The kelp mask from wrinkles in house conditions

Laminaria (sea cabbage) is a plant which belongs to the class of brown seaweed. It grows on the underwater rocks and stones in the waters of the Black sea, the Kara, Japanese, White and Okhotsk seas. The most famous seaweed was due to the high content of iodine in organic form.


Kelp is a very useful product, with a unique chemical composition.

It includes:

  • iodine in organic form, is anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect. It regulates the sebaceous glands;
  • thyroidin the thyroid hormone, normalizing the thyroid gland and help improve skin condition;
  • alginic acid is a sorbent allows to eliminate inflammation and cleanse the skin;
  • Niacin helps to eliminate pigmentation;
  • mannitol helps to tone the skin;
  • iron, strengthens blood vessels and capillaries, helps to enrich the skin cells with oxygen;
  • fucothin, improve metabolism;
  • vitamins a, b, K, C, E, D, PP. They increase collagen production, make skin smoother, help eliminate fine lines and age spots.

Effect on the skin

Kelp is a positive impact on the condition of the skin:

  • improves skin color, removes yellowness, grey and dark circles under the eyes;
  • regulates the condition of skin, removes excessive dryness and removes oily Shine;
  • anti-inflammatory effect;
  • helps to get rid of age spots;
  • leads to tone loose skin;
  • eliminates wrinkles;
  • cleans skin pores;
  • promotes the penetration of nutrients into the deeper layers of the skin;
  • moisturizes the skin;
  • speeds up the metabolism.

Features choice

To make a kelp mask from wrinkles in house conditions, it is necessary to choose the right raw materials.

Buy seaweed for cosmetic purposes in pharmacies or in supermarkets.

In order to prepare the mask of wrinkles you need to choose a kelp powder or dried leaves of this plant. You can also use seaweed in frozen form, in this case it retains all its beneficial properties.

As a basis for masks, don’t use pickled seaweed, as the components that give it a taste, have a negative impact on the skin.

Recipes masks of kelp at home


How to make a mask


Kelp – ‘ 10

Buckwheat flour – 10 g.

In order to cook the buckwheat flour, groats to grind using the grinder. The softened kelp add the powder and leave it for half an hour. Then applied to the skin and soft circular motions and wash off after half an hour.

Eliminates Shine and makes the skin taut, removes spots that appeared with age and small blackheads.

Dry kelp, chamomile, calendula, organic ground coffee 5,

Blue or white clay, 10 g.

Non-carbonated mineral water.

All the dry ingredients except the clay is placed in a grinder and grind to obtain a homogeneous powder. Then add the clay and diluted with mineral water heated to 60C. The mask is left for an hour, if necessary, adding warm water to the consistency of sour cream. The tool then in use.

This mask will help to make the skin taut to eliminate wrinkles and inflamed areas. After its application, the complexion is evened, the skin is fresh and Shine disappear.

Kelp – ‘ 10

Cucumber – 10

Prepared kelp thoroughly mixed with cucumber mass. To prepare the vegetable with the peel rubbed on a fine grater.

The tool provides a quick rejuvenating effect. After application, the skin becomes supple and hydrated, increases elasticity.

Kelp 15 g

Pumpkin puree – 15

Butter – 2 ml

Pre-squash to bake. After it becomes soft, add the oil and turn into a puree. Mix with pre-softened kelp, and a thin layer applied to the face.

Wearing this mask contains large amounts of vitamins and minerals. It perfectly nourishes the skin, evens its color and helps get rid of dryness and facial wrinkles.

Kelp and gelatin 10 g

Lemon juice – 0.5 teaspoon.

Vitamin a – 2 drops.

Gelatin pour 75 ml of hot water and leave for 30 minutes. Then mix with softened kelp, lemon juice and add vitamin A. Wait until the mixture thickens slightly and apply on cleansed skin.

This mask is used in sagging skin and deep wrinkles. It perfectly nourishes the skin, helps to get rid of signs of aging, and eliminate the pronounced nasolabial folds.

Kelp 15 g.

