The curvature correction (correction of the shape of legs), how to fix crooked legs — ways, types of curvature, prices, photos before and after, reviews, videos

There are three kinds of the curvature of the legs:

  • The true curvature – strain bones of the lower extremities, when the skeleton of the femur and tibia has a straight line instead of curved. Necessary to restore the intervention of a podiatrist;
  • About the curvature represents the correct location of the bones, the problem lies in improper development of the muscle tissue of the femur and tibia. In this case, the ankle and knee joints are touching, forming a defect in the muscles of the calf. Correction is performed with implants;
  • Varus or «O» — type curve represents the presence of spindle-shaped defect formed between the joined legs from ankle to crotch;
  • Valgus or «X» shaped curvature of the deformation that touch knee joints and ankles separated on sides.

The irregular shape of the lower extremities is not just an aesthetic problem. Some types of curvature of the feet spoil gait and posture. To date, virtually any curvature can be eliminated, both independently and with the help of special surgical techniques.

Correction without surgery

Many girls and women wonder: «is it Possible to correct the curvature of the legs without surgery?» There are several ways to make slender legs without the participation of surgeons. The easiest and fastest option to solve this problem is visual correction of curvature of feet.

  • Choosing the right clothes can work wonders: mini skirt in combination with Bonforte and tights with a large pattern will help in solving this issue.
  • Horizontal stripes also visually enhances the lean legs, and a pair of jeans or the pants will hide any defects of the figure.
  • Only about breeches and skirts to the knee should be forgotten.


If the cause of the curvature of the lower extremities are the muscles, you can resort to special physical exercises, aimed at its elimination. This method can be adjusted about the bending of the legs due to increased muscle mass in problem areas. Such complexes represent the load on the target muscle, which necessarily combined with stretching of the muscle tissue and can assist in:

  1. the increase in volume of the calf;
  2. correction of the thighs;
  3. correction of the shape of legs.
  • Rise on toes with or without him.
  • Presses with feet with the help of the use of the exerciser for the feet.
  • Running on the steps, rising on his toes with every step.
  • Lifting straight legs lying on its side.
  • The splaying of the legs alternately back in the standing position.
  • Standing, clenching of feet maximum to each other for several seconds.
  • Standing, legs slowly apart, with a sinking at the maximum point in a few seconds.
  • Sitting, feet touch the floor and clasped together, palms on the floor in front of him. Run slow lifts of the body with the straightening of the legs without lifting your hands from the floor. At the maximum point position is fixed for a few seconds.
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Video: Correction of curvature of feet


Yoga is also very popular in Moscow. Currently, there are many courses in yoga-Pilates, with which it is possible for some time to get rid of crooked legs.

Experienced instructors-yoga, the alignment of the legs using the method of redressing the imbalance in the tissues.

To influence the structure of the lower limbs treatments are complex exercises in which hard areas are relaxed, soft and strengthened. The homogeneous inner and outer surface of the legs, so they are smoother.

Classes practicing familiar postures with added emphasis on alignment of the lower extremities. For example, leg cinch straps or pulled using a special cargo.

Compression of bricks between the legs allows you to build joints in a straight line, which favorably affects the General condition of the lower extremities and their aesthetic form. The whole technique of yoga is aimed at bringing the leg muscles in tone.

With the help of yoga it is necessary to conduct similar sessions for quite a long period. That is why this method is not suitable for everyone as it requires some effort and a lot of free time.

The correction of occlusion in Moscow

In medicine there are several effective techniques to correct the shape of legs. To help identify the issue used computer diagnostics and modeling, which allows to reduce time and eliminate medical error.

If exercises to correct curvature of the legs do not bring the desired result or it is necessary to fix the true curvature of the lower extremities that is caused by the structure of the bone structure or underdevelopment of muscle tissue, the only way to eliminate defects is surgery: orthopaedic or plastic.

Such methods constitute a serious interference and require a long period for recovery, and patience from the patients over a long period must endure pain. Despite all the disadvantages, these options for one hundred percent guarantee the correction of curvatures and store the result for life.

Abnormal development of muscle and bone tissue can be resolved without surgical intervention, so as to fix about the curvature of the legs can be performing physical exercises.

Otherwise, experts advise orthopedic (with the help of Ilizarov) or plastic surgery (cruroplasty or lipofilling).

