The removal of warts with laser – indications, protivopokazaniya, prices, complications

The virus is a problem of an aesthetic nature, and can cause the body more significant damage.

Papilloma can lead to malignant tumors, to cause growth of tissue and even hide in your body cancer.

Therefore, treatment should be immediately after their appearance. In this situation always implies deletion.

There are different options of getting rid of entities:

  • liquid nitrogen;
  • the surgical section;
  • electrocoagulation;
  • radiono.

But some of the most popular modern methods is the removal of warts by laser.

The procedure and its benefits

The procedure takes only a few minutes. Usually, when you uninstall a simple and small papillomas takes only about five minutes. If the formation is large or has grown, it takes more time. During removal of the tool is not in contact with the skin. This ensures the sterility of the wound and prevents it infection. Complete healing occurs in a week.

It is important! Laser removal is suitable for get rid of warts on all exposed skin: hands, face, armpits, etc Contra-indications do not exist, the important thing to education it was possible to get.

In most cases, is a one-time procedure. If case is very severe, the doctor may prescribe a few sessions. Anesthesia is not required, but can be used at the client’s request. The laser beam heats the area with warts and virtually vaporizes it out of the skin.

The depth of penetration may vary. It depends on the localization depth of the education. In place removal of papilloma is a small cavity, which is fully aligned in the next two weeks.

The main advantages over other methods:

  • Efficiency;
  • Security;
  • Painless;
  • Fast and comfortable recovery;
  • There is no age restriction;
  • The optimum speed of the procedure.

How to prepare for laser removal

To reduce the likelihood of possible complications to a minimum, a few weeks before removal to prepare for the procedure. It is not necessary to go to the Solarium or sunbathe. To try to prevent skin contact with chemical products everyday. If the operation is carried out in the summer, the place which will be removed papilloma, must be constantly treated sunscreen.

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Post-operative care and recovery period

A full life without visits to the doctor will continue a week after the removal. Most doctors suggest use special creams or ointments for faster healing of the wound.

For several days after removal of papillomas you can not prevent the ingress of water on an open wound.

Complications can be related to the fact that sometimes the area around the wound begins to swell. Then it is necessary to address urgently to the doctor to exclude the possibility of infection (not during surgery and after it). Most often the doctor will also prescribe the necessary ointment that will help to return excellent appearance.

It is important! After treatment of papilloma by laser in any case it is impossible to prevent direct sunlight on the treatment site. Rules to adhere to for about a month.

Also, do not within two weeks access to the saunas and pool, a SuperCool (taking cold showers). It is very important not to attempt to remove the dried crust. Not to have a trace of HPV, the crust should fall off on their own (within ten days).

The removal of warts from eyelids

Removal of papillomas with a laser on the eyelid is also considered a good solution. Undergoing the procedure is under local anesthesia to minimize the pain in such a delicate place.

As the procedure of laser removal is a bloodless, to worry about getting excess fluid in the eye and not worth it.

The lack of charms and scarring – another plus why remove a papilloma on the eyelid it laser.

You should think about removing warts with a laser if:

  • Emerged education on the hands, feet and face;
  • Pains in the area of papillomavirus;
  • She begins to grow, increase in size;
  • Noticed bleeding.


  • Pregnancy;
  • Cancer;
  • Colds;
  • Herpes in the field of tumors;
  • Recently tanned skin;
  • Diabetes (stage of decompensation).

The cost

Despite the huge number of benefits procedures the cost of laser removal of papillomas available. The price is formed taking into account the size of the affected area and in the number of entities. On average, the removal of warts laser price UzA one piece will be around ten dollars.

If the pathological process, of course, laser removal is not affordable for everyone. This is another reason why we should not delay treatment.

Removal of papillomas (up to 3 mm)   prices in RUB.
up to 10 PCs. 1 PC. 200.00
from 11 to 20 PCs. 1 PC. 180.00
from 21 to 30 PCs. 1 PC. 150.00
over 30. 1 PC. 100.00
Removal of large papillomas 1 PC. 550.00
The removal of usual warts on the eyelids    
from 1 to 3 mm 1 PC. 1000.00
from 3 to 5 mm 1 PC. 1500.00
The removal of usual warts on the genitals    
from 1 to 3 mm 1 PC. 1000.00
from 3 to 5 mm 1 PC. 1500.00

The removal of warts on face laser or any other place of the body is a convenient and safe surgery. The procedure has many advantages, including the lack of scars, it allows you to painlessly get rid of warts is to visit a specialist only once.

Photo before and after removal of papillomas with a laser

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