Egg yolk.

Olive oil – 1 teaspoon.

Dried orange peel – 3 g.

Need a little yolk beat until foam. Dried orange peel crushed into powder. Mix all ingredients and apply on the skin.

The mask has an instant lifting effect. It rejuvenates and tightens the skin.

Kelp 15 g.

Yeast is alive – ‘ 10

Oat flour – 15 g.

Sugar 0,3 tsp.

Dissolve yeast in small amount of warm water, add sugar and flour. Once you see signs of fermentation you need to add the prepared kelp and apply on face.

The mask of kelp and yeast freshens the complexion, tightens and tones aging skin. Allows you to get rid of facial wrinkles.

1 tbsp. spoon of kelp, low-fat cottage cheese, sour cream.

Salt – 0,3 teaspoons.

To prepare the mask will need frozen seaweed, which had previously thawed. Sour cream mix with cottage cheese until smooth, add salt and powdered kelp. Apply to the face, a quarter of an hour.

This mask give radiance to the skin, gets rid of Shine and minor skin irritations. Refreshes and tones aging skin.

Kelp – 20 g.

Mineral sparkling water.

The dry leaves of kelp cover with water heated to 60C and leave for two hours. Then apply to face, neck and décolleté.

The simplest mask that allows you to get rid of wrinkles, tighten the skin, to bring it in tone and to remove some minor inflammation.

Kelp – ‘ 10

Lemon juice – 1 teaspoon.

Protein fresh chicken eggs.

Lemon juice mix the protein and whip. Add kelp and apply on face.

The mask used for correction of facial contours, elimination of wrinkles and age spots. It helps to get rid of oily sheen and small pimples.

Kelp – ‘ 10

Yogurt 75 ml.

Dry kelp powder, pour warm yogurt and leave to swell. To use as directed.

The mask will help to tone the skin, smooth the skin and rejuvenate it.

Rules of applying the

Before applying the mask from a laminaria from wrinkles, you need to prepare, because in a dry form, for these purposes, the seaweed is not suitable.

The rules of cooking:

  • 15 g of the dry powder or the leaves of kelp are placed in a glass container and pour 200 ml of warm boiled water or mineral water of room temperature. Boiling water for these purposes is not used because it neutralizes the beneficial properties of plants.
  • kelp kept in water as long as it does not swell, from half to two hours;
  • then need to put gauze on the cut and lightly squeeze, and the resulting mass to use for making masks;
  • before applying the mask, skin should be thoroughly cleaned using a scrub. In order for the tool to work more effectively, the person need to steam, attaching a Terry towel soaked in hot water or holding over steam;
  • apply the mask in the supine position, because the kelp is very slippery and struggling to stay on the skin.

How to remove

After applying the mask left on the face for no more than a quarter of an hour.

During this time, the mask will have a beneficial effect on the skin and will not cause a negative reaction.

Then the mask should rinse thoroughly with cool water. You can use mineral sparkling water at room temperature. In the next step, the skin should be applied nourishing cream.

Video: an Alternative recipe


Mask of kelp is not recommended in the following cases:

  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • the presence of skin damage in the form of open wounds or scratches;
  • hypersensitivity to the components included in the composition of the seaweed;
  • diseases of the circulatory system;
  • severe disease of the thyroid gland.

The duration of the course

Avoid kelp mask, will be sufficient to apply it once or twice a week for two months and the skin will again become elastic, small wrinkles disappear and damage.

In the future, to maintain the result it is necessary to apply this mask once in two weeks.

Useful tips

Because kelp can cause an allergic reaction, before applying a mask to conduct a sensitivity test.

This requires a small amount of properly cooked kelp or ready to apply the mask on the region of the wrist or elbow and leave for at least 3 hours. If you have ever had an allergic reaction, then on the day.

If during this period on the application there is no reaction in the form of redness, rashes, itching or burning, a mask can be safely used. In another case, rinse with warm water and take an antihistamine.

Before applying cosmetic products based on seaweed, is to consult with a beautician.

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