The injection of hyaluronic acid (beauty shots) – complications, indications, cost, drugs, before and after photos

The main functions of this substance in the body

This filler is responsible for the synthesis of collagen, involved in cell division processes and retains water in the intercellular matrix (space between cells, which has the form of a gel).

Her normal content allows you to maintain optimal for the occurrence of exchange processes between the cells, the viscosity of the extracellular matrix, a sufficient formation of collagen fibers, which provide elasticity and firmness of tissues. The rate of acid in the tissues is observed in people under 25-30 years. At this age, good muscle tone and skin elasticity, excellent elasticity and extensibility of muscles and ligaments. All that we associate with youth and health.

After 30 years, the synthesis of hyaluronic acid in the human body decreases, which manifests itself over time is manifested by sagging skin, wrinkles. In the joints there is a decrease in elasticity of the articular cartilage and decreases its ability to withstand the load that often leads to arthritis and other degenerative joint diseases.

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Preparations on its basis

In medical practice, hyaluronic acid is most often used for treatment of joints with degenerative damage to articular cartilage and to maintain youthful skin of the face, neck, decollete.

Accordingly, there are the following types of injections:

  • preparations for intra-articular injection. This so-called «prosthetic synovial fluid».
  • drugs for injection into the skin of the face, neck and décolleté. This so-called «beauty shots».

Intra-articular injections help to restore joint mobility by providing lubrication of the friction during the movement of the articular surfaces, stimulate the education of young cartilage cells – chondrocytes, accelerate the synthesis of collagen, which returns sostavnogo cartilage its elasticity.

For intra-articular injection used drugs such as high-Flex, Synocrom, Hyalgan Pheidias.

In cosmetology this polysaccharide can solve several problems at once:

  1. For the face: injections make up for the insufficient amount of hyaluronic acid in deeper skin layers — the dermis, which ensures the renewal of youthful skin, prevents the appearance of wrinkles and saggy skin;
  2. To create curvy volumes: injection into the Breasts allows you to increase the size of the mammary glands on one or two sizes, and lips allow you to increase the thickness and alter the shape of the lips.
  3. For filling wrinkles: deep skin creases in the place of formation of the facial wrinkles can be leveled with the introduction of a certain quantity of the drug in the skin at the place of formation of wrinkles.
  • He simultaneously pushes a fold of skin on the surface, smoothing the wrinkles, and creates optimal conditions for deep regeneration and skin renewal.
  • Injections under the eye to visually align the skin in the area of crow’s feet.
  • Injection in the lip area allows you to smooth out the creases and make the transition from the periorbital region to the cheeks softer.

In cosmetology is used by a large number of preparations based on this substance, which differ in the consistency, density of the drug, molecular weight.

Contraindications for injections

The injection of hyaluronic acid tolerated better than other synthetic and semi-synthetic drugs with similar properties, is more secure, but even they have their contraindications:

  1. Pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  2. Infectious and bacterial diseases, soprovojdayutsya rise in body temperature, malaise;
  3. Autoimmune, allergic reactions, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis;
  4. The tendency to form keloids;
  5. Bacterial, fungal and viral diseases of the skin in the place of the alleged injections;
  6. Violation of the integrity of the skin at the site of the alleged drug administration (abrasions, cuts, hematomas, etc.);
  7. Diseases of the blood characterized by reduction of speed or a violation of the processes of blood coagulation. The same injection is not carried out in case if patient is taking any drugs that reduce the clotting ability of the blood (heparin, acetylsalicylic acid, etc.);
  8. At the same time it is prohibited to conduct at the same time, some hardware and treatments and to introduce the hyaluronic acid products (peels, laser skin resurfacing or hair removal on those areas where planiruetsya to inject the drug);
  9. The drug is contraindicated with allergic reactions to hyaluronic acid, as well as the presence of side effects from previous injections of hyaluronic acid such as angioedema, the development of fibrosis, and so on.
  10. Drugs based on it are introduced in places where previously had entered a permanent gel.
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  1. Prevention of skin aging (and particularly photoageing);
  2. The presence of problems such as excessive dryness, enlarged pores, rosacea and the presence of areas of hyperpigmentation of the skin;
  3. Acceleration of skin regeneration after operations on the face, especially if surgery is performed for cosmetic purpose;
  4. Loss of skin elasticity (turgor), signs of aging such as sagging skin of the cheeks, the eyelids, the wrinkles, the contours of the face;
  5. Filling skin defects such as scars or deep skin creases on the bridge or in the area of nasolabial folds;
  6. Improve the color and appearance of the skin, especially the skin around the eyes.

