The clay mask from wrinkles – for face at home

Every woman at any age wants to look charming and attractive. But the years go by and with them adds not only experience and knowledge but also new wrinkles. First small and inconspicuous, and then deeper, to hide that with time becomes all the more difficult. Assistant in this difficult struggle with the aging process has always made masks. For example, masks from clay.


She really has a rejuvenating effect. Improving the condition of the skin, revitalizes, leaving it soft and supple. And use it better at the first signs of aging, because the process is easier to prevent than to deal with its consequences.

Why a clay mask from wrinkles so effective:

  • It is rich in minerals of natural origin.
  • Suitable for any skin type.
  • Absorbed deeper layers of the epidermis, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin form the skin’s elasticity.
  • Exfoliates the top layer of skin cells, improving skin texture, which becomes smoother and smoother.
  • Brightens, smoothing the skin tone. Smooth, matte leather gives its owner an extra bonus and a wonderful complexion.
  • Toxins, increasing resistance to negative factors of environment.

Specialists in beauty salons, and beauticians are advised to apply the clay mask from wrinkles. Because, if you look at the therapeutic effect of the mask more deeply, the clay contains magnesium oxide, silicon, copper.

Thanks to them, supports the tone of blood vessels, which cause the epidermal cells of oxygen. With the flow of blood between the cells are distributed vitamins and nutrients. The tone of the tissues is increased, the skin full and elastic.

Selection rules

Of these useful properties can be divided into two main:

  • cleansing: exfoliation of dead cells, preventing inflammatory processes;
  • drying effect: absorption of sebum and sweat different.

If you pick up the particular clay mask, facial wrinkles will be noticeably less. Types of clay are different and you must choose your individual to specific skin type. Color is directly linked to the composition of the clay and its effect on the skin will differ.

In cosmetology used clay:

  • White (kaolin) is good for the owners of oily problem skin. It tightens pores and eliminates excess oil. Relieves inflammation. Has a bleaching effect and slightly tightens the skin with a lifting effect.
  • Blue has anti-inflammatory effect because it contains in its composition of silver. Improving the metabolism in the cells, it fights acne on the face and cleanse deeper layers of the skin. Brightens and helps fight freckles. Acts on wrinkles, with rejuvenating effect. The effect comes quickly, so it is also called «ambulance».
  • Green has cleansing properties and is useful for dry skin to restore moisture balance. Rejuvenation and the effect of tightening are also present. Acting on blood vessels, helps to improve skin tone.
  • Red is the color due to copper and iron oxide. It soothes and rejuvenates. Typical anti-inflammatory effect. The skin elastic and athletic. Start to use from 25 years of age.
  • Pink is suitable for women with skin that has no connectors special problems: nourishes and moisturizes the epidermis. But skin may be a little «treat».
  • Yellow reduces inflammation and improves complexion. Can solve the problem of acne. Reduces the effects of negative environmental factors by improving metabolic processes in the skin.
  • Black is used as a scrub and copes well with pollution of the skin. Removes dead cells and allows the pores to breathe. These properties are associated with a large number of trace elements.
  • Gray nourishes. It is for dry skin. Get it on the bottom of the sea.
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Positive effect you’ll get if not just right will select the clay, but also be able to use it wisely. Consider the type of your skin and contraindications.

Properties of clay are not limited only to masks, it is used for:

  1. therapeutic baths,
  2. rubbing
  3. of applications on the sore spots, etc.

