatologist was the last.

Having all the examinations, you will be able to get recommendations and appointments necessary to eliminate the rash on the face, and to address the question of whether the treatment of acne by the method of autohemotherapy.

It may be that in your particular case will be more effective retinoids and autohemotherapy will only lead to loss of time.

The types of autohemotherapy

  • Classical technique.

In this case, the procedures begin with a minimum blood volume of 1-2 ml of Blood taken from a vein and injected intramuscularly. There are variations of the technique, when the introduction begins of 2 ml and each time increase the volume to 2 ml. the breaks between injections is 2 days. There is a more aggressive procedure when the injections are given daily in increments of 1 ml.

  • The combination of ozone and of autohemotherapy.

For such procedures the hospital should be equipped with an ozonator and system for use of medical oxygen. To conduct minor autohemotherapy with ozone in one syringe rack up a mixture of ozone and oxygen, and the blood from the patient’s vein. Next, this mixture is injected intramuscularly.

  • The combination of autohemotherapy and homeopathy.

For the enrichment of the blood with pharmaceuticals and the potentiation of beneficial effects from homeopathic remedies and the patient’s blood applied the so-called «stepwise» methodology. During one session, you can enter the patient consistently up to 4 different drugs.


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