The removal of warts at home — is it possible? Tools and recipes

How to get rid of tumors?

Papillomas are essentially benign tumor. They arise as a result of action in the body of human papillomavirus. Look like a piece of skin hanging on a thin «stalk». The disease to the patient gives not only psychological but also physical discomfort.

To get rid of the papillomas as possible by medical means (taking a variety of drugs before surgery), and traditional methods and means in the home. If you decide to remove the house from such an outgrowth, in this case, note that you will spend a lot of time, as it is quite a long process and one or two treatments is not enough.

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Effective drugs from the pharmacy

The easiest way is to buy over the counter remedy called «Supercities». In the pharmacy network it is implemented in a small bottle. It consists of the extract of celandine. This drug should be applied according to the instructions. Here it is worth emphasizing that it contained extract of celandine poisonous enough. If contact with healthy skin area is immediately to wash it off. Another fairly effective tool in the fight against the disease is a drug «Kriofarma» that fights warts by means of cryotherapy (freezing). Use it to get rid of this disease probably somewhere about two weeks.

Be sure to remember that before using a particular medication is necessary, first and foremost, consult a doctor.

Septoplasty the nasal septum is the correction of the nasal septum, which like any surgery is a stress to the body. Read more.

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Folk remedies to remove warts at home

As time-tested folk remedies you can suggest the following:

Kalanchoe pinnate

Cut this plant along. After applied to the affected area and rewinds the bandage and leave overnight.

Onion peel

To prepare this recipe we need a normal Bank, vinegar and onion skins. The Bank husk mix thoroughly with vinegar. After closing the jar lid, or any other material that is not breathable. Put a jar for two weeks in a dark place. After you take out the husks and dry thoroughly. In the same way as in the first case, apply peel for the night. In the morning remove the bandage, and using fatty cream sprayed over the damaged skin.

Cream based garlic

For cooking you need to press the garlic. After the resulting mass is mixed with any skin cream. The proportion of the ingredients of the cream should be one to two. Then the cream is applied to the piece of bandage, and apply it to the papilloma. The bandage can be fixed with adhesive. Keep the affected skin area for three hours. After you remove and thoroughly wash the skin with soap and water.

Infusion on the basis of the floral collection

To prepare you need:

  • one part of wormwood and violet tricolor;
  • two parts of flowers of St. John’s wort, clover, and fennel seed and calamus root;
  • the third part of plantain.

Received herbal pour boiling water seven parts of boiling water to one part of the collection. Give the infusion rest for one day. After it is filtered. Take the infusion is recommended three times a day one teaspoon.

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Cologne from the flowers of dandelion

Take an ordinary glass bottle and fills it «heads» of the dandelion. Pour the «Triple» Cologne and infuse, in the dark, for two weeks. After drain and put in a cool and dark place. It is recommended to lubricate papilloma during the day four or five times until their complete disappearance. The removal of warts at home is also possible with the healing baths. For preparing such a bath we will need half a bucket of green leaves of the chestnut. Cover them with boiling water and bring to a boil. After allowed to stand for twelve hours. After just add it to the tub.

Take these baths are recommended in a day for two weeks. To try to get rid of warts and using the egg whites. For therapeutic purposes will not be suitable for all of the protein, and the only one that remains on the walls of the egg after its outpouring. Collect it with a small piece of bandage and apply it to the papilloma.