The pros and cons of mesotherapy face, hair

What it is

Mesotherapy is a cosmetic procedure that aims to eliminate various defects of the skin. It provides for the introduction under the skin of various drugs that promote nutrition and a General improvement of the epidermis.

Indications and contraindications

Indications for mesotherapy are:

  1. The first signs of aging on the face, abdomen, buttocks, or thighs.
  2. Facial wrinkles on the face.
  3. Loss of skin elasticity.
  4. The presence of unsightly stretch marks on the skin.
  5. Cellulite.
  6. Sagging skin.

Contraindications for mesotherapy are:

  1. Pregnancy and breast-feeding.
  2. Hypertension.
  3. Various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and the cardiovascular system.
  4. Period after recently suffering a stroke or heart attack.
  5. The age of the patient under the age of eighteen years.
  6. The patient’s age older than sixty-five years.
  7. The clotting of blood.
  8. HIV infection.
  9. TB.
  10. Acute respiratory infections and bacterial diseases.
  11. Oncologic pathology.
  12. Unstable emotional condition of the patient (neurosis, depression).
  13. The weakening of the immune system.
  14. Patient fear of injections.

Overview of drugs

This files most often for mesotherapy are used such groups of drugs:

Name (group) of the drug



Synthesized drugs (hyaluronic acid)

the former restores skin moisture and elasticity

created by artificial means, what is considered not natural

Drugs created on the basis of natural herbs and plants (chamomile extract)

have a fully secure application and good effect

can not have such a fast healing result

Preparations created on the basis of animal fats

add elasticity to the skin

can badly tolerated by the patient

Vitamins a, b, C, E and R

nourish the skin and significantly improve its appearance

when too much input can cause allergies

Minerals (selenium, zinc, phosphorus)

can be used to correct a variety of skin problems

artificially created, not natural

Organic acids (glycolic acid)

promotes rapid regeneration of the skin

may cause irritation

Filorga Embryoblast

used for the prevention of aging after 35 years

almost no cons, as it has very good effect

Lightning Extra

combined preparation that improves overall condition of skin and its rejuvenation

consists of many additives that can cause allergies


has a rejuvenating effect and can restore a damaged layers of the skin

you need to calculate the exact dosage when you enter


the drug normalizes cellular energy capacity and has a lifting effect. Also has wide therapeutic effect

created from synthetic components

How is the procedure

Mesotherapy has the following features of the event:

  1. First, the esthetician cleanses the skin of the patient various antibacterial solutions to eliminate the possibility of further infection.
  2. Then using a special syringe under the skin to administered a cocktail of drugs. They will eliminate various defects of the skin, dermatitis, and also break down fats.
  3. After this the skin is again treated with an alcoholic solution. She applied a moisturizing mask.

Video: Features of the procedure

The pros and cons of mesotherapy in different areas

Mesotherapy does not relate to radical methods to improve the condition of the face or figure. Despite this, it has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, which you should know before you agree to the procedure. Let’s consider them in more detail.


Facial mesotherapy has its «pros» and «cons» of its implementation.


  1. Most drugs are useful and non-toxic.
  2. A noticeable result.
  3. The duration of the achieved effect.
  4. The ability to not only eliminate fine facial wrinkles, but also to make them less visible deep wrinkles on the face.
  5. The ability to get rid of the inflammation and acne on the face.
  6. Quick recovery period.

Cons of mesotherapy on the face are:

  1. The facial skin is very sensitive, because it may adversely react to the injected drugs.
  2. The risk of bruising, swelling and other negative effects.
  3. The need for multiple courses to achieve a visible effect.
  4. When oversights and errors cosmetologist during the procedure, the result, as they say, will be the «face».


Hair mesotherapy also has its «pros» and «cons».


  1. The ability to restore damaged hair structure.
  2. The opportunity to enrich hair capsule vitamins and minerals directly, which is not achieved by means of shampoos.
  3. The ability to make your hair thicker.
  4. Improve the appearance of hair.
  5. Reduction of hair loss.

This technique, despite its advantages, has are «against»:

  1. Painful procedure. With this, one into the scalp needle will be introduced on 2 mm, so the pain can not be avoided.
  2. As practice shows, even with the use of anaesthetic cream he does not work, and the pain is still there.
  3. The duration of the course (the first four sessions done every week, then 1 session every two weeks).
  4. The result is noticeable immediately.
  5. A long recovery period.

Belly and thighs

Mesotherapy abdomen and thigh has the following advantages:

  1. The ability to get rid of the hated cellulite in just a few sessions.
  2. The ability to lose weight without dieting.
  3. With mesotherapy stomach to get rid of stretch marks that appear after pregnancy or for other reasons.

Mesotherapy abdomen and thigh has the disadvantages of its implementation:

  1. In highly neglected cases may prove to be ineffective.
  2. To achieve the desired result may require at least ten sessions.
  3. Can cause a number of side effects.

Photo: Before and after

Evaluation of results

The overall result from mesotherapy has such «for»:

  1. Relative physiology is achieved by the input of natural products.
  2. The convenience of the procedure (immediately after the session the patient can go home).
  3. The ability to deal with cellulite and to improve circulation.
  4. The ability to remove wrinkles without total surgical lifting.
  5. Improvement in overall skin elasticity and prevent aging.
  6. Getting rid of obesity in some parts of the body.
  7. The possibility of getting rid of age spots and acne.
  8. Improving the General appearance of the face and give it freshness.
  9. Elimination of various dermatological diseases.
  10. The ability to perform the procedure on different parts of the body.

Against the results of mesotherapy are:

  1. The risk of infection, which will lead to high temperatures and the need for medical treatment.
  2. The need to endure numerous injections.
  3. The injury of the skin.
  4. The risk of re-return the initial problems (acne, cellulite, excess weight, etc.).
  5. After each session the patient may experience a severe allergic reaction.

The cost

In comparison with fitness and massage, mesotherapy is a quite expensive procedure. One session on average costs about 5 thousand rubles. If a person wants to achieve the maximum effect from the procedure, it will require not less than ten sessions. Thus, the treatment will be quite expensive.

If we compare mesotherapy and various slimming cream, here will exceed «for» mesotherapy, rather than against. The reason is that this procedure has a direct effect on problem skin, in contrast to the controversial and expensive creams.

Mesotherapy is a rather controversial procedure that has a lot of features. To decide to do it or not is for each person. Just before doing this, it is recommended to think carefully.


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