The Ilizarov apparatus (orthopaedic surgery)

Correction of the false and the true curvature of the lower extremities is carried out using the compression-distraction apparatus for fixation of bone fragments, and also for its compression and stretching. The design is worn for two or three months, but, despite the long-term treatment, allows the patient two weeks after the installation to move on their own.

What is the unit

The apparatus is a ring, which are mounted on the spokes, intended for placement in bone tissue.

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Compression or tension is regulated by means of special rods that connect the rings together.

With this device recorded leg bones in the correct position, which eliminates the curvature and allowing the patient to get out of bed after only a couple of days after surgery, using the support of crutches or a special shake.

Video: Ilizarov

Is it possible to turn the nut house?

Upon successful completion of surgery, patients can finish the treatment by Ilizarov in the home. The correction process of the bone starts ten days after installation and requires constant twisting of the screws in the machine (for 1.5-2 months), which provides compression, and changes in bone tissue.

Duration, tempo and rhythm twists are developed by experts individually for each patient, suggesting the need for a doctor’s visit, even after discharge.

Limitations and complications

Use of this method of correction has age restrictions. Experts recommend to start treatment no earlier than the age of fourteen, since such a procedure causes pain when walking in the area of passage of the spokes. Discomfort during walking can cause some complexes in children, which affects the emotional state of the child.

The termination of correction of bone tissue is maintained throughout the duration of the treatment and is diagnosed through radiographs and photographs of the limbs of the patient. The postoperative period necessarily involves the lack of physical stress on the limbs.

Motor mode should be expanded gradually to avoid post-operative complications, which are as follows:

  • Inflammatory processes in soft tissues;
  • Inflammation of bone tissue in the area of passage of the spokes;
  • The restriction of mobility in the joints;
  • Fracture or deformation of bone in the area of correction.

Most complications are easily treatable. The patient prior to installation of the Ilizarov apparatus must be informed of any potential consequences. Curvature correction feet without the Ilizarov frame is also commonly used among specialists in this field.

Cruroplasty (plastic surgery)

Plastic surgery is an installation of silicone implants with the help of which increases the volume and adjusted the shape of the lower leg. The procedure takes less than an hour, and rehabilitation – 1.5-2 months.

There are two methods of conducting cruroplasty:

  • insertion of implants (selection required shape and size) ;
  • lipofilling (achievement form via the fat cells of the patient, evacuated from the abdomen).

The operation is performed for an hour under General anesthesia. Access to problem areas of the legs is performed through small incisions of a few centimeters. After installation of the implants the incision is closed and become invisible after some time.

Rehabilitation takes about a month, during which patients experience discomfort the treated area. The recovery period requires abstinence from physical activity for a period of 4 to 6 weeks.

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Video: Cruroplasty

Prices of surgery in Moscow

In the clinical setting, the cost of correcting the curvature of the legs depends on the complexity and variety of the procedure, which includes the examination, anaesthesia, surgery, stay in the house, outpatient specialist rehabilitation period.

The selection of the specialist also plays a key role in the overall cost of treatment. The most famous Russian physician for correcting curvature of the legs is a Professor Akshin Bagirov, Beukovic, which not only eliminates the curvature of the lower extremities, but also lengthen or shorten them, if necessary, and also eliminates the complications of severe fractures and congenital malformations.

Using modern equipment and by developing unique techniques, Professor Bagirov has achieved incredible success helping people find the desired result, and thus became famous all over the world.

The average cost of the basic methods of correction of curvature of feet:

  • Exercise (corrective exercises) – price varies depending on the status of pricing policies and the geographical location of the institution profile section or gym (gymnastics, dance sports, etc.), hours of the instructor;
  • Lipofilling (plastic surgery) – from 80 to 150 thousand rubles. the price includes initial consultation, completion of required tests, a fence of fat cells that support and corrective procedures;
  • Cruroplasty (plastic surgery) – from 80 to 200 thousand rubles. the price includes pre-consultation, testing, the cost of implants, surgeon, anesthesia, hospital;
  • The Ilizarov apparatus (orthopedic surgery) – from 40 to 100 thousand rubles. the cost of the procedure includes a preliminary consultation, submission of the required tests, the work of the surgeon, the anesthesia, the device installation and removal, hospital and rehabilitation treatments.

Photos before and after the correction of curvature of feet

With lipofilling

Using cruroplasty


Photos before and after use of the Apparatus Ilizarova