The laser septoplasty is the cost of the nasal septum

The most common problem of the nose is a deviated septum. Its irregular structure is observed in almost every second man, expressed this same defect in all different ways.

Someone not noticing and not knowing, living with this all his life, and someone can be completely blocked nasal passage with a violation of the natural breath.

A deviated septum is the main cause of frequently occurring and chronic diseases of ear, nose and throat.

In these cases, resort to medical intervention – septoplasty, which achieve the proper structure of the nose, resulting in aesthetic appearance is the most expressive part of the face.

What it is

A complicated term, septoplasty, implies a change in the structure of the nasal septum surgically. That is a surgery to correct its curvature.

Regarding the types of procedure at the moment is:

  1. normal;
  2. laser septoplasty the nasal septum.

The conventional method involves the use of a scalpel and the necessary surgical instruments. Is performed under General anesthesia. Used in complex internal changes in the nose.

Speaking of laser septoplasty, it should be noted that this technique is divided into two subspecies, which differ radically from each other in their action.

It can be:

  • using a laser beam as a scalpel;
  • operation when using the laser beam as a heat source.

First option:

  1. is characterized by almost common method of surgery with application of only a radio wave of a knife, not an ordinary scalpel;
  2. it has less invasiveness and greater accuracy.

In the second case:

  • is heated cartilage tissue, with a focused laser beam to a state in which the surgeon is able to bring it to the required position.
  • This technique will be applied for slight deviated septum, and only if these changes are necessary in the area of the cartilage, since the bone is not able to «melt».

When applied

To correct the nasal septum, regardless of the degree of its curvature, can only be properly surgically with the help of a doctor.

Septoplasty is primarily surgery, so it requires some evidence.

The main indications for septoplasty nose:

  • a significant overlap of the nostrils, accompanied by difficulty of breathing;
  • chronic diseases of ear, throat, nose (sinusitis, otitis, rhinitis, sinusitis, etc.);
  • heavy snoring during sleep;
  • violation of aesthetic appearance of the nose;
  • frequent colds and acute respiratory disease accompanied by complications on certain organs.

As for the choice of method of surgery, the decision is taken by the doctor.

Competent ENT doctor and the surgeon individually for each specific case decide to use the most appropriate method of septoplasty.

In complex cases with large deformation of the cartilage and bone of the nasal septum will be applied to conventional endoscopic surgery.

Minor problems of the structure, namely with regards to changes of the cartilage, the laser septoplasty. In some cases, can be used in two basic methods.

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As with any surgery, septoplasty, regardless of whether it is conventional or laser, has a number of contraindications to its use. Some of them require a prior thorough examination.

Cases that might exclude the operation:

  • minor age (as an average of 18 years is the formation of tissues of a nose – bone and cartilage);
  • the period of exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • problems with the heart, blood vessels and blood;
  • the presence of different types of infections and viruses in the body;
  • Oncology;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • the period of menstruation and women.

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What are the characteristics

A distinctive feature of laser septoplasty the nasal septum from the usual endoscopic surgery is the use of a laser beam. It is the impact on the deformed area.

It can perform various functions required in each particular case. As mentioned above, the laser septoplasty is partially characterized as ordinary, when the laser acts as the knife, replacing the scalpel.

In this case, the laser beam of a certain wavelength produces a more precise, accurate and less traumatic section of the deformed tissues.

With a slight curvature, which affect only the cartilage, the laser is already used as a heat ray of a certain frequency to «liquefy» tissue.

Thus, reaching the required softness and ductility, the doctors are able to improve the shape of the nasal septum.

How perform laser septoplasty

Before surgery require some laboratory tests involving testing. Also the necessary conclusions about the patient’s condition from certain doctors. All-purpose writes out ENT. Then, the date of the procedure.

Stages of the laser septoplasty:

  • General training (with the exception of some medications and alcohol, food for 12 hours before surgery);
  • the anesthesiologist for the introduction of General anesthesia (occasionally local anesthesia is used);
  • aimed the laser on the deformed fate;
  • the excision of the tissues and giving them the desired shape;
  • the completion of all the manipulation and treatment of wounds without the need for suturing, which is a big advantage of laser septoplasty;
  • bringing the patient to consciousness.

The duration of the operation, depending on the complexity of the conduct, determined on average from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Photo: Before and after surgery

The recovery period

After surgery depends on the patient, namely the observance of all necessary doctor’s recommendations. Recovery time after laser septoplasty about a month.

