The electrolipolysis — what it is, feedback, harm, prices, photos before and after

Only now they do not consider one important point: can change perspective on completeness in terms of clothing size, but never in fashion will not cellulite, breeches, rolls on the thighs, saggy belly. This is clearly seen on the photo of Plus Size models: they have a neat belly, clear and smooth line of hips and thighs, buttocks high, pronounced waist despite the large size, high Breasts, neat hand.

You can also safely say that girls with plus size have to treat your body with even greater zeal than Topless, because in order to gain weight and thus not «blurred», it is necessary to have a wonderful inheritance (which is actually a rarity) or work your body comprehensively. This means that in the course there are sports and hardware cosmetology, which together allow to create a harmonious body.

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One of such methods, which allow to reduce the volume in the right places and completely eliminate the appearance of cellulite in problem areas is the electrolipolysis.

What it is

Electrolipolysis is a hardware procedure which aims at the destruction of fat cells and excretion of fat by an electric current.

The procedure can be applied independently to improve body contours or as an adjunct to liposuction, or before plastic surgery aimed at the correction of the silhouette.

This is a serious effect on the body, because the procedure can be performed only in medical institutions competent experts.

Only in this case the client will have the expected effect and would be safe from unwanted consequences.

The story of the technique

The electrolipolysis is the result of observations, not the deliberate invention of tools for local slimming and cellulite treatment. It just so happened that the doctors who performed electrotherapy during hemodialysis (performed when failure of kidney function), noticed a decrease in the layer of fatty tissue where the skin was applied to the electrodes. Constructed the first apparatus Frenchman Bruno Scicli. A patent on the technique was obtained in France in the early 90s of the last century.

Mechanism of action

The method is based on the effects on tissue modulated alternating current of a certain frequency. Ways to effects on adipose tissue are several.

Direct impact on fat cells

In living cells the outer surface of the membrane carries a positive charge, and internal negative. Under the influence of electrical pulses, the polarity of the membrane changes, forcing the cell to expend energy to restore the quantity of positively and negatively charged ions on both sides of the membrane.

This happens up to 20 times per minute within the hour. In the end, the fat cell is forced to mobilize energy sources in the form of fat (or they are also called triglycerides).

Indirect effect through the activation of the nervous system

During the procedure, the excitation of the sympathetic division the sympathetic nervous system. Through a chain of reactions the activation of the enzyme trigliceridos, which destroys the fats contained in the fat cells.

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Thermal effects

In the tissues under the influence of electrical impulses occurs, the local temperature increase. It enhances blood circulation, lymph drainage, metabolism.

Gradually, from procedure to procedure, fat cells are freed from content and decrease in volume. Fat thus broken down to water, acetone, fatty acids. These substances are excreted in blood vessels and lymphatic system to the liver and kidneys, where it is utilized and neutralized. Therefore, the criterion of the effectiveness of the procedure is frequent and copious urination.

In the end, after a course of treatments may decrease the body weight, but the number of fat cells remains. Because those who make the electrolipolysis slimming to maintain a reasonable dietary restrictions and to give the body load still have. Otherwise, for a very short period of time, fat cells can once again regain the lost volume and contours of the body again float.



In this case, electric pulses are supplied into the fatty tissue through the skin electrodes. They can stick to the skin, but more often simply superimposed on a layer of a special conductive gel and pressed against the skin by elastic belts.

Needle electrolipolysis (polyposis)

The procedure uses sterile disposable needles, which serve as electrodes – conductors of electrical impulses. Their length can be very different. It varies from 2 to 15 cm on a single area also can vary.

Need needle electrodes because skin is a poor conductor of electric current, even if you are using special conductive fluids or gels. Because of the needle allow electrical impulses to pass the skin barrier and act on the fatty tissue much more effectively, by almost 30%.

Usually needle electrolipolysis is prescribed for surround dense clusters of fat when to get rid of cellulite in other ways not. Thick fat is the fat of the so-called «fat traps, which can be areas of the breeches.

As the effect on the tissues in this case is stronger, and the discomfort from the procedure more that should definitely be considered for those who have a low pain threshold.


In modern medical centers found a large number of different devices for the procedure electrolipolysis. Here we will mention only the main ones.

Mark Country of origin electrode lipolysis needle lipolysis additional features
Energenic South Korea +    
Lipotonic Multiprogram Italy + + there are electrodes of a large area, which also can affect an area of about 96 cm2
Osmolyse Active Line Italy + +
EMS-6 and EMS-12 «Galatea» Russia + +  
ESMA Russia + + vibrational massage, lymphatic drainage, myostimulation, microcurrent therapy, electrophoresis, cavitation, electric

As you can see, Russian machines often have advantages over Western counterparts. And the effectiveness of treatments they provide at the proper level. In some cases, some patients even have the instruments for electrolipolysis, microcurrent therapy, electrophoresis and myostimulation home for personal use and the recovery of the relatives.