The place of administration of drugs

Places where kolyat hyaluronic acid, a great many. Ways and methods of introduction developed quite a lot, because the specialist is always possible to choose the most appropriate locations to any patient, regardless of the severity of age-related skin changes, it was a great result.

  • To fill facial wrinkles, the drug is administered into the skin right under the wrinkle so that the wrinkle is completely gone.
  • In order to smooth the skin around the eyes to remove dark circles under eyes are injections under the eyes.
  • In that case, if the patient is concerned about so-called «purse-string» wrinkles around the mouth or overly pronounced nasolabial folds, the drug is injected into the skin around the mouth.
  • For lip augmentation or breast the drug is injected into the lips and into the fatty tissue around the lobules of the breast.

How is the procedure

Before the introduction of hyaluronic acid, as well as before any other invasive procedure, the patient must come for a consultation. During the consultation the doctor should find out the client’s wishes regarding their appearance after the injection.

To collect data on diseases, medications he takes, allergic reaction, to be sure there are no contraindications for administration of hyaluronic acid.

On the basis of the collected information the physician chooses the optimal density and concentration of the active substance hyaluronic acid, determines the required number of injections in one procedure, the frequency and number of treatments.

It should be borne in mind that the larger the expertise of the doctor and the more he is interested in excellent result of their work, the more should be interviewing the client at the stage of consultation as to the success of the procedure is influenced by many factors.

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The procedure of introduction of the filler takes about half an hour. During this time, the patient’s skin made a special mark in place of expected drug administration, can be applied local anesthetics type of ointment «EMLA».

Disposable syringes with fine needles and small doses of the drug are injected under the skin. On the same day the patient can return home and go about their daily Affairs. Those who have done injections of hyaluronic acid, you know that the medical supervision after such injection is not required.

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Shots are point wound from the syringe needle. After stopping the bleeding from the wounds they may well be toned by means of decorative cosmetics.

How to determine the number and frequency of injections

The number of treatments depends on the problem that the client went to the doctor-cosmetician. For biorevitalisation usually need four treatments for introduction of drugs into the skin of the face and neck. The filling of wrinkles, increase lip volume and chest often takes place in a single stage.

Sometimes you need one corrective procedure to correct asymmetry after swelling subsides. To restore the oval of the face, you need to do 4-8 treatments. Removal of hernias in the region of the lower eyelid will need 1 — 4 treatments are injections of hyaluronic acid around the eyes.

The multiplicity of procedures of mesotherapy face is defined only by the doctor. Occasionally, patients require one treatment every two to three weeks if the filler in their skin quickly is involved in the metabolism of the body and dissipates from the injection site.

It is worth remembering that the multiplicity of procedures, the introduction of hyaluronic acid depends on many factors such as skin condition of the patient, the intensity of exchange processes in its organism, age, quality of the administered drug and its volume, the professionalism of the doctor.

Because it is the multiplicity in each case can be higher than the average number, which is indicated in various sources. In any case, the following procedure can be carried out not earlier than a week after the previous one! To repeat the procedure it will be necessary about once a year, and in the case of the lips and the glabellar folds every six months.

