The price of blepharoplasty — how much, cost, laser, transconjuctival, Moscow

Blepharoplasty is a plastic surgery for the correction of upper and lower eyelids. It is necessary for many regardless of age and the concomitant changes.

Overhanging skin folds or heavy bags under the eyes is able to create a lot of problems, complexes and inconveniences.

This area of plastic surgery currently has a very wide distribution, which explains the high demand for this type of surgery.

For each potential patient, who needs blepharoplasty, a lot of important is its cost. This question requires a more detailed and in-depth study.

On the basis of price is

The total amount of the cost of conducting any plastic surgery comprises a number of components. Is no exception and blepharoplasty.

From among those determined, it may be noted here:

  • consulting a plastic surgeon;
  • preoperative laboratory studies and passing required tests;
  • the complexity of the forthcoming operation;
  • price of used anesthesia;
  • postoperative hospital stay;
  • follow-up, advice dressings and removal of stitches.

Presented is a list of some common basis of all the plastic clinics, each only making a few adjustments and additions, establishing and determining its value for each type of service.

In the end, is drawn up and approved so-called price list, which details all prices of a particular medical institution. With him always is to see when choosing a clinic.

Where can you check price

It should be noted that the price list is a public document of any organization.

Virtually all medical centers have their own official sites, which in addition to contacts and the list of services presented and also the price list indicating the prices.

This allows You at any time and in any place, having access to the Internet, to learn, to perform and celebrate the most suitable for You.

In the absence of a price on the website, or in the absence of the clinic site, you can always find contacts of interest to companies.

On it, You’ll be able to get detailed advice on costs of needed services as well as the possibility of obtaining a price list to Your email.

During the visit to the medical center as an opportunity to get acquainted with the price list, ask and discuss all your questions directly.

Photo: Before and after surgical intervention

The average cost of blepharoplasty

Not to mention the fact that the price for eyelid surgery also depends on the region.

Wouldn’t be a surprising fact that this operation will cost many times more expensive in the Metropolitan hospital than in the provincial medical center.

This explains different levels of life in specific areas in connection with these various qualifications and requests of plastic surgeons, as well as equipment and use of medical equipment and methods of operations.

An overview of the average cost of blepharoplasty clinics in various cities

The name of the city

The average price for blepharoplasty in rubles of the Russian Federation (the price correction in the one appearance of the eyelids – upper or lower)


60 000, 00


50,000 00

Saint Petersburg

40 000, 00


40,000 00


35 000, 00

Nizhny Novgorod

30 000, 00


30 000, 00


30 000, 00


30 000, 00


25 000, 00


25 000, 00


20 000, 00


20 000, 00


20 000, 00


20 000, 00

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These figures are averages and may vary up or down depending on technique and complexity of performing blepharoplasty, as well as what ever is used to correct upper or lower.

Video: Features of the operation

Lower eyelids

Blepharoplasty of the lower eyelids is represented mainly by such manipulations as plastic bags and circles under the eyes, as well as the removal of fatty hernia under the eyes.

The overhang of the thin lower eyelid skin, or swollen, similar to persistent swelling, bags, each can be expressed in different ways.

General condition of problem areas and determines the price of plastic surgery.

Surgeons say the fact that lower eyelid blepharoplasty, in some cases, it may be a bit more expensive than the correction upper, but not always, there are cases of exception.

So, starting from the data given in the previous table, talking about average cost plastics of the lower eyelids, it can be concluded that these figures will be changed in a big way to several thousand, again depending on the region and the clinic.

The interval is in this case according to statistics from approximately 2 000 to 10 000.

The average price for plastic lower eyelids

The name of the city

The average price for blepharoplasty of the lower eyelids in rubles of the Russian Federation


70 000, 00


55 000, 00

Saint Petersburg

46 000, 00


35 000, 00


33 000, 00


28 000, 00


24 000, 00

Upper eyelids

As with correction of the lower, the upper eyelids may require corrections of varying difficulty.

Basically it is the removal of hanging skin folds above the eye, which lowers the fatty tissue, creating not only the loss of aesthetic appearance, but also adding a lot of inconvenience.

The operation in this case involves the excision of excess skin and removal or redistribution of fatty tissue.

As noted above, in some clinics, the price of this surgical manipulation can be a bit lower than when you change the lower pane of the century, about a couple of thousand rubles.