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  • cellulite;
  • swelling;
  • the desire to eliminate body fat without overall weight loss (for example, to remove the «ears» just below the waist while maintaining the volume of the chest);
  • loss of elasticity of the skin;
  • accelerated deposition of fat in the body.


Strict contraindications to the procedure:

  • the presence of a pacemaker;
  • any acute inflammatory processes in the body;
  • disruption of the functioning of the liver and kidneys;
  • damage to the skin at the site of the procedure;
  • hypertension with uncontrolled numbers of pressure and frequent crises;
  • rhythm disorders of the heart (blockade, arrhythmia);
  • heart failure 2-3 degrees;
  • cancer of any localization;
  • pregnancy;
  • epilepsy and increased convulsive readiness;
  • angiomatosis;
  • mental illness;
  • varicose veins, thrombosis, thromboembolism;
  • intolerance or hypersensitivity to electrical current;
  • the period of menstruation;
  • violation of blood coagulability;
  • eczema, psoriasis.

State when to prescribe the procedure electrolipolysis must be based on all risks:

  • diabetes if to correct the blood sugar levels are insulin injections;
  • administration of various medications such as tranquilizers, steroids, hypnotics, hormones, can reduce the performance impact of electrical pulses on the tissue or accelerate the return of fat in fat cells that can make the course of treatment almost ineffective.


The day of the procedure it is forbidden to eat or drink two hours before electrolipolysis and another three hours after it. If the procedure is performed in the evening, eating and drinking should be abandoned until the morning of the next day.

The reason for such a restriction that derived from fat cells fats enter the liver, which again launches them into the metabolism. If additional amounts of fat will not flow from the outside, the mobilized fat will be split to produce energy.

If at that time will come other sources of energy, derived from depot fat can be «Packed» in fat cells «just in case». The ban on water is associated with the need to reduce the burden on the kidneys.

How is the procedure

Usually the patient before the procedure, lay down on the couch. The skin at the site of the procedure, apply a special solution or gel, which establish the electrodes.

If you will be holding the needle electrolipolysis, skin swelling moistened with an antiseptic solution and inject the needle directly perpendicular to the skin, while respecting the rules of maintenance of sterility.

Regardless of the type conducted electrolipolysis and used a program, each procedure consists of three main stages.

  1. The first stage promotes relaxation, increased lymphatic drainage, improved circulation.
  2. The second stage is the actual electrolipolysis, when the effect is on fat cells.
  3. The third step is stimulation of the muscles. Rhythmic muscle contraction helps improve metabolism and improve body contours.

The breakdown and excretion of fat usually lasts for 3-5 days after the procedure. Hence recommendations on how often to do the procedure electrolipolysis. Before 6 days after the previous subsequent will not be as effective.

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How many sessions per course?

The course usually requires 5 to 10 treatments depending on the initial condition and the desired results. The duration may be electrolipolysis more than 60 minutes a day. Breaks between treatments should be at least 1 week.

How to increase the effect of electrolipolysis?

Typically, the electrolipolysis gives a more pronounced effect in combination with such procedures as:

  • lymphatic drainage massage;
  • LPG massage;
  • wraps;
  • pressotherapy;
  • cavitation;
  • cryotherapy;
  • the ozone therapy.

You should consider the fact that when holding the needle electrolipolysis appointed massages and hardware procedures only on the day following the main procedure, as otherwise, in place of punctures bruises.


Complications arise not so often, but you need to know about them. Usually the unwanted effects are transient and disappear without treatment.

These include:

  • hematoma at damage small blood vessels in the conduct of needle electrolipolysis;
  • redness and swelling of the skin in the places of electrodes;
  • muscle pain after the procedure.

The most serious complication electrolipolysis can be considered the formation of a large number of small adhesions (proliferation of connective tissue in the area of influence of electric current).

The harm of these growths is minimal, as they are often not palpable and does not appear on the surface of the skin. But later it may cause issues with the plastic surgeries are aimed at lifting the skin, or liposuction.

What is more effective, electrolipolysis or cavitation?

The difference of cavitation from electrolipolysis that after the procedure cavitation the fat cells are damaged and impact can no longer be so effective to store fat. This means that long-term effects of cavitation are more pronounced than electrolipolysis.

If this is the one treatment of cavitation is almost two times more expensive than the procedure electrolipolysis. It is also worth considering that during one procedure electrolipolysis can be affected to several areas of the body. And during the cavitation in each zone will have to pay separately.

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Prices in Moscow

Name of service The cost
electrolipolysis 1 procedure from 1500 to 4500 rubles


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