The eyebrow transplant (hair transplant for eyebrows) — before and after photos, prices, reviews

In fact, the shape of the eyebrows has an effect on what is perceived as the face of the person as a whole.

Nowadays eyebrow-strings no longer in fashion. Bad manners are considered as eyebrows drawn and tattooed, as the person in this case loses its natural.

If there is a desire to restore or improve the appearance of eyebrows and the entire face in General, but to keep the maximum naturalness, you can use hair transplant for eyebrows.

Once made, this procedure will allow you to look beautiful with makeup and without it, to obtain self-confidence and their own attractiveness in any situation.

Who shown

All customers krach-transplant can be divided into two groups:

  • suffering from complete or partial hair loss in the eyebrows;
  • performing a hair transplant to the eyebrow area, for aesthetic reasons.

To hair loss in the eyebrows can result in:

  • trauma to the skin in the eyebrow, after which formed scars devoid of hair;
  • taking certain medications and physical effects that can lead to death of the hair follicles (chemotherapy, radiotherapy of oncological diseases);
  • aggressive plucking of the hairs, which gradually causes damage to hair follicles and impaired hair growth in the eyebrows;
  • frequent use of cosmetics of poor quality.
  • diseases of neurotic character, when a man constantly pulls the hair on his head or face;
  • impaired growth of hair and diffuse alopecia (hair loss), which are the result of physical illness, nervous exhaustion due to stress, unbalanced diet.

Planning a hair transplant is possible only when the reasons that led to hair loss will be completely eliminated. Otherwise, the transplanted hair will also be lost.

Preparation for the procedure

The most difficult is to find a physician transplant surgeon with impeccable artistic taste, since it makes no sense to transplant eyebrows, and in the subsequent constantly to correct them.

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Eyebrows after transplantation needs to look perfect. Point. On consultation it is necessary to find out which areas will take the donor hair, how many hairs will be in each of the transplanted grafts. Cheaper and faster to perform the transplant methods will give bad aesthetically effect.

During the consultation, it is necessary that the doctor drew new eyebrows that best suit the client. Discussion of abstract wishes is not enough.


Eyebrows have the following distinctive features:

  • the hairs in the eyebrows grow at a very high angle to the skin;
  • both hair growth (upper and lower) are perfectly visible from a close distance;
  • the hairs on the top and bottom converge in the midline.

Ideal for repairing and adjusting is the technology of FUE.

Video: Transplantation of eyelashes and eyebrows

In order to obtain the most natural result transplantation, you have to choose the most suitable thickness of the hair. If the recovery of hair on the head can be used hair from the body, and the occipital region, then the eyebrow hair will be too thick and hard.

Will be more natural brows to recreate that which make use of thin hair of the areas behind the ears or neck from behind.

To be maximally uniform density of the hair for transplantation uses grafts containing 1, with a maximum of 2 of the hair follicle. The criterion of the excellent work of the surgeon – aesthetic appearance immediately after the procedure: hair follicles should be placed evenly and to form clear lines of new eyebrows.

If the skin was significantly damaged and replaced by connective tissue (scar), instead of grafts use the so-called «patches.» Each represents an area of the skin from the temples, which has its own artery and vein. Private vessels patches nourish it, until tissue get accustomed to the new place.

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How many grafts are transplanted

Usually for restoration of the eyebrows is enough odnogolosyj 350 grafts. To adjust can be used 50-100 grafts.

If 350 is not enough follicles for a client that may be performed a second procedure in 4-6 months. Usually the number of grafts transplanted and the number of necessary procedures is discussed at the first consultation.

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Hair transplant is not performed in the following cases:

  • there are problems with blood clotting;
  • intolerance of local anaesthetics (lidocaine, etc.);
  • trichotillomania, treatment which was not conducted or were ineffective;
  • diabetes mellitus in the phase of decompensation.

How is the procedure

In most cases, all manipulations are performed under local anesthesia and takes less than 3 hours.

  1. In the first stage, the fence sections of skin with hair from the donor area. The resulting grafts to improve survival rate may handle special structures.
  2. In the second phase on the skin of the eyebrows applied notches or perforations, which are then placed in the prepared grafts. Applied notches thus to give the hair follicles the correct direction of growth and the desired angle relative to the skin.

Video: transplant procedure eyebrow

The consequences

Immediately after the procedure there may be redness and swelling in the region of the eyebrows. Remain redness and swelling about 1 week. Their severity gradually decreases.

In the early days may be a little soreness at the site of a hair transplant, or diffuse headache. These symptoms you can stop taking painkillers.

In the first month, the transplanted follicles take root. Hair growth is restored after 1-2 months.

Care after surgery

In the postoperative period should:

  • time to go to a doctor for treatment;
  • to avoid any influences which can lead to increased edema (tilt, thermal effects).
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When hair growth will be restored, the first time their growth will need to send with a comb for eyebrows and a special gel. If the follicles taken from occipital region, hair on the eyebrows will have once a week to trim using manicure scissors.

How much is

Performed in Russian clinics and in foreign centers.

clinic the cost of the graft
price in Moscow 70-150 rubles
centers of Israel from 3.5 dollars

The final cost of the surgery will depend on the number of transplanted grafts and related services that you will need to pay extra.

If you compare the price lists of services included in the price, as well as various bonuses offered by the clinic to its clients, it is often a medical tour can do no more expensive than the procedure in the native clinic.

For example, the clinic can provide its customers with free accommodation for the duration of the hair transplant, tours, meeting at the airport, Russian-speaking support.

Before and after eyebrow transplantation

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