The normal hair loss a day — when washing, combing


In fact, all norms are conditional, as the life of the hair from the beginning of the growth to loss in people varies almost two times and 3-5 years. And hence the number of dropped normal hair a day, will differ almost twice.

Just keep in mind that the change of the hair may occur unevenly depending on the seasons, errors in the diet, diseases and other reasons.

Often much more significant is how the number of newly emerging hairs corresponds to the number of fallen. Even if for a short time the hair fell out so-called shreds, and after a week or two there was a slight tuft of hair on the parting, we can assume that everything is normal: the body is stressed, but the normal hair growth and hair density will not be affected.

Usually such increased hair loss pay attention to women without reference of an episode of loss to a specific cause (strict diet, abrupt change of climate, acute disease, etc.). If the cause is rectified, then no special care or treatment they required.

Hair, which at the moment crossed the stage of catagen (aging hair), will still fall out and new growth is not disturbed.

Another thing, when the day falls not so much, but the new ones do not appear. First, this is not very noticeable, and will not give trouble to the owner of the curls, but eventually it will result in a marked reduction of hair density.

Usually it is common for men with androgenetic alopecia, especially if its expression starts relatively late (after 40 years) and male pattern baldness progresses slowly.

In children, increased hair loss may have their reasons that are typical for their age. It may be worm infestation, and fungal diseases of the scalp, and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, and congenital total alopecia. Therefore this problem must deal with a pediatrician and a trichologist.

Hair loss or breakage?

You should pay attention to this important point, than are those hairs that you see on your comb or in the bathroom. Is a lost hair? Or broken off the tip of a hair, albeit long?

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To find out, it is necessary to consider both ends of the hair. If one of the ends there are white circular thickening, the hair that had fallen from the root.

If both the tip and thickening the same to them no, that hair is just broken.

In the first case, suitable means for strengthening of hair against loss, and the second means against breakage.

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The norm when washing

In order to find out whether you have exceeded the rate of hair loss per day, select the day, and even better a few days, which will be not overloaded with cases to count the fallen hair.

Remember that stray hairs are counted not earlier than the third or fourth day after shampooing. The thing is that the hairs that are ready to fall out, you need some provoking physical factor, which will help them to get out of the narrow mouth of the hair follicle. Such factors is the hair wash and combing.

When washing the figure is much greater than the rate of loss when combing, and very much depends on how often you wash your hair.

The more often you wash your hair, the less hair you have falls out with every wash. Accordingly, if the head be washed rarely, the number of lost hair per skin procedure will be significant.

Also contributes to the loss of dead hair, scalp massage, hairstyles, which are carried out with considerable tension of the hair.

So the number calculated for the third or fourth day after shampooing.

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To do this, calculate:

  • in the morning, the hair that was left on the pillow and pyjamas;
  • the hair left on the comb each time after combing.

Comb should not be massage as usual, with the frequent teeth. The sum of all of the hair and is the number of lost hair per day. The work is painstaking and requires patience and time. But it’s worth it if the hair loss is important to you and that bothers you. It is possible that the number of dropped hair is going to be so small that you can calm down and switch to other tasks.

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It is especially useful to those with long hair: the longer your hair is, the bigger they look on the comb. And it is possible that excessive loss you have not, because nothing to worry about. The lack of information, the desire to have an attractive appearance, the abundance of advertising has led to the fact that this people began to think more often than is actually necessary. Hair loss has acquired a number of rumors and myths that we now consider.

Legends and myths

  • The legend first, and my favorite: the Caffeine in coffee leads to spasm of blood vessels of the scalp and triggers hair loss.

The caffeine found in coffee, black tea, and especially a lot of it in green tea. And he is part of a number of drugs, for example, in the same tablets, which many take as a remedy for headaches.

That’s the way our cardiovascular system, that drugs contained in the blood (and the caffeine from the coffee falls from the gastrointestinal tract into the blood), influence all the vessels of the body. This means that in isolation to spaserovat only vessels that feed the hair, caffeine can not. Similarly, it can be argued that coffee teeth fall out, damage the retina of the eyes and off the nails.

In fact, the spasm of vessels is important for hair loss, but this is a result of the influence of the nervous system, for example, spasm of the vessels of the head may occur in response to stress, fright.

If a trigger occurred only once, then harm to the hair and entire body in General will not. If stress takes a chronic form, and spasm of the blood vessels becomes permanent and the hair will be broken.

  • The legend of the second: the longer your hair is, the more difficult hair follicle to keep them, because the longer the hair, the harder they fall.

There’s no correlation between length of hair and speed of hair loss. A significant reduction in hair density can be from individuals with short hair, if the hair loss is the reasons.

  • Legend three: shampoos, conditioners, ampoules help to stop hair loss.
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If you apply the above remedies for hair loss in combination with other activities aimed at identifying and eliminating the causes of baldness, then the result will be. In cases of heavy hair loss in result of endocrine diseases and some other causes any shampoo or ampoules will not help.

  • Legend four: Folk remedies are powerless in the treatment of baldness.

Well, you’ve got to watch what alopecia is we are dealing with. If a person has a persistent spasm of the blood vessels of the scalp on the background of constant stress, he mustard mask will help, if its regular use. If we are talking about androgeneticheskaya of alopecia, Yes, teas and herbs will not help.

  • Legend five: Baldness can be cured.

Again, you need to watch what kind of alopecia it is. If it is diffuse baldness that is a result of disease, long hard diet, the constant fatigue, the baldness is treated with a restorative complex of means and measures. If you mean alopecia baldness or androgenetic, then we are dealing with the usual advertising promises. Do not fall for advertising promises. If the problem of hair loss bothers you, count the number of fallen hair a day and feel free to contact a trichologist if you have such a need.