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Botox injections continues to occupy a leading position in the beauty industry. Using the procedure for women rid of «crow’s feet» around the eyes, smooth the lips, improve the condition of hair and scalp.

Despite the many positive properties, Botox is a substantial lack of correction not everyone can afford. To save, you need to know how much is the drug and what else you will need to spend.

What it is

Botox – a drug containing purified natural protein botulinum toxin. The substance inhibits the activity of muscles and nerve impulses. Initially, botulinum toxin was used only for medical purposes, later it was applied in cosmetology.

The drug effectively treats wrinkles on the forehead, around the mouth and eyes.

Now it expanded with Botox even hold mesotherapy, aimed at pores and improving skin condition in General.


In Russia, the drug is sold under four brands:

  • Botox (Botox). The manufacturer is an American company Allergan. The most popular tool, developed on the basis of botulinum toxin A.
  • Dysport (Dysport). The product of the French company Ipsen. Effective, but not as popular as Botox remedy. Appeared on the market later Botox, but the quality and performance not inferior to the first. There is a perception that the drug is faster.
  • Lantox (Lantox). Chinese drug company Lanzhou Institute of Biological Products. In the Russian market appeared in 2008. The effect lasts for two to three months less than that of Botox and Dysport. As a plus it can be noted the stabilizing role of gelatin that does not cause allergies. Lantox is cheaper, it can be used by people who are allergic to protein.
  • Kseomin (Xeomin). German tool, developed by Merz Aesthetics. Included in the list of advanced botulinum toxin A preparations. Retains the natural facial expressions, but the effect of the injections is not as pronounced as with Botox. In Russian clinics is rarely used.

They all have similar mechanism of action.

The difference is:

  • at a concentration of active substance;
  • the presence of additional components (Botox and Dysport – botulinum toxin A + hemagglutinin, Kseomin and lantox – botulinum toxin A in pure form);
  • the duration of the effect;
  • production technology;
  • methods of dosage;
  • storage conditions;
  • price.

The choice of drug is carried out together with the beautician.

Botox is used to correct different areas. Most often it is the forehead, the area around the mouth and eyes, nasolabial area, the lips, the scalp.

Should dispel some of the myths regarding Botox injections in the lips. Lips are composed of subcutaneous fat, muscles and skin. Main muscle – the circular muscle of the mouth. It depends on facial expressions, speech and chewing, therefore, to immobilize it.

Botox maybe just a little:

  1. to relax muscle tone
  2. spread your lips and the area around the mouth, so subcutaneously.

After the injections the skin around the mouth is smoothed, by reducing the degree of compression of the lips look more voluminous. Such a popular phrase, as «lips are pumped with Botox» is not quite correct. To increase the lips themselves using Botox can not be only to influence muscle tone.

For «pumping up» of the lips using fillers (for example, on the basis of hyaluronate). Therefore, rather to talk about Botox lip enhancement.

Injections are made only in the salon environment.

Home to botulinum toxin injections, as it is impossible to check:

  1. no originality corrector,
  2. no professional qualification,
  3. neither the correctness of the methods of administration.

If complications arise, not the fact that «beauty» would be willing to help, and compensation will have to forget.

To increase lips at home, you can try a specialized massage, exercise, or massagers. However, reliable information about their effectiveness is not.

In General, any injectable procedures are performed only in a specialized clinic or Wellness center.

In any case it is impossible to carry out the correction of the face and other areas at home. Alternatively, you can use similar properties to Botox cosmetic.

One of them is a face mask with an Asset Expert or emulsion of nano Botox.

Lately Botox is increasingly used for the treatment of hair and scalp. The drug restores the damaged structure, eliminates section, makes hair more voluminous. Botulinum toxin affects the scalp at the cellular level, inhibits the formation of nerve connections.

The composition of Botox products for hair includes:

  • vitamins a, b, E and C;
  • aloe Vera extracts (source of amino acids and minerals that improve blood circulation to the scalp and moisturizing the hair);
  • green tea extract (antioxidant, promote metabolism and hair growth);
  • keratin (restores structure, fills the protein void conditionerit hair);
  • amino acids (normalize moisture balance, strengthen the hair follicles).