The average price for the plastic of the upper eyelid

The name of the city

The average price for blepharoplasty of the lower eyelids in rubles of the Russian Federation


60 000,00


48 000, 00

Saint Petersburg

40 000,00


28 000,00


25 000, 00


22 000, 00


18 000, 00

Despite the difference in transaction costs depending on the area that requires correction, according to the analysis of most clinics in different regions, it can be concluded that many health centres still set the same price for the plastic both the lower and upper eyelids, using different surgical methods.

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This technique is mainly used for correction of the lower eyelids, and it can be offered to all patients.

This is a special feature of the operation according to this method, namely, the whole procedure is carried out through the internal part of the century, when tightened the skin under the eyes, removes fatty hernia and bags.

A great advantage of this method is the lack of observed incisions and scarring.

Price transconjuctival blepharoplasty on the line will depend on the complexity of the operation, from how much work needs to be done the surgeon to achieve the most positive result.

At the first visit to the clinic, an experienced specialist will suggest the most suitable method of surgical correction.


Laser blepharoplasty is the most universal method, compared with transconjuctival.

Widely used in plastic both the lower and upper eyelids, when correcting any problem areas, any patient, regardless of age and General condition of the skin.

The use of a laser, under local anesthesia, allows you to achieve maximum results with minimal injuries.

Similar to the above described method, the price of laser blepharoplasty is the sum of the total amounts of all the necessary actions of the surgeon, i.e. how much and what kind of problems need to be addressed.

Mention what methodology is cheaper and what is more, it should be noted that there is no single answer and can not be.

As it affects, in this case, only the volume and complexity of the forthcoming operation, the surgeon decides which method is most suitable in each individual case.

Therefore, to decide which option is more suitable, can only competent specialist. Sometimes is no exception and the combination of several techniques during the surgical procedure.

How much it costs to do the operation at the renowned surgeons of Moscow

Analyzing and studying the issue price of blepharoplasty in our country, what is clear is that Moscow took a confident first place in the high numbers on this type of operation.

This largely explains the fact that in the Moscow clinic has the most skilled and honored plastic surgeons that use the latest technology and equipment.

Undoubtedly, choosing a recognizable hearing a plastic surgeon, You should be prepared for the fact that paid a heavy price, which in addition to the list provided to you of services will include the cost for the prestige of the clinic and the popularity of the doctor.

The average price of blepharoplasty have known surgeons in different clinics of Moscow

The name of the clinic

Name of plastic surgeon

The cost of blepharoplasty in rubles of the Russian Federation

Estet Clinic

Yakimets Valery Grigorievich

Ivanchenkova Tatiana


70 000, 00 — 100 000,00

Dr. Shihirman


Edward V.


80 000,00 – 170 000, 00

Frau Klinik


Blokhin Sergey,

Wolf Igor


85 000, 00

Soho Clinic


Mikhailov Andrey


50 000,00 – 80 000, 00

Arbat Aesthetics


Grigoryants Vladislav Semenovich


45 000, 00 – 90 000, 00

Dr Plastic


Sergeev, Ilya Vyacheslavovich


55 000, 00 – 120 000, 00

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Hence we can conclude: «the price for the name», in some cases, will cost almost as the surgery itself. However, the decision is always yours.

Is it always justified the high price

After analyzing the question of blepharoplasty can certainly one is the same operation as everyone else, which is characterized, in addition to the desired results, sometimes, in some cases, side effects complications.

Among these are:

  • swelling;
  • bruising;
  • seal and bruising;
  • ectropion;
  • and scars;
  • watery eyes;
  • conjunctivitis and various kinds of infection;
  • more.

Many of these effects do not depend on vysokochastotnyi specialist, You will pay for his reputation increased significantly the amount.

Weight postoperative changes are considered normal and are temporary.

So, do not think that if You choose a famous surgeon and a famous clinic, after blepharoplasty will immediately receive the expected and desired result.

Do not forget about artificial overestimate of the prices for all medical services, depending on the region.

The information provided clearly shows the relationship of the high cost for the plastic General scope and development of the region as a whole.

All of this material become evident by the following facts:

  • Firstly, the main determining the cost of blepharoplasty is the complexity and volume of transactions;
  • Second, the region in which you plan to carry it out;
  • Thirdly, a medical center and a plastic surgeon whom you prefer.

For each of us an acceptable and reasonable price for the specific plastic surgery will be different numbers.

It depends on the General level of income and expenses, from the desires and purposes, of the condition of areas of concern and areas of Your face and body.

Blepharoplasty is an operation which involves interference with the body. Responsibility for their health lies primarily on You.

So be careful and wise when choosing a clinic and surgeon, focusing on the real average price of this type of service.