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Recipe masks from clay from wrinkles in house conditions

  • Starch: wrinkles. Includes spoon of white clay, add sour cream and starch plus egg whites. First preparing a dry mixture of kaolin and starch, and then injected protein. All this mixture is thoroughly triturated until homogeneous. Then sour cream is added, and the resulting mask may be used.
  • Cabbage: reduces pigmentation and wrinkles. For cooking use a tablespoon of sauerkraut, which is shredded in a blender, and a tablespoon of brine. Juice diluted with kaolin, introduced raw egg yolk and pre-shredded cabbage. Can be applied!
  • Fruit: best clay mask from wrinkles. Additional effect: rejuvenate, improve tone and soften the skin. Used black clay (or a mixture pink with red). To add a tablespoon of sauce on half of the Apple and egg yolk. Mix mash it thoroughly.
  • Aloe Vera: improves firmness and elasticity, and hence reduces the depth of wrinkles. Aloe leaves need to cook for a few days (to cut and place in the refrigerator). Then aloe Vera is ground and divided into 3 parts of 2 – squeeze out the juice. A tablespoon of kaolin mixed with the same amount of sour cream, add the juice and pulp of aloe, blended and applied on the skin.
  • Honey: nourishes and smoothes the skin, rejuvenating it. It consists of honey, warmed in a water bath, the same amount of blue clay plus a raw egg yolk. The composition is brought to a uniform, and the mask is ready.
  • With kelp: the effect on the skin, is noticeable almost immediately! Take a teaspoon of kelp and the same number of concoctions, crushed into powder, add a little water to swell. Then mixed with a tablespoon of yellow clay plus a few drops of oil. Bring the water to the desired consistency and can be applied. Do it preferably on a weekend or evening, because the real stuff can leave the face red marks that will go away over time.
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There are specific masks for specific skin type, which is also easy to prepare at home:

  1. for dry skin: clay plus shabby cucumber (1:1) or another option: 3st.l. white clay, 3st.l. milk 1H.l. of honey;
  2. for oily skin: 3st.l.oil with green clay and mineral water to a viscous consistency;
  3. for normal skin: 3h.l. white clay, 1.5 tsp. of cornstarch, 1.5 tsp. of talc and 1 pinch of alum. All components mix and apply.

How to apply

The clay mask from wrinkles is applied on clean skin.

The clay is diluted in cool water, thoroughly pounded. The resulting mass should resemble sour cream (for consistency) and must not drip from the face when applied.

Will bring benefits and a solid, tight mask, since its components will not be able to absorb into the skin.

Cook it in any dish, not metal. Mix the ingredients immediately before use.

With proper application and use of masks with clay, facial wrinkles will be less.

For this we need to follow the simple rules:

  1. In any case, do not use on the area around the mouth and eyes, otherwise these areas of the skin you’ll overdry it. The remaining areas, the mixture is applied in a thick layer.
  2. It is necessary to lie quietly, without making any facial movements.
  3. Do not allow it to completely dry, otherwise just desiccate the skin. The risk of the formation of new wrinkles will noticeably increase and the effect sought, you will not get.
  4. It is advisable to periodically spray the mask with spray that she was wet.

You can apply a mask only on the problem areas, not all over the face. The time depends on skin type: for oily and combination – 15min., in normal – 10min., when dry – 5min. Twice a week it is advisable to use products for oily skin, while other types – one time will be enough.

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How to remove the tool from the face

Before washing off the mask you need to moisturize, so as not to injure the skin, removing the clay pieces.

On the face put a damp cloth for approximately 5 minutes, to soften the composition. The same tissue removed from her face. Residues wash off, and his face lubricated with moisturizing cream.


Clay is a natural material, so use the mask in this composition has no contraindications.

But you need to consider several points:

  • The composition includes additional components that you may be allergic, such as honey, essential oils. Pre-test on small, inconspicuous area of the skin.
  • Before the procedure the skin should be perfectly clean.
  • Never apply the clay around the eyes: wrinkles in this case will be provided.

Expert advice:

  • if you have dry skin, the clay mask from wrinkles is not done often because it is even more dry skin,
  • the mask does have a rejuvenating effect,
  • after the procedure, be sure to apply moisturizer
  • clay is antiseptic, and therefore in inflammatory processes it is indispensable
  • when using clay masks side reactions are not observed.

We are haunted by the effect Cleopatra’s: we strive to stop time while remaining young and beautiful. Do operations in cosmetic clinics: grind and tightens the skin. But more safe and effective remedy is the use of masks, including clay. Try it and see for yourself!

Photo: Before and after