The mechanism of action is due to substance Intra silane, which forms a kind of supporting skeleton for the hair.

The effects of Botox on the hair is not fully understood, the tool used in cosmetology relatively recently. At home to use the technique, as there can be complications. In the salon doing injection the doctor has undergone special training and have experience with the drug.

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On the basis of what is the cost

The price of Botox injections is quite high, so not everyone can afford it. However, the number of applicants to adjust your appearance increases every year.

Among young women the most popular procedures is the correction with botulinum toxin lips and hair.

The price of Botox lips and other areas, depends on the following factors:

  • what kind of drug is administered (the unit price);
  • what result need to get in the end;
  • the number of used corrector;
  • the reputation of the clinic;
  • the experience and qualifications of the doctor.

The cost is also affected by what kind of area is adjusted. For example, to eliminate wrinkles on his forehead required several injections, therefore, a greater amount of money.

This drug is used to eliminate the causes of sweating, is this procedure much more expensive face correction.

The price of Botox for hair also depends on the drug. The exact dose determined by the physician.

The procedure can be performed with cheaper alternatives, but many of them did not pass clinical trials so they can cause adverse reactions. On preparations it is better not to save.

The required volume corrector is determined by its concentration.

From different brands it is different. For example, the concentration of Botox is higher than that of Dysport, so the first is more expensive. Buy Dysport will have a larger volume.

Review of prices for Botox for the lips and hair

Prices on procedures can be found on the website of the medical center or to consult with a beautician.

In Moscow cost of the drug starting from 130 rubles per unit, and sometimes cheaper (if valid). Prices can reach up to 500 rubles and above.

There are few boundaries with regards to the cost of the course. For example, the correction area of the forehead will cost 100-150$. The course price for hyperhidrosis varies 15000-50000 rubles (the course consists of 80-100 units).

The cost of botulinum toxin lip in one of the Moscow clinics:




Lip enhancement





The price of lip enhancement different drugs will be almost the same as one unit of Botox is three to four units of Dysport.

In another clinic unit of Botox, as well as Kseomina is 290 rubles, Dysport is much cheaper – 120 rubles.

Prices for Botox for the hair vary widely and depend on the length:

Hair length

Price in rubles

3-8 cm (short)


15-45 cm (average)


more than 45 cm (long)

from 3500

How much it will cost to buy a mask Asset Expert

Mask Asset Expert – new on the market of cosmetology. The tool eliminates first signs of aging, the active ingredient – botulinum toxin. The mask is not sold in pharmacies, you can buy it on the official website of the manufacturer.

It’s a good alternative to injection treatments for those who for whatever reason cannot go to the medical center. The drug differs from regular shots of botulinum toxin that blocks the facial muscles and promotes collagen production.

The mask includes:

  • hyaluronate;
  • squalane;
  • moisturizing oil (Shi and peanut);
  • reduction;
  • Japanese honey;
  • birch buds;
  • extract of placenta klemantaski killer whales;
  • vitamins a, C, E and C.

The procedure is performed at home. Mask for facial, neck and décolleté. No special skills to carry out procedures are not required – the composition is applied to the corrected area the same as regular mask.

The course is two to four weeks. The effect lasts up to six months, to maintain the mask can be done once a week.

The cost of the mask:

  • in RF – 990 roubles;
  • in Ukraine – 400 UAH;
  • in Kazakhstan – 5,400 tenge;
  • in Belarus – 320000 rubles;
  • in Moldova – 400 lei.

What is included in the price of the procedure

The price includes the cost of the drug, manipulation (injections) and consult a doctor. Anesthesia is not always required at the client’s request it is paid additionally.

Expensive means good?

Expensive isn’t always good, but not in relation to all that concerns health. In this case we are not talking about the popularity of the clinic or «brand» the doctor and the quality of the drug.

Botox is not cheap, but its quality and efficiency proven over the years and thousands of patients.

Cheap copies do not give any guarantees and moreover can cause complications. Therefore it is better to give preference to zarekomendovala the drug, because the savings on health and beauty impossible.

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