What result can you expect

Immediately after the procedure may develop a slight swelling at the site of injection because it may seem that the specialist has injected under the skin a lot more of the drug than previously planned. However, after a few days the swelling subsides and the client can assess the effect of the procedure: the skin looks much more hydrated, improves the oval and complexion, more clearly outlines the cheekbones.

Such a procedure can also significantly improve the condition and appearance of the skin of the neck, hands and decollete.

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Complications and possible consequences of injection

In the process of introduction of the drug into the skin may experience palpitations, loss of consciousness, and such immediate allergic reactions, like angioedema.

It should be remembered that during the injection the side effects, their likelihood and severity, are directly dependent on the quality of the drug and the degree of its purification. The greatest allergenic properties of hyaluronic acid of animal origin.

During and immediately after the procedure the most common such effects as pain, itching, redness and swelling at the injection site.

Bleeding in the skin lead to the formation of hematomas, which can be barely noticeable, and is quite extensive. Bruising after injections resolve within 3-7 days.

If you violate the rules of asepsis and antisepsis during the procedure there is a risk of introduction of infection into the puncture wounds with anaerobic infection, necrosis and abscesses of the skin.

The most common effects of the injection in the long term:

  • Fibrosis at the injection site;
  • Atrophy of the skin at the injection site;
  • Stagnation of lymph as a result of excessive development of connective tissue in the injection site;
  • The formation of Hyper — and hypopigmentation areas of the skin;
  • Injection of hyaluronic acid in the presence of a predisposition may trigger the development of diseases such as psoriasis and systemic lupus erythematosus, activate the reproduction of viruses, such as herpes or HPV.
  • Its ability to enhance cell division can lead to the development of multiple benign tumors of adipose or connective tissue, which have the appearance of small nodules or thickening.
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Restrictions after the procedure

After injections of hyaluronic acid not:

  • Access to the beach, bath, sauna, Solarium, to expose the skin to high temperatures;
  • Banned for a time all water sports, especially swimming in open water;
  • During the day it is necessary to minimize the movement of the facial muscles, especially in those areas where there was a correction, try not to touch the skin at the site of injection not sleep the first night face down in the pillow;
  • For a few days it is better to avoid all physical activity so as not to provoke increased swelling at the place of injections;
  • Within two days after the procedure, you must use products with anti-inflammatory and disinfecting effect that the physician prescribes;
  • During the week you cannot perform physiotherapy and beauty treatments for the face.

After the procedure, it is useful to apply ice or cold packs to the place of manipulation to reduce swelling and bleeding, accelerate skin regeneration.

The injection of hyaluronic acid and pregnancy

During pregnancy and breast feeding the introduction of this substance is contraindicated. This is due to the fact that in this period women hormonal changes, and therefore increases the risk of side effects, and the likelihood of accelerated metabolism and resorption of the drug in the skin.

Age limit

Minors such injections are not carried out, and adults only when indicated. Age from customers limit for appointment «beauty shots» is a great depth of wrinkles.


The cost depends on the manufacturer of the drug, the concentration of active substance in the drug, the medical center where the procedure is carried out, the professionalism of the doctor, and the number of injections that must be performed.

The prices below are quoted in Russian rubles per 1 procedure

Hyaluronic acid price: prices in RUB.
The increase in the volume of the lips ( Restylane 1ml) 10 000 — 18000rub.
Correction of the shape of the lips ( Restylane 0.5 ml) 6 500 — 16000руб.
Lip augmentation ( Surgiderm 0.8 ml) 8 000 — 14000руб.
Plastic face ( Perlane 0.5 ml) 7 000 — 12500руб.
Anesthetic (local) 300rub.

For injections, the price cannot be low since the introduction of such drugs is a medical procedure that requires certain conditions, the use of quality product with a good shelf life and high qualification of the doctor.

Only the observance of all necessary conditions will ensure that you get the expected results and will minimize the risk of side effects.

Before and after pictures