The most severe period is a departure from the anesthesia, when in addition to the restoration of sensitivity of the damaged tissue, there is a General weakness and malaise, dizziness and nausea.

However, this is true only in the first day, under the supervision of a physician. For some time on the field looks set silicone lining-fixers.

It should be noted that many may soon go home with a list of recommendations for early recovery and rehabilitation is favorable.

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The basic requirements and assignments of the recovery period:

  • hygiene of the nasal cavity, hydration and flushing with saline with the treatment prescribed gels and ointments;
  • restriction of physical activity,
  • the exception of places of a mass congestion of people;
  • drink plenty of liquids;
  • the restriction of the use of hot food;
  • exception of visiting baths and saunas;
  • monitoring the health and temperature of the body;
  • sleep mainly on your back.

About two weeks after the operation, almost completely restored to normal working capacity. However, the abuse of excessive physical and emotional stress is not recommended.


Any surgery inherent complications, is no exception and laser septoplasty the nasal septum.

Mainly among these are a normal characteristic of this manipulation postoperative consequences, which in the next few days go by themselves.

These include:

  • loss of ability to breathe through the nose a couple of days;
  • swelling of the nose;
  • headaches;
  • dryness of mucous membranes of mouth and nose;
  • a slight increase in body temperature in the early days.

But sometimes can occur more serious complications, which should be reported to the attending physician, for the purpose of timely treatment.

Among them are:

  • profuse nasal bleeding with blood clots;
  • the emergence of various kinds of hematomas;
  • inflammation and suppuration, the appearance of abscesses;
  • not desired to change the shape of the nose and the scars.

In the latter case, often resort to subsequent rhinoplasty and various kinds of cosmetic surgeries, however, it should be noted that re-intervention is possible after a certain time.

The durability of effect

The desired result after the surgery depends on the correctness of its implementation and the implementation of all recommendations and appointments by the patient.

When choosing a surgeon, You should thoroughly discuss the upcoming septoplasty that are specific to Your case.

The most suitable method determines the efficiency of the whole purpose of the operation and consequences.

Along with this, a great responsibility in the future lies with You. It is the observance of all the established rules contributes to the fact that the corrected nasal septum accepts and reinforce its proper position.

Ignoring the rules of precaution, You run the risk of losing the achieved results, it will only aggravate the condition of the main organ of respiration.

If You strictly comply with all recommendations carefully and take care about your nose, it is achieved the goal will be saved for years to come.


The cost of laser septoplasty depends on several factors.

Among the main there are:

  • region is conducting;
  • clinic;
  • used equipment;
  • the complexity of the operation.

Regional identity and the reputation of the clinic, the various categories of qualified professionals largely affect the final cost of the patient.

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However, it is not recommended to save on your health, trusting the first doctor. Everything must be intelligently analyzed.

For a good example of the average data on cost of services septoplasty in various cities.

The price of laser septoplasty depending on regional affiliation:

The city

The cost of service in rubles of the Russian Federation


80 000


30 000


30 000


50 000


25 000

The price just once, usually includes the cost of preliminary analyses of the anesthesia and after the rehabilitation costs. A full and detailed price list, You can always study in advance in any clinic.

Myths and misconceptions

Laser in medicine has been used for many years, and its advantages are proven by practice. However, there are a lot of different statements, sometimes ridiculous, that laser surgery, including septoplasty hides a unpleasant moments.

Basic misconceptions consist mainly:

  • First, the fact that after the laser leaves scars and burn scars.

On the contrary, application of laser septoplasty does not require suturing and is more precision and accuracy. Only the hands of an inexperienced technician can cause any noticeable damage.

  • Second, the lack of durability of effect.

Laser septoplasty is used in different variants in the specific individual case and the correct approach ensures needs and desired results.

  • Thirdly, the possibility of holding in the warm season.

Weather absolutely does not affect postoperative rehabilitation.

  • Fourth, unreasonably high cost.

The operation on the modern equipment with the latest technology allows for greater efficiency with the least trauma, with subsequent short and easy postoperative recovery period.

Thanks to modern techniques of laser septoplasty many people had the opportunity to correct the defects of the structure of the nasal septum in a short time without resorting to inpatient stay.

Some cases of curvature are amenable to laser using local anesthesia, which facilitates the recovery process.

Experienced specialists carry out this manipulation at the highest level, leaving no visible eye tracks and effects, except the transformation of Your nose. The laser septoplasty You return to your normal lifestyle in no time.